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Try a Career in Fluid Power Systems Maintenance

I & E Technician SchoolInstrumentation technology training encompasses many different programs and aspects, but fluid power systems is one of the more popular as there are many opportunities in this field. The first thing you need to know is what fluid power systems mean and what types of systems you will be working with one you finish your instrumentation technology training. These can include:

  • Fluid Power Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Industrial Robotics Systems

You may deal with one of these in your line of work, or, depending upon your place of employment, you could encounter every single one of them.

Required Skills in Fluid Power Systems Maintenance

Once you graduate from an instrumentation technology program, you will be able to utilize and interpret legends, parts symbols, drawings, and much more. Once you enter the workforce, you will apply all these skills working with things like mechanical ship prints. In addition to that, your training will give you intimate knowledge of the most common types of bearings and seals, including identifying, removing, replacing, installing, and much more.

Most importantly, you will have the ability to not only use these various systems but also to troubleshoot them. You will be able to ensure they are in working order, no matter what type of environment you eventually find yourself working in.

The Laws of Gases

An important part of fluid power systems is air, and you will find that after finishing the correct training, you will have the ability to explain the properties of air along with the basic laws of gases. You will also be ready and able to explain pneumatic principals, which are an integral part of the entire fluid power process.

The Components

Fluid power systems are comprised of many different components, all of which you are going to need to know if you wish to succeed in this field. As you near the end of your education, you will be able to describe and maintain as well as troubleshoot all the basic components that are found in a pneumatic system. This will also include technology that is used in industrial robot systems which are becoming more popular on manufacturing lines.

Bottom line: there is a lot to learn and these systems are extremely popular today. By learning how to operate them, you will open yourself up to brand new opportunities and find yourself ready to take on many different jobs. It all starts, however, with making sure that you have a great education that you can use as a foundation to develop real-world skills.

Time to Get your Education

favYou will need an outstanding education if you want to work in the instrumentation technology field, and it all starts with making sure that you attend a high-quality school. Our educational institution provides you with two important things: highly qualified instructors who not only know the material but have spent their fair share of time in the field doing the exact job that you wish to train for, and a hands-on approach to learning that gives students the practical knowledge to supplement textbook learning. Therefore, you have an outstanding opportunity to obtain a comprehensive education and enter a growing, rewarding industry.

Along with offering outstanding instructors, we also provide you the ability to get hands-on training using the systems that you will deploy and troubleshoot while you are in the field. This will give you a distinct advantage and the ability to jump right at the moment you graduate from our institution. It is time to find your place in this field and we are going to help. For more information and to get started in your new career, give us a call and see just what we can do for you.



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Are you Cut out to be a Process Control Technician?

A process technician has a wide range of different jobs to complete daily. Some of these duties include:

* Operating Equipment

* Monitoring Processes

* Documenting Results

These three items occur in every stage of the manufacturing process whether you are working in the plastics industry or the pharmaceutical industry. It is important to keep in mind that the job of a process technician has many different names across various types of companies which could include:

* Chemical Process Technician

* BioProcess Technician

* Manufacturing Technician

* Manufacturing Operator

* Production Technician

* Cleanroom Operator


Understanding the Role of the Process Technician

While the list above tells you what titles you might hold in your job, you are still left with the all-important question of what a process technician does and what you can expect to be doing every day. A process technician is an individual who is involved in every single stage of the manufacturing process. This person’s purpose is to guarantee that the process goes smoothly, and it is a role that requires an individual to adhere to internal protocols. For example, Standard Operating Procedures along with the current Good Manufacturing Processes will not only ensure efficiency, but also safety for those involved.

High Levels of Responsibility

While the job itself might be relatively simple once it is fully understood, it requires a large amount of responsibility to be placed upon the individuals who are working within these roles. A single deviation from the recommended and required practices can be disastrous. With that being the case, it is extremely important for companies to make sure that the right people are in these positions and that those people are trustworthy.

Who are the Right People?

A process technician is someone who has received a proper education and has knowledge of not only the process but of troubleshooting at the necessary level. In addition to that, process technicians will need to be extremely confident in their knowledge of the process and their understanding of the problems that can occur. To put it simply, if something were to go wrong with the process, the technician cannot call for support because the technician is the support.

Keeping it Clean

Along with knowing how to run the equipment, the process operator will be expected to properly clean it and to keep it in working order. This part of the job will call for an inspection, cleaning, and servicing of the equipment in question, so be ready for a lot of manual labor if you wish to become a process technician.

