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How Early Should You Start Preparing for Construction Management School?

If you are planning a career in the construction industry, particularly if you want to become a construction management professional, then it can help to start preparing early, even if you’re still studying in high school. There are a number of class selections that could help you in your construction manager training, and even something as simple as getting more information from a college will help you to mentally prepare for the course.

Here’s a quick guide from the team at ITI Technical College, to help you know what you can do before you enroll in a construction project management program.

Can High School Classes Prepare You for Construction Management Training?

IMG_1078Although you won’t be able to take a specific construction management class at senior high, there are some other classes that can help. Computer classes will be essential for familiarizing yourself with the functions of an operating system and a basic productivity suite. In construction management, you’ll be using the software on a daily basis, so learning programs like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word can be helpful once you start studying for your degree.

Shop classes can also help you to better understand some of the processes used in construction. Even though you won’t be performing any of the physical construction work as a project manager, you’ll still need to coordinate teams, select materials and tools, and sign-off on construction methods that will be used to deliver a project. A background in shop classes can help you to more easily understand the terminology and specific techniques that will be used.

Graphics / Drafting classes can also be helpful, so if you have the opportunity to take these classes in your senior year of high school, make sure that you do so. In training and once you start working, you’ll work with documents and diagrams that use technical drawings and CAD designs. Getting early exposure to these types of drawings will make it much easier to grasp advanced concepts once you start studying for your degree.

If you’re in doubt about any of the elective classes that you take in senior high school, then it can be a good idea to speak to your school guidance counselor. Let them know that you’re interested in studying a construction project management program, and they’ll be able to help you choose the best classes that will get you on the right path.

What if You’re Already Enrolled to Start Training at ITI Technical College?

If you’ve already enrolled at ITI Technical College, then you might be wondering how soon you should start preparing. The simple answer, of course, is right now!

It’s never too early to start preparing for your training, and the sooner you start, the more comfortable you will feel once you start studying. Requirements of the program can change from year to year, but we’ll let you know in advance about any materials and stationery supplies that you need to bring with you. Even with that aside, you still need to make sure that you’re mentally prepared for the program.

Two years of intensive learning will require focus and dedication. You need to make sure that you are fully committed to studying, and this might mean reducing some extracurricular activities that could distract you during your training. Remember, the investment in time and focus that you make now will continue to pay off for the rest of your career. Preparing yourself to allocate more time to learning and study is just a small sacrifice to make, and it’s one that you’ll be proud of when you graduate with your Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Construction Management.

To put it simply, you should start preparing as early as possible. If you need some extra advice on getting ready for the upcoming program start, then don’t hesitate to call us today.


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Careers in Construction Management – What You Can Look Forward To

Construction management training could be a great idea if you’re someone who is attentive to detail and driven to create success in a team of people. As a construction manager, you will be one of the most important people in the running of a construction project, and you’ll take on a significant amount of work and responsibility. The role is not for everyone, but if you are highly motivated, then you could find that this is the ideal career path for you.

ITI Technical College provides a comprehensive construction management program in Baton Rouge LA, and here is some of what you could look forward to after graduating from our degree program.

You’ll Be the One Calling the Shots

If you’re someone who likes to be in control of a situation, leading it towards a desirable outcome, then you should definitely look forward to a career as a construction project manager. When you graduate and find work in the industry, you will discover that your job requires involvement in every single aspect of a project. You’ll be overlooking building plans and architectural drawings, you’ll need to look at finances and set and maintain a budget, and you’ll even play a role in selecting the tools and materials that will be needed for a construction project.

The job can be challenging and without the right training, it could even be overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important that you are able to enroll in a reputable construction management program in Baton Rouge LA.

Develop Relationships and Build Your Professional Skills

Construction ManagementOne of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a construction management professional is the way that you’ll be able to interact with your teams on a daily basis. You’ll need to liaise with architects, with the construction labor team, with clients, and with other specialists who are working on the project. Training at ITI Technical College will prepare you with written and spoken business communication skills that will help you to effectively communicate with others.

As a construction manager, you will be a leader within your organization. You’ll learn how to influence people and create positive change. This is perhaps one of the best parts of the job, especially if you’re someone who wants to move into a more senior management position in the future. Working as a construction manager will allow you to continually develop your organizational and leadership skills, and could be a great stepping stone towards running your own construction business, or taking on a leadership role for a large company. Many of the skills that you learn will be transferable to other industries, so you won’t feel limited after your construction management program in Baton Rouge LA.

