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Is Construction Management the Right Path for You?

If you are in the mood for a new career then you might want to consider construction management. It is a lucrative career, but is it right for you? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median pay in 2016 was $89,300 per year, which comes out to $42.93 per hour. This is a serious improvement over the normal 9-5 job that only pays minimum wage, and the job outlook through 2026 is extremely positive with faster than average growth predicted.

It is expected to grow by 11% which means that through 2026 we will see 46,100 jobs added to the field of construction management! The positive statistics do not end there. Currently, there are 403,800 industry jobs in the United States, meaning there will always be plenty of room in the construction management field. So, what will you be doing, and is it the right field for you?

The Responsibilities of the Construction Manager

As a construction manager, you will find yourself responsible for a wide range of things, including the assurance that the project will be completed on time and within the confines of the allowable budget. In addition, you will need to make sure that you are speaking with customers, working with clients, and making sure that subcontractors are hired when they need to be. In a job like this, you are going to have a lot of responsibility placed on your shoulders but at the end of the day, it is well worth the investment.

Who Can Be a Construction Manager?

Construction ManagementWe would like to say that anyone could take on the role of a construction manager, but there are certain personal requirements individuals need to meet. Review the following and make sure that you are ready to become a construction manager:

Interpersonal Skills – This is not a career path where you simply sit in an office and keep yourself hidden away from the world all day. In fact, you will be working with contractors, subcontractors, employees, government officials, clients, and much more.

Math Skills – Fortunately this is something individuals can learn, but being able to do the math on the fly will help you with measurements, supply orders, and much more.

Experience – While it is not necessarily required for you to have a full range of experience in order to be a construction manager it is strongly recommended and highly suggested that you spend at least a little bit of time in the construction industry as a laborer. You can get an idea of how the industry works from the ground up and you can be much more effective when you finally take up your position.

Bachelor’s Degree – For the most part you will need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in addition to your Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree in Construction Management before construction companies will consider you for this type of position. You must consider this factor when preparing for this career path.

A Career for a Lifetime

As you can see, there is a lot for you to like about this career and once you are in, it will not be long until you start to make the living you deserve. Before all of that can happen, however, you need to get the required degrees! Talk to us today for more information about our degree program and information for financial aid, which is available to those who qualify.



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Four Common Myths About Construction Management

As you delve into the field of construction management you probably have quite a few questions that need to be answered, from whether or not it’s worth it, and even if you’ll get anything out of it. These are questions that absolutely need to be answered before you start construction manager school and long before you get your construction manager certification. Today we’re going to discuss a few of the most common myths that tend to plague this industry and there is a good chance that you’ve heard at least one of them.

Myth #1: Project management is Unnecessary

Technically this is true because you could complete a project without any management. In fact, there are many who believe project management serves to create a delay and prevents more important work from being done. Now, with that being said, it has been noted on many projects that by using project management it has been easier to deliver on time and within budget. In addition to that, goal achievement is considerably higher which makes a great case for project management. This myth is completely busted and should be ignored as you enter the field.

ITI College

Myth #2: You’re Just a Paper Pusher

When people hear the word ‘management’ in a job description they make the assumption that it involves pushing paper and in many positions, they might actually be right. With this one, however, they need to take a step back and examine what’s really at stake. As you look at the project management position you see project planning, resource schedules, meeting notes, and more, which all looks very mundane. In fact, as the project manager, you will be meeting with clients and service providers, as well as dealing with your employees. The project manager needs to be a jack of all trades and needs to be able to offer their services in a variety of different capacities.

Myth #3: Projects Should Never be Abandoned

This is dangerous thinking that tends to sink companies. If you have put a lot of work into a project, and if you have poured too many resources, then yes, you’re probably going to feel bad about ending it unfinished, but consider this: what if the original need for the project no longer exists? If that is the case, then the company cannot justify expending further resources, especially on a project that will never allow you to recoup.

Myth #4: Execution Must Happen Quickly

ITI Technical College LogoAs a construction manager, you probably want to develop a reputation for getting work done quickly and that’s fine if you can do quality work in a short amount of time, but you should never rush. Most importantly, you should make sure that you have sufficient planning going on, otherwise, you could end up with a low-quality build, and no one ever wants that. What you DO want, however, is quality results, so take your time, plan things out, and make sure that you have the best people on hand. It will make all the difference in the world.

These four myths are very prevalent in the construction industry and while some are grounded in truth, most should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. Construction management training is, without a doubt one of the best careers in the industry. It gives you the chance to participate in amazing projects with the manual labor and when executed properly, it can be very rewarding. Call us today for more information on how you can get yourself into this career!