Different Stages

When it comes down to it, the job of the process technician is something that will depend heavily upon which part of the process they are involved in. No matter what, you will find yourself responsible for documentation, reporting, adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP’s), troubleshooting, and much more. As you can see, there is a lot to learn and you will need the right education.

Getting the Right Education

It all starts with attending a high-quality school with a comprehensive course offering and passionate, experienced instructors. ITI Technical College’s instructors not only have the knowledge required to teach students, but they have also spent years in the field doing the exact job that you wish to work your way into. Now would be a great time for you to give us a call and see just what we have to offer you on your journey to become a process technician. It can be a long road, but we are here to help.



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Three Female Architects Who Broke the Mold

CAD DesignWhen one thinks of architects, they often think of men. However, the industry, as well as these preconceived notions, are changing. One piece of knowledge that those in the industry have is the fact that women, for the longest time, did not intentionally become architects. They often fell into the role after being closely associated with it, but intentionally pursuing this role was virtually unheard of for females – or at least it used to be. Today, the industry is seeing more and more women pursue this career path intentionally right out of high school.

This should not be much of a surprise considering how progressive American society has become in the last few years. In this article, we will examine three female architects who have not only broken the mold but raised the bar far past the glass ceiling that was once imposed upon them. For these three women, pursuing higher education and a career in the CAD & Architectural drafting industry was one of the best choices they could make.

Kelly Wearstler – A Big Budget Home Designer

Wearstler works to design luxury homes in Beverly Hills, and her reputation precedes her everywhere she goes. She has designed spaces for celebrity clients including Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani. She has also worked to design several commercial spaces, with the Westfield Century City being an outstanding example.

Sheila Sri Prakash – An Indian Revolutionary

In an age where women were often thought of as second-class citizens, Prakash rose to the top by starting her own architectural business in 1979. She is revered as a legend in her industry, especially in her home country of India. She was recently responsible for designing a new factory for Flextronics, a large hardware manufacturer, and she designed the State Bank of India’s regional headquarters. Prakash’s career has had a significant impact on the drafting industry as well as her home country of India.

Denise Scott Brown – One Part of a Powerhouse

Denise runs an architectural firm called VSBA with her husband, Robert Venturi, and together they have changed the face of the industry. While she is an industry influencer today, this was not always the case; she began in the 1950’s, and as an architect and a woman she faced quite a bit of discrimination. Not only has she done substantial work in the industry, but she has also helped progress the cause of feminism in the architectural field. Each of these feats are incredible. Denise Scott Brown has helped many young women in the industry understand that while school is a non-discriminatory environment for women, it can become much nastier once they enter the real world of architecture. Still, she has pushed on and paved the way for many more women to follow in her footsteps.

The Changing Face of CAD Design

ITI Technicall CollegeWhile many women got their start decades ago, we are now living in a far more progressive time. Industry experts twenty years ago would not believe how prevalent women are in the industry and how heavily the industry has become reliant on computer-aided drafting. The technology has certainly become more advanced, but this just brings the need for new skilled employees to help get the job done. The big question now, is where do you fit in?

If you want to work your way into the CAD industry, you will need to complete your drafting education and earn a degree from a higher education institution like a technical school or trade school. Due to the influx of women and the need for skilled workers, many organizations and companies offer industry scholarship programs, giving you a head start and the ability to take on the career you want. If you are ready to start your career, call us for more information and get ready to embark on a journey like no other. As a woman, you can revolutionize the industry, starting right now!



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Three Types of Facilities you could Work for as a Medical Coder

After you graduate from medical billing and coding school, you can choose to work at one of many different types of facilities around the country. The type of facility will also depend on your area of specialization. Today, we are going to discuss three of the most common types of facilities that graduates choose to work in. Although job duties may be similar, the different facility types are each quite unique.

Working in a Private Practice

After you learn medical coding, a private practice can offer a rewarding work environment. Private practices do not operate in the same fast-paced manner that hospitals do, and the staff will likely be more willing to train you. However, a slower paced operating environment does not mean that mistakes are any more tolerable than they are in a higher-pressure environment like a hospital. There will be fewer medical coders present in a private practice, and all eyes will be on you. Whether or not you succeed will depend on how well you apply your medical billing and coding training.


