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Three Female Architects Who Broke the Mold

CAD DesignWhen one thinks of architects, they often think of men. However, the industry, as well as these preconceived notions, are changing. One piece of knowledge that those in the industry have is the fact that women, for the longest time, did not intentionally become architects. They often fell into the role after being closely associated with it, but intentionally pursuing this role was virtually unheard of for females – or at least it used to be. Today, the industry is seeing more and more women pursue this career path intentionally right out of high school.

This should not be much of a surprise considering how progressive American society has become in the last few years. In this article, we will examine three female architects who have not only broken the mold but raised the bar far past the glass ceiling that was once imposed upon them. For these three women, pursuing higher education and a career in the CAD & Architectural drafting industry was one of the best choices they could make.

Kelly Wearstler – A Big Budget Home Designer

Wearstler works to design luxury homes in Beverly Hills, and her reputation precedes her everywhere she goes. She has designed spaces for celebrity clients including Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani. She has also worked to design several commercial spaces, with the Westfield Century City being an outstanding example.

Sheila Sri Prakash – An Indian Revolutionary

In an age where women were often thought of as second-class citizens, Prakash rose to the top by starting her own architectural business in 1979. She is revered as a legend in her industry, especially in her home country of India. She was recently responsible for designing a new factory for Flextronics, a large hardware manufacturer, and she designed the State Bank of India’s regional headquarters. Prakash’s career has had a significant impact on the drafting industry as well as her home country of India.

Denise Scott Brown – One Part of a Powerhouse

Denise runs an architectural firm called VSBA with her husband, Robert Venturi, and together they have changed the face of the industry. While she is an industry influencer today, this was not always the case; she began in the 1950’s, and as an architect and a woman she faced quite a bit of discrimination. Not only has she done substantial work in the industry, but she has also helped progress the cause of feminism in the architectural field. Each of these feats are incredible. Denise Scott Brown has helped many young women in the industry understand that while school is a non-discriminatory environment for women, it can become much nastier once they enter the real world of architecture. Still, she has pushed on and paved the way for many more women to follow in her footsteps.

The Changing Face of CAD Design

ITI Technicall CollegeWhile many women got their start decades ago, we are now living in a far more progressive time. Industry experts twenty years ago would not believe how prevalent women are in the industry and how heavily the industry has become reliant on computer-aided drafting. The technology has certainly become more advanced, but this just brings the need for new skilled employees to help get the job done. The big question now, is where do you fit in?

If you want to work your way into the CAD industry, you will need to complete your drafting education and earn a degree from a higher education institution like a technical school or trade school. Due to the influx of women and the need for skilled workers, many organizations and companies offer industry scholarship programs, giving you a head start and the ability to take on the career you want. If you are ready to start your career, call us for more information and get ready to embark on a journey like no other. As a woman, you can revolutionize the industry, starting right now!



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Women in CAD – Three Buildings Designed by Women you Need to See

As many industry experts and casual observers know, men have largely dominated the CAD industry for many years. This was largely because societal norms denied women access to the education and training necessary for positions in the industry. Thankfully, today’s more modern society has become far more inclusive and as a result, women have more opportunities in the CAD industry than ever before.

The industry has also begun to see a significant surge in female-designed architecture, and today we are going to examine three different buildings designed partly or completely by women. These buildings are great examples of what it means to have women pursuing higher education and employment within the CAD & architectural drafting field.

Introducing the Aqua Tower in Chicago, Illinois

drafting and designThe Chicago skyline has always been one of the most impressive as it features the Sears tower and more, but Jeanne Gang took it to an entirely new level. Her design of the Aqua Tower brought new life to the Chicago skyline, and it incepted what is currently the third tallest building in the world with a woman-lead architect at 859 feet tall. The building is used as a residential and office structure which might sound typical, but a look at the exterior will tell you it is anything but typical. True to the name given to it by the creator, the Aqua tower takes on the appearance of waves which surround the building and give it a more fluid aesthetic.