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Property Development Jobs in Construction Management

As you look for a job in the construction industry you’re probably going to come to realize that yes, you have quite a few choices and you’re going to want to narrow them down. Today we’re looking at the field of construction management, what it is, and how you can get into it. Let’s start by talking about what a construction manager is actually responsible for.

The Responsibilities of Construction Management

Construction ManagementLike any type of job, construction management has its fair share of responsibilities which include:

* Project Budgeting

* Site Selection

* Due Diligence

* Zoning

* Entitlements

* Contractor Selection

* Scheduling

These are some serious responsibilities but you also have to consider that once the project is underway, you will remain on-site as a representative of the owner, ensuring that the job goes off without a hitch and according to their specifications. Deviation from the plan will have negative repercussions and definitely nothing that you want to deal with. The biggest difference will be the type of job that you perform once the planning is complete. You will go from planning every minute detail of the project to managing payments and scheduling contractors. Your role is still crucial, and you’d better believe that.

Finally, as the project manager, you will be responsible for keeping the project owner up to date on all of the details. From the progress of the project to cost reports, you will need to keep a running record and you will need to be ready to present that information at the end of each week. Keep in mind that without accurate records it can be very difficult to obtain adequate payment from the institution that is funding the project.

The Project Moving Forward

Your responsibilities are project manager of any construction endeavor are going to remain remarkably similar as you move forward in the industry. The role of the manager is one that will always be crucial to the construction industry and effective management on your part will achieve several goals. First of all, it will keep the project on track so that it can be completed on time, and you will help to prevent any budget crisis that might have otherwise appeared. As you can see, your role in this endeavor is going to be absolutely crucial. It’s a lot of responsibility, and you need to make sure that you’re able to handle it.

What you Can Expect to Earn

As you enter this amazing field one of your biggest questions is going to be how much you can actually expect to earn, and it’s far above the normal minimum wage job. According to, the median pay is $42.93 per hour on average which equals $89,300 per year – not a bad income for the median pay! In addition to that, the number of jobs as of 2016 stood at about 403,800 and they are expected in increase by 11% through 2026, opening up a total of 46,100 jobs. With hard work and determination, you could fill one of those positions.

Get Ready for your Future

Construction management training is a gateway to the future and it’s an outstanding way for you to start improving your life. That being said, now would be a great time for you to give us a call and see what we have to offer you in terms of this or other programs. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. It’s time for you to take command of your future and start living your life the way you want, rather than in the typical 9-5 dynamic that you’ve been stuck in.


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Want a Meaningful Career? Construction Management is Just What You’re Looking For

How many people can say that they truly love their jobs? If you’re still in high school, or even if you’re in a career that isn’t satisfying, then you’re probably already dreaming of a job that can bring real meaning and reward to your life. Thankfully, there are options available to you, as long as you make the right choices.

If you want to be able to make a difference on projects while working with dynamic teams in an exciting industry, then a construction management program in Baton Rouge Louisiana could help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

What Does a Construction Management Professional Do?

construction management program in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Once qualified, you will be one of the key people on any construction project. You’ll be responsible for setting schedules, you’ll monitor and maintain finances, and you’ll even ensure that every employee on a construction project is doing what they should be doing to help the project towards completion. You’ll also work with subcontractors and third parties, and you’ll need to report construction progress back to clients or important stakeholders.

Your involvement on a project will start right from the planning stage, up until the sign off on a project. At times you’ll be responsible for material selection and tool selection, and you will work with architects and other planners on each construction project.

You could say that the project manager is the heart of any construction project, and this would be true. The role is extremely challenging, but the satisfaction you get from completing a project cannot be understated, and there’s also the fact that construction project management allows for competitive financial conversation.

What Makes the Job So Rewarding?

One of the most rewarding things about working in this industry is that you’ll be able to see a project from the earliest planning stage, right up to handover to a client. This in itself is extremely satisfying, but there’s also plenty of reward along the way. You’ll be working closely with people, often supervising teams of different specialists and construction workers. It can be very rewarding to watch people develop, and also when you see the pride that they take in their work.

Think about some jobs where you simply perform a task but you don’t get to see the bigger picture or end result. In construction management, you’ll never have this kind of disconnect from the bigger picture. You’re always right there in the action, while also viewing it from a high level. You’ll interact with architects, clients, material and tool suppliers, contractors, and in-house construction workers. You’ll form lifelong relationships with colleagues, and you’ll find that there are plenty of advancement opportunities if you make a good impression in the industry.