The Hospital – A Change of Pace

If you started out in a private practice, then there is a good chance that working in a hospital will be a culture shock for you. It is much faster paced, and it may require longer hours due to the sheer volume of patients. This, of course, depends upon which area of the hospital you are working in, so be ready to change your expectations. For example, if you are working in the emergency room, you might see tens of patient records each day. However, if you work in the sleep clinic section of the hospital or another branch, your experience may be like that of a private practice. It all depends on where you are placed, and you will be able to offer input on this.

Insurance Company – A Completely Different Atmosphere

A medical coder working in an insurance company will see thousands of records each day in a medium to fast paced environment. At an insurance company, you will be responsible for verifying data accuracy to ensure paperwork sent from the doctor’s office or the hospital is correct and that each party is paid accordingly. Just as with the private practice or even the hospital, much of your job will be to make sure that everyone is paid. You will not, however, see any patients face to face.

An Evolving Job

Individuals working in the medical billing and coding industries have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders. You will need to make sure that you are able to keep track of codes, and you will need to be ready to ask questions of physicians and nurses if you are unsure about a diagnosis. In addition to these duties, you will need to ensure your organization is operating in compliance of all federal and local regulations. This can be an arduous task as many of these regulations change on an annual or even a monthly basis.

favAfter you finish attending ITI Technical College, you will be qualified to work in one of these three types of facilities, or even in a different type of facility altogether. For example, you could also work with a contractor who provides services to other companies. Today, there are many private practices and even hospitals who are outsourcing all their medical coding needs due to it being a far less expensive endeavor than building an in-house team.

Either way, you are bound to find an amazing and rewarding career that offers competitive pay and can serve as a stepping stone for more complex and lucrative careers within the medical industry. For more information and to jump-start your future, give us a call and see what we have to offer.



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A Beginner’s Guide to Construction Project Management

In today’s complex job landscape, many industries offer rewarding and lucrative careers. Many industry experts agree that construction management is among the most rewarding industries in this current landscape. Project managers must ensure that the project in question continues moving and that it sticks to the plan. This is not always easy, and while the project needs to move along, it also needs to stay within the parameters of plans, building codes, specifications, and budgets. In addition to that, an individual within the construction management field could find themselves responsible for:

  • Parameter Definitions
  • Finances
  • Vetting/Hiring Subcontractors
  • Hiring On-Site Workers
  • Calendar Management
  • Conflict Resolution

This is only a small sampling of the items that a project manager might need to deal with, but it will serve to give you a pretty good idea of what you will be dealing with during your career. While even this small list might seem daunting, construction manager training will do a great job of preparing you for everything that is to come.

Construction Project Management 

Construction Management Training

To become a construction manager, most workplace environments will require some type of formal training. Some organizations will require an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree, and others will require additional certification from the Construction Management Association of America. The CMAA recognizes more than one-hundred unique responsibilities construction managers must handle, and they all fall under the following categories:

  • Project Management Planning
  • Time Management
  • Safety Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Management

You will learn more about these as you undertake your construction management certification courses and when the time comes, you will be a force to be reckoned with.

Becoming a Construction Manager

favFor anyone who wants to become a construction manager, it will be critical to show that you can handle public safety, engineering, drafting, management, human resources, and much more. To put it as simply as possible, not everyone is cut out for this career, and intense training is needed to ensure that you fit the requirements.

A construction manager’s job can be very complex; construction managers are essentially expected to create the entirety of the job by arriving on the scene and starting the design phase. This means opening the bidding process to interested contractors and ensuring that those who bid can handle the job and complete it competently. Those who do meet the necessary guidelines will be chosen via a low-bid, best value selection. They may also be chosen based on their qualifications; it is all subjective and dependent upon the circumstances.

This can all be quite confusing, and as a project manager, you will be expected to navigate and understand it all. If you believe that you can handle it, then now would be a great time to get your career off the ground by engaging in the training that will teach you the knowledge to be successful.

Getting your Education

This process begins with researching schools to ensure you attend the right one for you. At ITI Technical College, we are confident that you will find the education that you need when you enroll in one of our programs. ITI Technical College’s comprehensive curriculum offers hands-on experience, and our team of highly educated, highly experienced instructors will help guide you to a new career.

For more information, give us a call today or check out the opportunities listed on our website. It will not be too long before you find yourself in a rewarding career that will not only last a lifetime but will help you to influence the construction world.