The Liebe House – A Product of the 70’s

This building was not solely designed by a woman, but it was designed by a husband and wife team: Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown. The house was completed in 1969 and is often referred to as an extraordinary place. It is a very small piece of architecture, but it uses the environment around it and unusual architecture to ensure that it is not only visible but highly memorable.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

There are a lot of memorials for the Vietnam war around the United States, but when someone mentions the words ‘Vietnam Veterans Memorial,’ one structure typically comes to mind. This structure is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial erected in Washington DC. Maya Lin originally created the memorial in 1982 and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016 by President Barack Obama. While this is the highest award a civilian can receive, it is easily outshined by the significance and sheer beauty of the monument itself. Maya Lin also built the Riggio-Lynch Chapel in Tennessee, and it is certain that she will continue to create amazing structures for many years to come.

A Future for Women in CAD

From all of this, casual observers and industry experts alike can ascertain that women have a strong future in the CAD industry and that women will continue to accomplish amazing feats within the industry for the foreseeable future. If you are a woman, and if you would like to see yourself in one of these positions, you need only apply yourself and get the education you need to start moving forward.

Obtain the Right Education

favPursuing a career in the CAD industry means making sure that you get the right education and training to be successful in the industry both personally and professionally. The process of seeking out this education and training does not need to be overly complicated either. In a relatively short time, you could be the next person on this list, and you may design the next huge skyscraper in one of the most famous cities in the world.

If you are ready for more information and if you are ready to advance your career in the drafting industry, then it is time for you to give us a call, sign up for courses, and get your future underway. The industry needs more women right now, and it could be waiting for you to enroll in CAD school.



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How Computer-Aided Drafting Changed Architecture Forever

If you look back over the last 50 years, you can identify countless significant events that changed the world. When it comes to building design, things have changed drastically in recent history, and the advent of computer-aided drafting has proved to be one of the most significant advancements. Today, architects can create buildings that were not possible in the past, using modern materials that allow for safer buildings that are also more aesthetically pleasing.

If you are thinking about starting your drafting education, then an architectural drafting and design associate degree could be the perfect way to begin your career. Earning an education can give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in this challenging industry.

What Is Computer-Aided Drafting?

Drafting DesignComputer-aided drafting and design, also known as CADD or CAD, is a technological development that enables the use of computer systems in the creation, modification, and optimization of building design. For architects and engineers, computer-aided drafting is a regular part of everyday work life.

Traditional drafting designs were completed on paper using a multitude of measuring tools. Additionally, the attention to detail with this approach required a considerable amount of time and effort. CAD has completely revolutionized the drafting process by making architectural drawings easier to produce with higher degrees of accuracy than ever before.

While effort and attention to detail are still required, professionals can now work faster than they could before the invention of CAD several years ago. While early systems were rudimentary only assisted in the design process, today, CAD software has effectively overtaken the manual drafting process altogether. Computer-aided drafting and design is the choice for professionals all over the world.

Advanced software like AutoCAD allows the user to create complex architectural drawings through a user-friendly interface. Although it might sound like CAD can eliminate the need for extensive training, the reality is that you will still need to get the proper qualifications to extract the most from computer-aided drafting.

The World’s Most Impressive Buildings are Designed with Computer- Aided Drafting

Think about any of the buildings developed in modern history and you can guarantee that the contractors used CAD software throughout the design and engineering process. Skyscrapers like the One World Trade Center in New York, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago were made possible using computer-aided drafting. Studying at a school of drafting and design will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to work on complicated architectural projects so that you can also make your mark on building history in the future.

Where Do You Want Your Career to Take You?

Computer-aided drafting has clearly changed the way that architectural professionals design and construct buildings. You can explore your own creativity by enrolling in one of the many drafting school programs in the United States. At ITI Technical College, you can earn your Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Drafting and Design Technology to gain the skills and knowledge you need to work on residential, civil, and private architectural projects.

In their Drafting and Design Technology program, you will learn on the latest software and develop the skills that are in high demand. An expert team of educators will ensure that you are fully prepared to enter the workforce as qualified drafting professional.

Drafting jobs are diverse and cover a wide range of industries. Whether you want to work on public projects or for a private company, you will be able to learn the skills that you need with a drafting education. A high degree of proficiency in mathematics and design is required, but you can talk to our enrollment team to learn about course requirements and prerequisites before you commit to a path of study or a specific program.

Training Tomorrow’s Professionals at CAD School

ITI Technical College LogoDo not let your potential be wasted by following a career path that is not aligned with your goals and passions. If you are passionate about architecture and computer-aided drafting, then you should seriously consider attending a drafting college to obtain an education and get a head start in the field.