Construction management can take you far in life, even if you eventually decide to move into other areas of project management. Many of the skills that you develop will be transferable, and you’ll always be able to find satisfaction in your work.

How Can You Get Started?

If you’re going to be skilled enough so that you’re competitive in the job market and confident in your role, you’re going to need structured training. Classroom learning can give you an edge because you’ll learn about some of the more in-depth concepts in project management, as well as technical concepts that are specific to the construction industry. You’ll also learn about business communication styles, allowing you to effectively communicate, influence, and lead within any organization.

At the ITI Technical College, you can study for an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Construction Management. Over two years of full-time study, you’ll learn the basic and advanced concepts that will help you to make an impact in the industry. Talk to us today to start planning your future with construction project management training.


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Major 2017 Projects That Will Require Construction Management

Have you ever looked at an ongoing construction project and dreamed of being part of such a large and complex operation? If you are someone who has an eye for detail, great organizational skills, and strong technical aptitude, then you may just be perfect for construction management training.

If you’re thinking seriously about enrolling in construction management school to further your career, then taking a look at these upcoming projects will provide you with plenty of inspiration and motivation.

Three Projects Using Construction Management in 2017

IMG_4481Technology company Apple has always been about rocking trends and making waves in news around the world. Not content to simply delivering some of the most popular consumer electronics in existence, Apple is now making headlines with their ambitious Cupertino campus. Apple’s huge site will become the business home for more than 13,000 staff, and it will cover 2.8 million square feet. Shaped like a flying saucer, or even a futuristic donut, the main building on Apple’s new campus will be one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the world. On a project this size, you can bet that multiple construction management professionals will need to work together on different aspects of the build, and for many of them, this will be a major milestone in their career.

Also in the Golden State, project managers are currently working on the California High-Speed Rail. This 800+ mile rail line will link the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, with 24 proposed stops in between. This is a huge project that covers a large geographical area, which means that efficient construction project management will be essential. Not only will managers need to work within the engineering specifications of the project, but they’ll also need to manage the project through different local jurisdictions and with challenging topography along the way. This is a dream project for any construction manager, and it also is an important project for the entire construction industry. It is estimated that over a five-year period for the initial construction time frame, more than 20,000 jobs will be created. Over 15 years, it is expected that the entire project will generate more than 60,000 jobs per year.

New York City is home to the largest airport system in the United States, made up of JFK International, Newark Liberty International, and LaGuardia Airport. With LaGuardia growing in passenger count at an astonishing rate, the City of New York has chosen to begin a $4 billion retrofit project to bring the facility up to modern standards. Located in Queens, the project is expected to be ongoing until at least 2022. Project managers working on airport construction have a number of unique challenges. Not only do the projects need to be on time and within budget, but the technical aspects of the project need to be managed closely and with complete accuracy to specifications. When something like the integrity of a runway could mean life or death for hundreds of people, you can imagine how involving (yet rewarding) an airport construction project would be.

Getting the Training You Need to Make It in the Industry

2017 is definitely going to be an exciting year for construction, and it’s inspiring to see some of the developments that construction management professionals will be working on this year and in the future. If you want to be part of that industry, then a construction management school in Baton Rouge is going to be able to give you a competitive edge in the job market.

At ITI Technical College, you can learn how to manage construction projects, and gain the qualification that you need to meet your future goals. Call us today to discuss enrolment and start looking forward to a brighter future.


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Are Construction Manager Careers a Good Idea?

Construction Manager

If you’re nearing completion of your high school diploma and you’re looking for career options, then construction management might be one role that you’ve considered. Entering this profession can provide you with stimulating work and plenty of career opportunities, and would be a great choice for your future.

If you’ve been asking yourself whether construction management training is right for you, then the following information should help you to make your choice.

Benefits of Construction Management School in Baton Rouge

construction project managementAre you an analytical thinker? Do you like to solve problems? Do you want to be in a position where you can lead people and have an influence over positive change? If you can answer yes to these questions, then project management would be a good profession to enter. If you are also interested in engineering and construction, then more specialized construction project management training would be perfect for your future development.

As a construction manager, you would be one of the most important people on any given building project. Whether working on residential developments, civil works, or large commercial developments, a construction manager has the role of overseeing aspects of build planning, the build itself, and final completion of a project. You’ll find yourself in a role where you agree on designs and architectural plans, you’ll be able to choose construction materials and methods to suit a project, and you’ll even choose the construction teams and specialist contractors that would be working on a project.