Take on a Career That Matters

Not every career is rewarding, and not every career will allow you to make a positive impact on other people. When you choose construction management, you’ll see the immediate results of your work and how it impacts your clients and your teams. This is something that you can look forward to right away because a degree program in construction project management will mean that you’re qualified as soon as you graduate. With a recognized qualification from ITI, you’ll be competitive in the job market and ready to provide value to any construction company.

If this sounds like something that you want to have in your future, then it’s time to talk to us about our construction project management programs in Louisiana. Call us today to learn about upcoming enrolment schedules, and to get more information about the training that could take you on a rewarding career path.


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Tips for Surviving in the Construction Management World

If you’re thinking about enrolling in a construction management program in Baton Rouge Louisiana, it can help to do a little preparation before you start, even if that simply means learning about some of the things that will be required to succeed in your future career.

We offer a construction management course at ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, and these are three tips that will help you to better understand what will help you in your career.

Develop Your Communication Skills Early

Construction ManagemetCommunication is a key skill that any project manager requires. Think about the role of construction management and all of the people that you will need to communicate with on a daily basis. You’ll need to be talking to an architect about plans and design changes. You’ll have to call suppliers to ensure that you’re going to have the right materials for the project. You will also have to talk with team leaders and construction laborers who will be doing the hard work on the ground. And even with all these people, that’s still not the full extent of who you will need to communicate with.

To be able to perform your job well, you’ll need to have strong interpersonal and business communication skills. You’ll need to know how to talk to people to get the results that you need. You’ll have to understand how to show empathy and make compromises to keep teams happy. You’ll also need to know how to communicate setbacks and other problems in the construction process. Construction management training in Baton Rouge LA will help you to develop the best communication skills that will ensure success in your future.

Get the Right Education

The role of a construction manager can be stressful. It requires impeccable attention to detail and the ability to multitask and manage one’s time. Having the right education will help everything to come together because you will possess the background knowledge and skills that allow you to perform your job well. Construction management training in Baton Rouge LA will be one of your most powerful assets when you enter the professional world of construction project management. Our program is designed not only to provide you with the technical skills and theory behind construction management but also the soft skills that will allow you to effectively communicate and influence those that you work with.

In a few years’ time when you find yourself in a rewarding project management role, you’ll look back at your education with a newfound appreciation for where it can take you.

Develop a Strong Set of Technical Skills

As a project manager, you’ll need to closely monitor different stages of the project, and you’ll need to track progress and keep detailed records. You will have to keep track of finances, materials, and staff members. With so many responsibilities, you’ll find a computer to be invaluable throughout your career. You’ll use software to manage schedules and track milestones, and some of the software that you use will be specific to the construction industry. You will also need to have familiarity with looking at technical drawings and interpreting them.

Developing technical skills and becoming comfortable with computers and software will make your job much easier once you start working in the industry. When you learn how to manage construction projects at a school in Louisiana, you’ll get the best foundation with training using industry-relevant software applications.

Contact a Construction Management School Today

If you think you have the motivation to become a construction project manager, then it’s time to give us call at ITI Technical College in Louisiana. We offer a comprehensive Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Construction Management, where you can learn all of the skills that are required to succeed in the construction industry. Talk to us today to jump-start your career.


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Is Construction Manager School for You?

For anyone that is highly organized, with impeccable attention to detail, construction manager school can be an interesting career path that is financially rewarding, while allowing for excellent personal and professional growth. If you’re still trying to decide what kind of study you will follow after high school, or even if you want to cross skill from another industry, then learning about construction management can help you to plan out the best career.

Do You Have What It Takes to Pass a Construction Manager Program?

Construction management is a highly specialized form of project management, where only the most organized professionals will succeed.

From the start of a project, a professional construction manager will be required to set the scope of the project, estimating a budget to a high degree of accuracy, setting other requirements, and deciding on the professionals that would be required to complete the job. If you go through construction manager training, you’ll learn how to determine what kind of professionals are needed for a project, including specialists like architects and structural engineers, as well as general laborers and sub-contractors.

If you’re someone who likes to get into technical details, then the next phase of construction management would definitely be to your liking. As a qualified professional, you’d not only need to be involved in the hiring process when determining the human resource that is required for a construction project, but you would also need to be able to specify the type of materials and equipment that would be used for a project. You’d need to source all of these resources before the project begins, or at an appropriate time while the project is underway. You’d need to closely manage all resources during the project, to ensure that budget constraints are adhered to. Being able to effectively manage staff and material resources will be critical to seeing a construction project completed on time and within budget, and performing well in this area will help you to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Throughout the entire construction process, a construction manager will need to observe progress in relation to the original plans. Construction manager school will give you the skills that you need to track a project while determining whether or not it is going according to schedule. You’ll know how to anticipate when setbacks might be occurring, and you’ll know what to do to get things back on track. Most importantly, your construction manager training will give you the business and interpersonal communication skills that are necessary to manage the teams that work underneath you, and also deliver timely updates to clients and key stakeholders.