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The Top Medical Reimbursement Trends of 2018

Medical reimbursement trends have changed for 2018, and if you want to go into the medical billing and coding industry, it is crucial to identify and understand these trends. We have compiled a quick list of the top items that you will need to pay attention to as you learn medical procedure codes along with all the other important aspects of the job. Some of these will be obvious, while some others may come as a complete surprise.

Patient Financial Responsibility Will Increase Throughout 2018

Medical and or Medical CodingThe changes in the health coverage landscape have caused upheaval, especially as we progress through 2018. Patients and their families have recently begun to see an increased share of healthcare costs, and they are also being asked to pick up the slack due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), cutbacks. That being the case, more customers are beginning to care about what they are being charged up front.

They are asking for more transparency as they want to know where their money is going. Patients are currently being offered comparison-shopping tools by companies like Anthem, which serve to provide the transparency that they are looking for. The problem, however, is that many patients will simply forego treatment due to financial hardship and a lack of available help.

Changes in Billing and Revenue Cycle

In medical billing and coding school, you will learn about the major upgrades to billing and documentation technology. This helps to reduce issues such as:

Duplication of Services

Incomplete Documentation

This will also help with a wide range of other risk-adjustment solutions. These upgrades ultimately aim to boost the revenue of the practice whether it be private, a doctor’s office, or something entirely different. The goal is to create payment options that the patient can understand and allow for mobile-friendly menu options. The future of medical billing is electronic, and we are steadily moving toward that future.

Mergers on the Horizon

Recently, the industry is experiencing an increasing number of large mergers and acquisitions. For example, CVS health recently acquired Aetna, and Aurora Healthcare recently merged with Advocate Health Care System. This consolidation of healthcare service is causing many to ask questions, particularly regarding how it will affect revenue system technologies.

For example, one company might be using Cerner software while another is using Epic software. It can be extremely difficult and expensive to migrate all the data and practices from one system to another. There are many who believe that a true consolidation could never be possible due to the differences in systems, leaving room for quite a bit of controversy.

Get the Most out of your Education

favIf you are thinking of entering the field of medical billing and coding, then you have a lot of work ahead of you. You will need to learn the basics of the profession, but you will also need to make sure that you are keeping up with all the changes that we mentioned in this blog post. The medical billing and coding industries are always roughly the same no matter how you present it, but there are numerous changes on a wider scale that will completely change the way the job is done.

When you attend our school, you will have plenty of input from highly experienced instructors who are more than ready to give you the training that you need to become successful in the field. For more information, call us today and ask about not only our training but also our post-graduate services. There is an entire field waiting for you, and a chance to change your life for the better!




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Data Security Mistakes that Every Company Makes

In the 21st century, data security and protection is vital, but there are still many companies making critical security mistakes. There are a few errors that virtually every single company is going to make at some point, and as you earn your information security degree, you will learn more about the other potential problems that could occur in the industry. Today, this article will discuss the four most common security problems that lead to data breaches and cause substantial financial losses.

Mistake #1: Forgetting About Old User Accounts

Web DeveloperIn any organization, employees will come and go. However, larger organizations face an additional problem with a turnover as it is much easier for information technology (IT) department to lose track of terminated employees. If the head of IT security is working on other issues, they may not immediately know that someone on the third floor quit their job and went to seek employment elsewhere. When the individual in charge does not receive any notification, then the terminated user will remain in the system and the login will stay active until someone notices. Through this, it could theoretically be possible for the user in question to gain access remotely and steal information or cause other harm to the company’s network. While this should be a relatively straightforward fix, there are some companies that go months or even years without purging inactive users.

Mistake #2: User Error

User error could also be defined as user carelessness as you will learn when you are earning your information technology security certification. Users often forego important security protocols due to convenience, speed, or even laziness. For example, users may share logins, stay logged in overnight, log in from unsecured machines, or share sensitive data. Many data breaches are not hacks and actually stem from users of a secure network inadvertently or intentionally sharing data with an unauthorized user or group of users.

Mistake #3: Foregoing Encryption

When you try to define information technology security, encryption is an important part of it. Encrypting data ensures that no one outside of the organization or its trusted third parties can access it, and some smaller companies will ignore this protocol for the sake of convenience. It is certainly easier and faster to not encrypt data, but you should never make the mistake of assuming no one wants to read or access your data. Keep it safe, and when you are working in information security, instructing the company to keep it safe.