Talk to our admissions team at ITI Technical College today to learn more about our course offerings, schedules, and financing options. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify, so do not let your financial situation discourage you from reaching out to us! Prepare for the next enrollment, and you could be one of the talented designers that create the buildings of the future.




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Is CAD a Good Career Choice for your Future?

When you are choosing a career to embark on for an extended period of your life, you tend to have your work cut out for you. It is critical that you not only choose an industry you like but one that you can achieve great things in. Picking a career is not like filling out an application for your first job. As you know, many people do not have positive experiences at their first job, and they often move from job to job without much regard for their overall career path. Choosing a career is an entirely different matter and attending a school of drafting and design can help you to move toward the satisfaction that you have been looking for in a career.

What Can You Do After Attending a School of Drafting and Design?

Drafting SchoolDrafting is not new; it has been around for centuries, and you can see proof of it in the ruins from ancient human civilizations. More recent examples of drafting triumphs would be the Sistine Chapel in Italy, or perhaps even the Dome of the Rock. All buildings, regardless of the period they were built in, required some type of drafting and precise specifications to ensure they were built properly. Drafting today is a completely different matter than it was many years ago, due largely to the advent and implementation of various technologies. Today’s drafters still must possess a degree of artistic talent to be successful in this field.

The Importance of Being Artistic

You are not simply designing a building and moving on to the next project; you are creating something that will have your name attached to it. There is a chance that no one will remember your name in a hundred years, but it is very possible that your building will remain. To have your name associated with this type of project is an incredible feeling.

Computer Aided Drafting

Computer Aided Drafting is new in this industry and it has revolutionized the way we carry things out. Now that drafting can be done from a computer or tablet in virtually any location, it is crucial that drafting students to learn the software and keep up to date with any changes. CAD has many benefits over the hand drawings of old. For example, errors can be corrected in seconds rather than the days it would have normally taken to send the blueprints back to the drafter awaiting a replacement. Computers have changed the world, and they have made drafting a much safer art than it was in the past.

CAD Certification

Your drafting education needs to be obtained from an accredited institution, and yes, you will need to make sure that you have basic computer skills before you attempt it. Most importantly, if you are to succeed in this field then you will need to keep all your knowledge up to date as both technology and drafting methods move forward into the 21st century. In addition to that, you will need to decide which drafting discipline you wish to learn so that you can better move forward with your career.

Get the Right Education

ITI Technical College LogoBefore you can earn any drafting and design certifications, you will need to complete the right drafting education. Getting started is simple; it all starts with giving us a call and seeing just what ITI Technical College has to offer you in terms of both education and practical experience. We employ passionate, qualified instructors to teach in state-of-the-art classrooms that allow you to get your hands on the modern equipment that is used in the drafting industry today. Financial Aid is also available to those who qualify.

With the right education and the right practical experience, you will be ready to enter the industry almost immediately. It will not be long before you are ready to launch your brand-new drafting career in an environment of your choosing.



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Drafting and Design Trends: The Rise of the Outdoor Living Space

Interior spaces are a very important part of any home but one of the rising trends that we have seen as of late is the exterior living space. We are finally seeing homeowners spending more time outside and it will not be long before this becomes all too common. For those who wish to attend a school of drafting and design, this means learning to create entirely new spaces for those who consider themselves to be more outdoor oriented. So, before we start talking about the different space possibilities we are going to ask a very important question: what is an outdoor living space?

What is an Outdoor Living Space?

Outdoor living spaces go far beyond simple patios and decks. Instead of basic spots, you will have areas which boast kitchen implements, workspaces, recharging stations, computers, pantries, and much more. The market has been seeing a rise in demand for outdoor living spaces as of late and it will only increase from here.

Originally the outdoor living space was used as an extension to the kitchen but now you can add a fireplace, garden, and virtually anything else that one could think of. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of the potential outdoor living spaces that you might design for clients once you finish a drafting school program.

Designing the Outdoor Kitchen

Drafting and Design TechnologyWe mentioned the outdoor kitchen above and we stand firmly by the belief that it is one of the most important outdoor living implementations. Some of the most common pieces include:

* Countertops

* Refrigerators

* Pantries

* Grills

* Cabinets

Add a kitchen sink and you have everything you need to entertain guests and take your meals outdoors. As a designer you may be tasked with building one of these spaces, so make sure you are ready!