The role of construction manager can be highly complex, but if you’re somebody that is open to challenge and learning, then the ITI Technical College construction manager school will be the best way to start your career with a qualification that will be recognized throughout the industry.

Learn at the Best Construction Management School

At ITI Technical College, you’ll be able to learn from expert educators who have direct experience in the industry. You’ll learn all aspects of construction management, including defining materials and resources for a project, right up to preparing formal business communications. You’ll be exposed to software tools that can be used in the industry to work more efficiently, and you’ll take part in scenarios and testing that will closely resemble the challenges that you will face in the field.

If the challenge of becoming a construction manager is something that gets you excited, then enrolling at ITI could be the decision that sets you up for life. Talk to us today to find out more about what our program can offer, and begin the enrollment process that could change your future.


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Construction Management: Residential vs. Commercial

When you study construction management training in Baton Rouge Louisiana, you’ll develop the necessary skills to work on projects in both the residential and commercial construction industries. While many of the skills are transferrable, it’s still important to note that there can be some significant differences between the types of projects in these industries.

Understanding the differences will not only allow you to have a stronger grasp on the construction industry, but it may help you to find the right path of specialization once you complete your study and enter the workforce as a construction management professional.

The Materials Used Are Often Different Between Projects

construction management training in Baton Rouge LouisianaWhile every project will require different materials to meet project requirements, there are some major differences in trends used in both commercial and residential construction. The average home uses timber frame construction because the material is more cost effective and structurally suitable for smaller buildings. This means that professionals who specialize in residential construction are more adept at working with traditional timber frame.

In commercial construction, where projects are larger and more complex, steel frame construction is used. Steel is more resilient, can allow for larger and taller buildings, and can sometimes allow for a longer lifetime for a building.

Note that there are exceptions, and some architecturally designed homes use steel framing. When you complete your construction manager certification, you’ll be able to determine the best construction materials for any project.

The Rules Used for Commercial Construction Are Strict in Comparison to Residential

Commercial buildings have strict regulations regarding materials, construction techniques, electrical systems, plumbing, and even design and size. As a construction management professional working on commercial projects, you’ll need to understand the relevant local and federal building regulations that are used on commercial projects.

Residential buildings still need to adhere to building standards, but it could be argued that these are simpler and easier to comply with when compared to commercial projects. Construction management training in Baton Rouge Louisiana will prepare you for either scenario.

The Costs Are Vastly Different

Although this might seem like common sense, it might be a surprise to learn that the costs for even comparatively sized residential and commercial developments are vastly different. There are a number of reasons for this. Material selection, maintaining compliance, and the quality of staff can all make a difference when it comes to cost. Commercial projects are typically run on tight schedules, so laboring costs can be increased to ensure that project deliverables are met.

Residential and Commercial Projects Require a Different Client Approach

ITI Technical CollegeWhen using your construction management skills to develop a residential project, you’ll be working directly with a single client. Residential clients can be extremely demanding, and sometimes like to micromanage every step of the project, despite the fact that they’ve hired a trained construction manager! Developing the right communication skills is essential, and you’ll learn how to deal with clients when you take construction management training in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Commercial projects can also be demanding, but you’ll usually be working with a number of stakeholders within an organization, so the level of communication is usually highly professional and based on clear metrics, milestones, and specifications.

Get Ready for the Challenge with Construction Management School

Whether you have a passion for commercial or residential construction or even both, you’ll need your construction manager certification to learn the ropes and get started in the industry. You can study for a Construction Management Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree at ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, and you’ll be able to get the knowledge and core industry skills that will help you to find the job of your dreams.

Call us today or contact us online to start exploring your options, and get ready for a challenging future in one of the most rewarding and stable industries.


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Changes in the Construction Industry that Will Impact Construction Management

The construction industry continually evolves with changes in process, regulatory changes, and developments in construction techniques. If you’re thinking about studying at a construction management school in Baton Rouge, then these are five changes for 2017 that you’ll need to be aware of.

Federal Contractors Are Now Entitled to Sick Leave

Federal contracting companies will now be required to pay sick leave to laborers, covering more than one million staff around the country. For every 30 hours that are worked on a federally approved contract, a laborer will be entitled to one hour of paid sick leave. Employers will also have the option to allocate seven days of sick leave at the beginning of each year, which will also be in line with the new provision. This is something that construction management professionals will need to be aware of when planning budgets.