The role would mean that you would have plenty of opportunities to leave your mark on a project, but this also means that your job would be demanding and highly involved. With a lot of responsibility, you’d need to have impeccable attention to detail, and you’d have to be highly skilled in all areas of construction management.

If the challenge is something that sounds right for you, then you’ll absolutely need to enroll in a construction management program in Baton Rouge LA.

Degree Study at ITI Technical College

To be competitive in the industry, it helps to have a degree in construction project management. At ITI Technical College, you can take a full two-year course of study in our Construction Management Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree. The course will prepare you for your role in the industry, training everything from business communications and industry specific computer applications, right up to material and tool selection, cost estimation, and the essentials of project management.

This is a great opportunity for high school graduates, and may also be an option for construction laborers to begin construction manager certification. With some experience in the construction industry, you may feel that your progression options are limited. However, by taking a degree course in project management, you could step out of a laborer role and into a supervisory and management role, with options to progress if you make the right impressions.

Construction managers receive competitive compensation, with the median salary being in excess of $89,000 per year according to While you might not be able to command such a salary when you are a fresh graduate, you will be able to work your way up to a trusted and senior position where you will have excellent opportunities to earn. If you apply your skills well, you could find yourself working on large and exciting projects, and you could even move into consulting roles, jobs with international construction firms, or you could even work as an advisor for government at a local or national level.

To put it simply, your options will only be limited by how hard you’re willing to work, and the impressions you make on those around you in the industry. If you’re wondering whether construction management training is a good pathway to a rewarding career; the answer is a simple YES.

Learn More About Upcoming Programs

If you want to learn more about the Associate in Occupational Studies degree program and begin the application process, it’s time to talk to the team at ITI Technical College. We’ll run you through the basic course requirements, costs, and financial aid options, allowing you to make the first move towards what could be one of the most important decisions of your lifetime.


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Three Jobs That Require Construction Management

If you’re a hardworking individual looking for a career that can take you places, then you should consider studying to enter the field of construction management. With great pay and a challenging day to day role, becoming a construction project manager will be highly rewarding and personally satisfying. If you’re wondering where your future qualification could take you, then these three examples of construction manager roles would be a good starting point to see if this career path is for you.

Residential Construction Management Professional

ITI Technical CollegeOnce you’ve completed construction management training at ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a great place to get started is in residential construction management. The type of projects you will be working on will include smaller teams, which means that you’ll be able to put your learning into practice in a more personal environment.

This is not to say that there won’t be challenges because you’ll still need to oversee entire projects from planning to construction, work with architects and engineers, and coordinate build teams.

Commercial Construction Manager

In a commercial role, you’ll need to oversee large projects by reviewing and signing off on plans, scheduling milestones and deliverables for individual teams, estimating costs and managing budgets throughout construction. You’ll also need to oversee individual teams and employees to ensure that a project is completed to specification.

Because commercial projects are typically larger than residential ones, this is usually a role that you’ll enter once you already have experience in residential construction management. Another pathway to this role could be entering a construction firm as a junior project manager. Commercial projects can often have numerous stakeholders and investors, so you’ll need to have impeccable business communication skills to be able to communicate updates throughout any particular project.

Civil Works Construction Project Manager for Government or Private Enterprise

The challenge of working on civil projects is quite different in private residential than in commercial construction. You’ll usually need to work on tighter budgetary constraints, and you may have to interact with a number of different companies who have won contracts to perform work on the project. You’ll need to have extreme attention to detail, and ideally, have experience as either a residential or commercial construction manager.

While working on civil projects can be more challenging, the job satisfaction can be immense. You’ll have the opportunity to work on infrastructure projects and other construction projects that bring benefits to entire communities. With experience in government or privately contracted civil projects, you could even develop a reputation that allows you to work overseas in some of the world’s fastest developing markets.

Studying at a Construction Management School in Baton Rouge

Construction ManagementTo get into the industry you’re going to need a recognized qualification from a leading school. ITI Technical College in Louisiana is a great place to start your construction manager training because we offer an Associate in Occupational Studies Degree over a two-year study period. Not only will you learn about the specific skills and processes used in project management, but you’ll cover all of the construction-specific areas such as materials and tools selection, cost estimation, legal compliance, and coordination with subcontractors and other third parties.