Living Rooms Are Not just for Indoors Anymore

Living rooms are for lounging but lounging can take place outside of the home. You can create space for seating outdoors, adding built-in benches, a fixed coffee table from brick or wood, and much more. To put it as simply as possible, clients will ask for things that might have been considered completely impossible twenty years ago, but today’s top designers can make them possible! Waterproof televisions and other appliances can make for truly extraordinary outdoor spaces. Finally, outdoor fireplaces are extremely popular and make an outstanding conversation piece.

Pool/Spa Areas

ITI Technical College LogoThe last item that we will talk about is the pool/spa area which is not a new implementation. What is new however is the desire to add more natural elements such a waterfall or a stone floor to the pool.

From lighting all the way to the placement of elements, even the best designers have their work cut out for them. You will need to obtain a certain set of sills from an architectural drafting program to really jump into this career and to move forward with your life. ITI Technical College’s Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree in Drafting and Design Technology will provide you with the skills to excel in this field.

If you feel that a CAD career is right for you, then now would be a great time to contact ITI Technical College and get yourself enrolled in one of our programs. It will not be too long before you are performing at your dream job, designing and creating homes that will not only impress, but that will last a lifetime.



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The 3D Boat Design Process

When most people think of Computer Assisted Design (CAD), or drafting education, one of the first things that come to mind for them is housing or commercial structure development. While design professionals most commonly use CAD software for structural engineering and building design but did you ever consider boat design? Designing a boat can be much more challenging than designing a house for many reasons, and boat design offers many rewarding career paths as well.

Boat Design with CAD Software

IMG_1015So, what is it that makes boats so much more complicated than houses? First, boats are a much more confined space to work with than a house, which puts some serious emphasis on getting it right the first time. When designing a boat you will need to make sure that you have adequate space for the engine, bilge pumps, and other critical systems. Improper design or measurement errors can have enormous consequences, and they are most definitely not something that you want to find yourself dealing with. You may not have to deal with the problem directly, but a mistake on your part could cost the builders and manufacturers thousands or even millions of dollars.

Not only do you need to consider sizing constraints when designing a boat, you also need to ensure your design is structurally sound and will float. Furthermore, the hull design must be optimized for fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. The design also needs to be aesthetically pleasing while accomplishing all of these technical feats.

The greatest benefit of using CAD software for your boat design is the simple fact that you can go back and edit the file at will, whereas you could never have done so with a paper blueprint. This allows you to correct any potential mistakes and it allows you to make improvements later on as the client requests. Whether these changes are making the hull a little bit bigger or adding room for more amenities, easy changes are something that you can accomplish with the right CAD software and the right experience.

Mastery of the Software is Critical

CAD is complex no matter how you want to slice it. Watching from a distance it might seem like simple software, and those who are experts at it definitely make it look like an absolute breeze to use. The truth, however, is that it does require significant training whether you are hoping to create a house, a skyscraper, or even a boat as we mentioned before. Thus, you will need to attend architectural drafting school to get started.

Attend Architectural Drafting School

ITI Technical College offers programs to teach individuals the proper and most effective CAD design techniques, whether you are designing a skyscraper or the next high tech yacht. If you are ready to take your education to the next level and start designing the future of marine watercraft, then now is the perfect time to contact ITI Technical College and explore our course offerings. You may be shocked to find that we not only have the latest software and equipment for you but also offer financial aid to those who qualify. Invest in your education and enjoy a prosperous career in the marine CAD industry!



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Prepare to Embark on a New Drafting Career with ITI Technical College

Are you thinking of starting a brand-new career? Has the field of drafting given you a special motivation to break out of the 9-5 grind and try something entirely new? If so, then the drafting field might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a great career with amazing prospects! The big question now is what you can learn from a school of drafting and design and most importantly, where you will be applying those skills.

Get Ready for a New Career

Drafting SchoolHere’s the big question: Where will you be using your newly acquired skills, and how will you apply them? When you think of drafting education your first thought will be of housing and commercial design. It is true that we need computer-aided drafting to build infrastructure, but it expands far beyond that. For example, you could find that you use your drafting education to design cars or even airplanes. There is little doubt that by investing your time in this type of career you are going to be doing yourself a great service. All you need to do is kick it off by giving us a call.