Costs Will Increase in the 2017 Financial Year

Material costs are increasing in the construction industry, leading to an increase of costs throughout 2017 and beyond. For recent graduates in construction management, budgets will be key to maintaining project scope and affordability. Costs could increase by up to 6.5% for commercial and industrial construction, which will mean that effective project managers will be in high demand throughout the year.

Construction Management

The Maximum Penalties for OSHA Infringements Are Increasing

Last year, OSHA introduced new maximum penalties for companies that break OSHA rules on work sites. The maximum violation for willful or repeated breach of OSHA standards can now result in fines of up to $124,709 per violation. Strict OSHA plans will be required by all construction firms, and your construction management school in Baton Rouge will help you to understand why OSHA rules are important, and how you can implement the right health and safety regulations on-site to ensure that your projects don’t fall foul of any existing regulations.

Technology Will Become Increasingly Important for Construction Management

An increase in technology will mean more advanced machinery on job sites, as well as better use of technology in the design and planning phase. Staying on top of recent technological developments is critical to success in the construction industry, and construction management school in Baton Rouge will help you to understand the latest technology, allowing you to utilize the best tools and systems in any future projects that you are tasked with.

The companies that make the best use of modern technology will be in the best position to maintain competitive and profitable in the industry.

Labor Costs Will Increase

The minimum wage for laborers working on federal contracts has increased for 2017, with $10.20 being the new figure. This further increases construction costs, but may also help to reduce the current labor shortage that exists within the construction industry. More competitive wages will mean that general construction jobs become more appealing, and it may become easier to fill positions on future projects.

While this does mean an increase in expenses, it could save money by reducing increased operational costs that come from understaffed projects. Higher wages can also mean that staff is more motivated, increasing efficiency on large projects. At Construction management school in Baton Rouge, you will learn how job satisfaction and a positive working environment can be essential to the success of any large construction project.

Enroll in a Construction Management Program Baton Rouge

If you want to be prepared not just for changes in the construction industry, but for the day to day challenges that have always existed, then you’re going to need to get started with construction manager certification in Baton Rouge.

At ITI Technical College, you can study for an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOD) Degree in Construction Management, providing you with all of the knowledge and skills that you need to make it in the industry. Construction manager jobs are well compensated, and the industry offers strong professional challenges that will help you to progress in your career.

Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming program and to begin the enrollment process.


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Construction Management for City Projects

There are some jobs where you simply show up, go through your daily tasks, and head home again. Sure, you might receive a paycheck, but you’ll never have any real opportunity for progression in your career, or even personal development. If you want something that is challenging while still being extremely rewarding in both a personal and financial sense, then construction manager training could be a fantastic stepping stone towards a long career.

As a construction project manager, you’ll be the beating heart of any construction project, and working on city projects can provide plenty of challenge and satisfaction.

What You Will Do as a Construction Project Manager

As a project manager, you will be responsible for overseeing every aspect of construction, right from the planning and budgeting stage, up to inspection and signing off on any project. During construction manager training, you’ll learn how to choose the right materials, tools, and other resources, to ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget.

If you’re planning to work on city projects for private companies or local governments, then budget and resources will be particularly important. Cities work on tight schedules and with limited funds, so an efficient project manager will always be appreciated. In the role, you’ll find that you’ll need to work with a number of team members and third party contractors. As the construction project manager, it will be your job to ensure that you have the right talent for the project and that everybody is working towards the same goal.

At times, you’ll need to take on a type of leadership role, particularly when it comes to motivating individual staff and teams. On some projects, you’ll work mostly in the background, but it will still be your responsibility to ensure that milestones are met and that the project is on the right track to achieve its goals.

Business and interpersonal communication will be essential for a role in construction management, as you’ll need to regularly communicate with different teams, contractors, and your direct superiors. You’ll need to be able to communicate concepts and ideas on a technical level, as well as in basic terms for stakeholders who aren’t directly involved in the construction industry. You’ll learn about the best communication techniques when you study for your construction manager certification, and if you have previous experience in the construction industry, you could even use that to your advantage. Having a good rapport with staff and stakeholders will be essential for any project.

You can begin your training right out of high school, or you could even begin training after having some experience in the industry. It’s not unusual for construction workers to pursue construction management as a way to expand their career options and find a new challenge in the industry that they already enjoy.