Here at ITI Technical College, you’ll also learn effective means of leadership and business communication, allowing you to effectively manage staff members or interact with peers, senior managers, and the clients of any particular project. Learning is based on a combination of traditional lectures and workshops, and you’ll be assessed throughout the course to ensure that your learning is sufficient to meet graduation requirements. One of the biggest advantages of enrolling in construction management school in Baton Rouge is that you’ll be able to learn from experts who have firsthand experience in construction and project management.

Call us today to learn the course requirements, fees, and to begin the enrollment process. You could be a college graduate or even a professional in the construction industry who is looking to step up to a more senior role. Your future will be bright with construction project management training, and ITI Technical College is a great place to kick-start your career.


For more information about graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website:


A Look at Large Building Projects Started in 2016

Are you interested in a construction management career, but you aren’t sure where your qualification could take you? If you look at any of the largest construction projects from the last year, you’ll be able to get a strong idea of just where your training at a construction manager school could lead you. Your role in planning and overseeing projects might start off small, but with hard work and continued high performance in the industry, these could be exactly the type of projects that you could be managing in the future.

Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada

Building ProjectsTesla has fast become the leading all-electric road car manufacturer in the world and is currently the jewel of the United States automotive industry. Leading design and innovation is what Tesla is all about, and it’s one of the few large corporations that makes an effort to keep manufacturing on American soil.

To be able to facilitate expansion and service the needs of customers, Tesla started construction of a large battery production facility in 2015. A significant amount of the construction for the Nevada-based battery plant was completed last year. The Gigafactory is one of the largest single operator factories in existence, and in 2016 there were over 600 construction workers employed at the site. The current construction covers more than 1.9 million square feet, and because the facilities are multi-leveled, there’s a total of more than 4.9 million square feet of available floor space.

As you can imagine, talented construction management professionals have been needed to build this factory, and their efforts have generated billions of dollars of economic activity in the Nevada region. Such a large project has required extreme attention to detail, and a considerable amount of planning and continuous project management. If you becoming a professional who changes the world through projects like the Gigafactory interests you, then you’re going to need to start with a construction manager certification.

Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project

The Hudson Yards New York real estate project is one of the largest that has ever been undertaken in the New York City. Still, under construction, the mixed-use development will be comprised of 16 skyscrapers that make up residential, commercial office, and retail spaces. There’s even a school being constructed on the development, as well as a large area of open and landscaped public space.

With a project cost of more than $20 billion, the stakes are high for this mega project. Construction managers have a number of challenges to overcome, including the management of a large workforce, dealing with subcontractors, maintaining a budget, and navigating the strict building codes and regulations that exist in New York City.

If learning an exciting future in project management sounds intriguing to you, then the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project is one of the best examples. Whereas most projects only focus on a single-purpose construction site, this one has a mixture of different buildings, many of which are multipurpose. Any type of construction in a major city will be challenging and demanding on project managers, but this project, in particular, takes things to a whole new level. If you want the privilege of working on projects like the Hudson Yards redevelopment, then you’re absolutely going to need a qualification from a leading school, as well as experience managing smaller projects in your junior years.

Ready for the Challenge? Start Studying at ITI Technical College

At ITI Technical College, we provide you with the skills and knowledge that will get you into the industry. Our Associate of Occupational Studies in Construction Management program will prepare you for project design, budgeting, tool and material selection, and team management. If either of these large projects has excited you about the potential of becoming a construction management professional, then give us a call today. We’re accepting students for our upcoming term, and we’d love to help you to find success in the ever exciting construction industry.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Construction Management Training

If you want a dynamic career in a continually growing industry, then construction project management school could be right for you. Manage staff and projects through to completion, face rewarding challenges, and enjoy great compensation – these are just some of the reasons why project management in construction is a popular choice for undergraduate study.

This guide will provide you all you need to know about what you’ll learn in school, as well as what your role would be once you graduate and enter the workforce.

Studying at a Construction Management School in Baton Rouge

Construction Management School in Baton RougeWhen you enroll at a school like ITI Technical College, you’ll be able to study for an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Studies: Construction Management. The degree will prepare you with by allowing you to understand plan reading in architectural drawing, infrastructure drawing, instrumentation drawing, and civil drawings. Planning is always the first stage of construction management, so this important foundation will be useful throughout your study and all throughout your career.

Other areas that you will cover during your two years of study will include business communications, cost estimation, general project scheduling and planning, as well as ethics and safety. You’ll learn how to select the right tools and materials for construction projects, and during your course you will even develop skills in technical writing, so that you can accurately convey concepts and ideas for relevant stakeholders in a project. Keep in mind that as a project manager, you will need to communicate not just with technical staff, but with other managers and executives who are part of the project. Your education will prepare you to effectively communicate with different personality types and professionals, allowing you to be as productive and as successful as possible.