Change the World

By immersing yourself in the world of drafting and design you have a unique opportunity to change the world for the better, and that’s not something that many people can say. Drafting education impacts the world around us in ways that you could never even imagine! Skyscrapers, cars, even the special effects for movies are designed using CAD, and in the end, it affects everything around us at all times. There has never been a more interconnected system and never before has something like this been so intertwined with our society. By learning the basics of CAD and even attending architectural drafting school, you can change the world.

A Step Up from the Past

Drafting and design have always been an integral part of society but in the past, it was a bit more primitive. We used pencil and paper to create elaborate designs that would then become the architecture that we know today. Drafters of their time were experts and truly did an outstanding job of making their visions come to life. This was done through precise measurements and truly obsessive planning to ensure not only accuracy but complete safety. While they truly were experts, today’s technology is able to improve on their brilliance and bring us even more improvements than ever before. You’re in for a real treat when you jump into this career.

Call us Today

ITI Technical College LogoAs someone who is interested in this career, you need to be ready to take the necessary steps. Fortunately, we’re here to help you get enrolled and get on track to a new career. Our instructors are highly experienced in their field and ready to give you the education you need to really make a difference and help you to hit the ground running. In addition to that, financial aid is available for those who qualify.

With us, you’re in good hands and you’ll learn the ins and outs of drafting whether you’re learning it for the purpose of building, designing vehicles, or even have interest in learning about agricultural drafting. The world is constantly changing and as a drafter, you’re going to be at the forefront of its evolution. Call us today to get enrolled!


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Three Surprising Uses for Computer Aided Drafting you Never Considered

Are you considering entering a school of drafting and design to further your education? There is no arguing that drafting and design is a great way for you to bring your career to the next level or to jump into an entirely new one if you wish, but before you do, one of the biggest questions that you need to ask, is what computer aided drafting is and most importantly, what it’s actually used for. Today we’re going to discuss some of the most common uses for computer aided drafting and more specifically what you can do with it. Some of them are self explanatory, and some of them might be surprising to you. Let’s take a quick look!

What is Computer Aided Drafting?

Drafting DesignBefore we go any further into the uses of CAD, we want to address computer aided drafting, specifically what it is and what it entails. A Computer Aided Drafting degree will help you to learn to prepare drawings, parts lists, and specifications using specialized software known as CAD. It’s not just a fun extra for the industry; it’s a way to cut costs, help with inspiration, and ultimately save the company money. While you might think of the CAD software being helpful only for building houses and commercial buildings but there are in fact a few other applications that you might not have considered.

Automotive Industry

CAD software can be used in the design of automobiles and much more. From the cars, trucks, and vans that come off the line, to the machinery that creates them, CAD is a critical part of the process and definitely a useful skill for you. Let us guide you on your road to an excellent drafting education.

Aerospace Industries

Have you ever hopped on a plane and embarked on a journey across the country? What about the world? Would you believe that those trips would be impossible without CAD school graduates and their determination to create a better world? Like the automotive industry, the aerospace industry needs assembly lines, it needs equipment, and it needs properly designed aircraft. Lives can depend on these being properly designed, and that’s why the industry needs you.

Movie Design

Did you know that the special effects in movies are designed using CAD software? To ensure safety and to make sure that everything is done efficiently, special effects items and structures are meticulously designed using computer aided drafting, blueprints, and much more. It can become complicated, but it also makes things much easier in the long run. Your favorite movies, from Transformers all the way to Die Hard have used some kind of computer aided design software to ensure complete accuracy.

Get a Drafting Education Today

There are plenty of reasons for you to consider heading to drafting college to get the education you need, whether you want to design houses or build the next generation special effects seen in today’s action movies. No matter what your reason, however, you need to make sure you have the right school – one that is accredited and can give you the credentials you need to make your way in the industry. If you’re interested, then right now would definitely be a great time to give us a call and see just what we have to offer you. You might be a few steps away from the greatest career choice of your life.


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Should you Become an Electrical Drafter?

You’ll have a wide choice of careers after you finish our school of drafting and design, but what direction should you go in? We have plenty of careers that we could talk about but today we’re going to be discussing electrical drafters what exactly it is that they do.