Mistake #4: Inadequate Firewalls

This mistake correlates with mistakes #2 and #3, but it does merit its own section. Failing to implement a proper firewall will ensure that malicious outside users can easily break into your system. Many companies make the mistake of using outdated routers or inexpensive hardware to keep their systems safe, and as they gain prominence, they fall under attack more frequently. Some attacks can render a company completely helpless, causing them to lose money or potentially go out of business in extreme cases.

favCybersecurity is extremely important for any company, regardless of size. When you finish your information technology training, you will be an expert tasked with helping all types of companies implement the proper security protocols. The world is changing, and tech is changing right along with it. The biggest question right now is what changes we will see in the future, as these changes will likely change the way we think of a computer and network security.

If you feel that this is a career field that you could thrive in, then we suggest you begin doing more research. Call us today for more information and to ask about scheduling and course offerings. Financial aid is also available for those who qualify. The future is yours if you are willing to take it.



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Women in CAD – Three Buildings Designed by Women you Need to See

As many industry experts and casual observers know, men have largely dominated the CAD industry for many years. This was largely because societal norms denied women access to the education and training necessary for positions in the industry. Thankfully, today’s more modern society has become far more inclusive and as a result, women have more opportunities in the CAD industry than ever before.

The industry has also begun to see a significant surge in female-designed architecture, and today we are going to examine three different buildings designed partly or completely by women. These buildings are great examples of what it means to have women pursuing higher education and employment within the CAD & architectural drafting field.

Introducing the Aqua Tower in Chicago, Illinois

drafting and designThe Chicago skyline has always been one of the most impressive as it features the Sears tower and more, but Jeanne Gang took it to an entirely new level. Her design of the Aqua Tower brought new life to the Chicago skyline, and it incepted what is currently the third tallest building in the world with a woman-lead architect at 859 feet tall. The building is used as a residential and office structure which might sound typical, but a look at the exterior will tell you it is anything but typical. True to the name given to it by the creator, the Aqua tower takes on the appearance of waves which surround the building and give it a more fluid aesthetic.

The Liebe House – A Product of the 70’s

This building was not solely designed by a woman, but it was designed by a husband and wife team: Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown. The house was completed in 1969 and is often referred to as an extraordinary place. It is a very small piece of architecture, but it uses the environment around it and unusual architecture to ensure that it is not only visible but highly memorable.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

There are a lot of memorials for the Vietnam war around the United States, but when someone mentions the words ‘Vietnam Veterans Memorial,’ one structure typically comes to mind. This structure is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial erected in Washington DC. Maya Lin originally created the memorial in 1982 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 by President Barack Obama. While this is the highest award a civilian can receive, it is easily outshined by the significance and sheer beauty of the monument itself. Maya Lin also built the Riggio-Lynch Chapel in Tennessee, and it is certain that she will continue to create amazing structures for many years to come.

A Future for Women in CAD

From all of this, casual observers and industry experts alike can ascertain that women have a strong future in the CAD industry and that women will continue to accomplish amazing feats within the industry for the foreseeable future. If you are a woman, and if you would like to see yourself in one of these positions, you need only apply yourself and get the education you need to start moving forward.

Obtain the Right Education

favPursuing a career in the CAD industry means making sure that you get the right education and training to be successful in the industry both personally and professionally. The process of seeking out this education and training does not need to be overly complicated either. In a relatively short time, you could be the next person on this list, and you may design the next huge skyscraper in one of the most famous cities in the world.

If you are ready for more information and if you are ready to advance your career in the drafting industry, then it is time for you to give us a call, sign up for courses, and get your future underway. The industry needs more women right now, and it could be waiting for you to enroll in CAD school.



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Four Reasons Women Make Outstanding Project Managers

The significant increase of women in construction management has led to many positive changes, but what is it that makes women outstanding project managers? In this article, we are going to cover a few different items and qualities that women tend to display in construction management roles.

Women are Outstanding at Communicating

construction manager

The first and foremost item that we would like to bring up is the simple fact that women are great at communicating. They know how to talk to customers and often instigate conversations that put the customer at ease. Informal conversations do a great job of helping to explore concerns or even highlight problems that you might not have learned about if you were to put the client ‘on the spot’. With good communication, you can listen effectively and delegate tasks to each member of the team. This effective communication can create a much more cohesive work environment.

Mitigating Project Complexity

Any project can be complex, and it is important to break each project down to understand its core objectives. This means dealing with the potential issues and getting feedback from everyone involved in the project. Women are very good at analyzing and dissecting projects to present them in the simplest terms possible. This will make projects easier help the team to complete them faster and more effectively.