In addition to core courses, there are a number of elective courses that you will be able to take during your study. These can change depending on the areas that interest you the most, and you should look forward to the different opportunities that can arise during your construction management training in Baton Rouge Louisiana.

After Graduation – Putting Your Skills into Practice

When you learn how to manage construction projects, you’ll become an in-demand professional, allowing you ample opportunities across America, and even around the world. Your job can be dynamic and challenging, but always rewarding.

Your key job description will be to plan and coordinate construction projects. Depending on the size of the project, you may have other managers working with you, or you may be reporting to a senior project manager. You will need to delegate tasks and you may be involved with hiring laborers and other professionals for a project. You will share your time between working in an office, and visiting the construction sites for the projects that you will be working on.

ITI Technical CollegeWhen you enter the industry as a junior project manager, you won’t immediately hit the median pay. Promotions and pay increases will come with experience and performance, but you can take inspiration from the fact that the median pay in the United States, according to is $87,400 per year for qualified and experienced managers. Job stability is good, and there are currently more than 373,000 construction project managers working in the United States. The job market is still growing, and theirs is expected to be an average of 5% growth per year, up until 2024.

If all of this information gets you excited about the future, then it’s definitely time that you enrolled in construction management school in Baton Rouge.

ITI Technical College is currently accepting applications for upcoming classes, and we’d love to hear from you if you’re ready. Give us a call today, or simply fill out the form on the website, and you’ll be taking the first steps towards a satisfying, dynamic, and financially rewarding career in construction project management.


For more information about graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website:



Is Construction Management School a Good Prerequisite to Military Service?

Do you want to get into a career that can really make a difference? For some people, a job is just a job, but if you’re actually passionate about what you want to do in life, then your job will be something that you love, and you’ll strive to do better, every single day. Many people consider enlisting in the military before undergraduate study, but what if you were to do things the other way around. As an example, if you were to study construction management, would it be a good gateway into the military?

Let’s find out.

Construction Manager Certification and The Military

Construction management schoolBefore we begin, let’s clear up the fact that you don’t actually need to perform any undergraduate study to be able to join the military. If you were to join the army, you’ll need a high school diploma, be between the ages of 17 and 34, you can’t have any more than two dependents, and you’ll need to pass an armed services vocational test. These requirements are similar for most branches of the military, with the coast guard having a wider age bracket, and the air force having a smaller one. For the Navy, the requirements are just as they are for the Army.

With that out of the way, it’s important to understand why construction management school might be a good way to get into the military.

Although specific jobs within the military don’t rely completely on academic success, if you’ve already proven yourself with an associate’s degree from construction project management school, then you may be more desirable and considered for better promotions once you enlist in the military. Another reason why you should complete your associate’s first, is that you may be able to apply credits to a further course of study, sponsored by the military. Things can get complicated, so if you are interested in enlisting, then it’s best to visit a recruitment center before you commit to your academic studies. A recruiter will be able to provide you with the best military roadmap for whatever your particular goals are.

Civilian Jobs in the Military After Construction Management School Baton Rouge

ITI Technical College in LouisianaIf you want to serve in a meaningful profession but you don’t want to enlist, then there are other options for you. The United States Army Corps of Engineers is a special federal agency that falls under the Army command structure. This branch is tasked with public engineering works, making it an excellent place for a project manager to be. Jobs are regularly open for civilians, and this will allow you to work with the military on important projects, while retaining many of your civilian freedoms that you might not be willing to give up by enlisting. This is also a potential career path if you don’t meet the requirements for enlisting, for example; if you have more than two dependents, or if you’re outside of the enlistment age requirements.

It is important to understand that civilian jobs in the USACE are highly competitive, and experience as well as a degree will be the best way to get in. This could mean that after completing a construction management program in Baton Rouge, you would work for a private company for at least two years before applying for a civilian role with the Engineers.

Keep in mind that every situation is different, and sometimes you will discover opportunities that you didn’t think would be available. The most important thing is that you are motivated, that you have completed school to learn how to manage construction projects, and that you approach every opportunity with an open mind.

If you’re interested in either of these potential pathways to work in or with the Military, then you should apply to study at the ITI Technical College in Louisiana. With a comprehensive Associates of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Construction Management, you could develop the skills that you need to meet your life and career goals.


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