What is an Electrical Drafter?

rp_Drafting-Design.jpgElectrical drafters do require formal education from drafting school programs, just with nearly any other occupation in this complex field, and it will be up to you to determine whether or not this is the right career path for you. To start, an electrical drafter is responsible for creating the technical illustrations that serve as aids for complex equipment which include power plant wiring, communication hubs, and much more. These drawings are not arbitrary; they are frequently put to use by electrical workers that install or repair equipment, making them indispensable.

Another great example of electrical drafting is the design of transmission and distribution lines responsible for delivering electricity to consumers. As you can see, there are many responsibilities to consider in this industry, and we’re only scratching the surface.

The Job of the Electrical Drafter

An electrical drafter uses a wide range of drafting tools, particularly Computer Aided Design and Drafting software which help to create the visuals that workers will use in the installation process. On average, electrical drafters will need to earn a two-year degree from either a trade school in order to be eligible for this type of work. In fact, certification through the American Design Drafting Association is highly advised for those who really want to make a career of it. While the acquisition of such a degree can be difficult, it is well worth it and the start of a great career.

Become an Electrical Drafter

To put it as simply as possible, the job of the electrical drafter is to prepare technical drawings of electrical wiring systems. As they prepare their drafts they will utilize information provided by workers from a wide range of industries including engineers, scientists, and yes, architects. The information that you apply in the creation of your drafts will be absolutely essential, and you will be making a significant contribution to the project already underway. In addition to creating designs, you must also take all of the calculations into account to ensure that you are addressing potential safety issues – workers, engineers, and many other people will be relying on you!

Taking your Duties Seriously

ITI Technical College LogoElectrical drafters collaborate alongside both engineers and architects to not only create new diagrams and drafts but to also correct and resolve design issues. Drafters will need to provide technical drawings, but they may also be required to furnish documentation to assist workers during their repair or installation. In addition to that, following the completion of the drafting process, you will need to evaluate drafting costs, and of course guarantee that the finished plans meet existing building regulations so that they can be used.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider and your education at our school of drafting and design will be extensive enough to get you into the workforce and get you into the career you want. There is a huge world of drafting and design out there waiting for you, and electrical drafting is just a small part of it!


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Apply Your New Skills as a Freelance Drafter

When you attend a school of drafting and design you will acquire a great number of skills that will be highly useful to you in many different situations throughout various industries. Most likely, you will be considering using it in a workplace environment, but you can go so much further than that. After you graduate from your drafting education, you could spend a few years working the 9-5 grind which is a great idea if you’re looking to gain some experience, but if that isn’t really your cup of tea, then you could use the skills that you gain in the workplace to move further, and of course, move toward a career that you’ll love. For example, you can start to freelance, which is a much more entertaining idea than some of the alternatives.

What is Freelancing?

Construction ManagementWhen you work as a freelancer you have the opportunity to apply your skills in many different ways, but in this capacity, you will essentially be working as your own boss rather than working for someone else. It might sound like an amazing endeavor but there are a few things that you will need to consider before you strike out on your own. First of all, as a freelancer, you will be working for yourself, which means you will be responsible for generating all of your clients and bringing in all of the money. It can be very rewarding, but it can also be highly stressful depending on your level of skill and the quality of clients that you are able to attract.

Types of Jobs that you Can Take

After you finish a good computer-aided drafting course the types of jobs that you will be able to take on are numerous. One example would be electrical drafting, which means you could find yourself designing the layouts for electrical systems throughout a power plant or even a water plant. This is just one of the jobs that you could find yourself working! You could take on this job, or you could take it further by drafting building designs. Design a skyscraper, help develop residential housing, or move into any number of other industries – the choice is yours.

It’s a Very Particular Field

In computer-aided drafting school, you are going to learn that this is an extremely complex field and it will require you to be extremely detail oriented. You will need to assign specific measurements, and most importantly, you will need to make sure that you are adhering to the specific legal regulations in the state that you are designing in. It can all be very complex, but it is also quite worth it.

Get the Education You Need

Computer-aided drafting can be a great career and one that will be extremely rewarding for you if you simply put the work in to become the professional that you’ve always dreamed of. Attending our school will get you the results that you want in addition to the education that will help you to get out onto the front lines. Whether you’re working in an office alongside other professionals or striking out on your own, there are plenty of great opportunities out there, and our school makes it possible. Call us today for more information and to obtain financial aid if you should need it. Your new career is just a few classes away.


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