Superior Financial Management

It has been demonstrated time and again that women are very adept at managing finances – in many cases, they are more financially savvy than most men. Studies have shown that women often listen to advice, usually learn from mistakes, and take less risk when compared to male counterparts. By making less impulsive decisions and being more rational, women can save the company money and make the entire organization more successful.

Memorization is Everything

Women are outstanding at remembering small details, and as such, they may be better at hammering out the minutia during project planning. From measurements to supply quantities, there are some things that simply need the cognitive ability that a woman brings to the table.

A Bolder Approach

A study that was recently showcased in the Harvard Business Review* showed that women are much older than their male counterparts in many aspects of a business. They not only take on some of the most challenging goals, but they encourage others to take that step and to further their careers. To put it quite simply, a woman in an authoritative position is bound to drive the business and inspire others to do their best. Additionally, it is known that in business, changes sometimes need to be made, and the study also demonstrated that women are more than willing to make those changes, even if they will be difficult. Part of ensuring that a business thrives is to make sure that it is positioned to evolve. For many businesses, having a woman at the helm ushers in these changes and evolutions that keep businesses fresh in the competitive modern marketplace.

favAs a woman, you have a significant opportunity to make a difference in the world of construction management, and there has never been a better time to enter this industry. The world has recently become much more progressive, and the industry has followed suit nicely. Are you interested in taking on construction manager training? Are you ready to do what it takes to make your way through the training and learn about the industry? If so, then you are certainly ready to give us a call or visit our website.

You will learn from outstanding instructors and gain practical knowledge through hands-on training. Financial aid is also available to those who qualify, so you may be able to obtain an education without having a perfect monetary situation. The future is yours, and there has never been a better time to get into construction management.


References: *



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Smart Homes and Security Risks – What Consumers Need to Know

We have finally arrived in the future depicted by science fiction television shows as smart homes have transitioned from concept to reality. The ‘home of the future’ does not even need to be initially designed as a smart home. If you want to invest the money in an existing structure, you can install smart devices like Android-powered appliances, Bluetooth light bulbs, and networked fixtures. As you work toward your information security degree, however, you will learn that many smart houses have vulnerabilities that need to be rectified.

Overprivileged Apps – The First Vulnerability You Will Learn About

Smart applications are given the privilege to operate on a device, and they are designed to perform certain actions which include:

* Unlocking Doors

* Opening Garages

* Operating Lights

* Activating HVAC Units

* Turning on an Oven

This is a very short list, and it is not all-inclusive. Essentially, there is an app out there to control every single aspect of your home and some of the latest apps will group these items together. For example, application privileges are set up so that an app will be able to activate a door lock even if it has not been given express permission. To put it simply, many smart apps will have more access than they need which gives the user expanded convenience but potentially puts them in danger. The only solution is to educate homeowners and help them choose the best applications for their smart home.

 information security

Insecure Messaging Systems

It should not be a surprise to anyone that insecure messaging systems are a problem, as Smart Apps can communicate with devices via message. Imagine if a messaging system sent a message to your bank account containing your pin number and was able to access your account. Smart Apps can also easily impersonate smart home devices, activating them and potentially breaching the physical security of your house. It sounds terrifying, and it is, but there are ways that the problem can be tackled head on.

Tackling the Problem Head On

To secure the smart homes of today, it is important to attack the design flaws head-on. For example, certain safeguards should be implemented to ensure that if a change is made, such as a PIN number, password, or routine, two-factor authentication is used to guarantee that the homeowner was the one who ordered that change. This ensures that the home is safe, even if it adds a mild layer of inconvenience for the homeowner.

ITI Technical College LogoThis is only scratching the surface of the problems that are presented by smart homes but as always, with progress comes risk. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something that needs to be addressed. As an information technology professional, you can spread awareness of the problems and work towards their solutions. Our world is now constantly changing, from the devices we carry to the applications that we use on a regular basis. While smartphones and tablets are the norms right now, there is no telling what types of devices may become the norm in the future. As the world changes, so do the threats to cybersecurity and the methods we use to mitigate those threats.

If you are ready to embark on an amazing career in the information technology field, then now would be a perfect time for you to call us and see just what we have to offer. ITI Technical College employs experienced instructors who are passionate about what they teach. Also, financial aid is available for those who qualify. Prepare to enter an amazing industry that is growing every single day.




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