Learn How to Manage Construction Projects with ITI

As you can imagine, project management is not something that you can simply step into, especially in a specialized industry like construction. If you want to ensure that you have the skills you need to succeed and progress in your career, then you’re going to need to get started with training at ITI Technical College.

With a comprehensive Construction Management Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree, you will be prepared for the challenges of the workforce, with unique skills that help you to get ahead. A qualification will allow you to be competitive in the job market, particularly when you come up against candidates who might have some related experience, but no formal training.

Call us today if you’re ready to get started with the next step of your education.


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How Construction Managers Develop Our Skyline

Have you ever observed the rate of development in your community and wondered how that all came to be? If the prospect of being a decision maker in construction sounds appealing to you, then you would be a perfect candidate for construction management training in Baton Rouge LA. As a construction manager, it would be your job to oversee every aspect of construction on projects ranging from private homes, right up to the largest skyscrapers and civil construction projects.

If you want a career where you are constantly challenged and engaged, then it’s time to start learning with the ITI Technical College.

Our Skylines Have Changed Drastically Thanks to Construction Management

Construction ManagementNo large modern structure could be completed without efficient construction management. Today’s projects are simply too large and complex to be completed without meticulous planning and management. A vast pool of talent needs to come together to ensure that architectural design is adhered to, that a building is stable, and that resources are managed efficiently throughout an entire project. The construction manager is one of the most important people on any project, so if you think you can take the pressure of an intense working environment, then this might just be the career path that you’re looking for.

Any time that a large construction project is planned, there is a monumental movement of resource within the design and construction organization. Not only do buildings need to be designed by engineers and architects, but a building project manager also needs to be able to view the drawings and come up with the right building technology to use, as well as the right tools and materials. A construction management professional will also determine the right kind of people that are needed, including how large the labor force will be, and how much resource needs to come from subcontractors and niche professionals.

If you complete your construction management training in Baton Rouge LA, you won’t just be necessary at the beginning of a project, but you will continue to manage it all the way through to completion. There may be setbacks during construction, weather may delay the schedule, or you may even find that the allocated resources or chosen building materials and tools are not cutting it within the confines of the project. It’s not unusual for the unexpected to happen during a large construction project, so you’ll need to be quick and adaptable, and you’ll also need to be an excellent problem solver.

Attending construction management school in Baton Rouge LA will prepare you for the construction industry, providing you with the technical skills and knowledge that you will need to face any challenge during a large project.

Choosing ITI for Your Construction Manager Training

The best way to prepare yourself for a project manager role is to study for a degree at construction manager school. ITI Technical College will give you access to a respected program and some of the finest educators in Louisiana. You’ll develop the skills that you need to manage projects, and you’ll learn the specialist skills, regulations, and methods that are used in the construction industry. From a large family home to a huge event center or skyscraper, your construction management Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree will only be limited by your own ambition and performance in the industry.

If you continually develop yourself and make the right impressions, then you will find that your potential is near limitless. If you’ve ever looked at a large city skyline and wanted to be one of the people that would shape the skylines of the future, then construction management training in Baton Rouge Louisiana will be the gateway to your dream.

Contact us today to discuss enrollment requirements and our upcoming program schedules, and take the first step towards a career that will continually reward you for the hard work that you put in.


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Building Your Future as a Construction Manager

For some people, it can take years and a number of changes in a career before they find a path that is both engaging and rewarding. If you’re preparing to finish high school, and are still thinking about your future, then construction management training is one of the options that are worth your consideration. As a project manager who specializes in construction, you’ll have a unique opportunity to work on projects that provide real value to families, businesses, and the wider community.

By studying at the ITI Technical College construction management school in Baton Rouge, you could start a career path that would remain challenging and provide opportunities throughout your professional life.

Why a Construction Manager Certification is Great for Your Future

Construction ManagementIt’s important that the career you choose will provide stimulation and challenge for many years to come. When you train to be a construction manager, you’ll be able to enter a dynamic industry where there is always something happening. No matter what the economic climate is, there’s always a need for construction, and as a project manager, you’ll have an important role to fill in developing the future of your community and of the country as a whole.

Your job as a construction manager will be to oversee new building projects from the planning stage, right up to building completion. You’ll be responsible for signing off on plans and budget, you’ll liaise with investors and other stakeholders, and you’ll even choose the workforce and the best materials and tools that will help bring a project to completion.

Your day to day role will have you interacting with people at all levels of the construction project, so you’ll need to have strong interpersonal and communication skills. You’ll also need to have a good understanding of the technical aspects of construction because you’ll be looking at architectural drawings and plans, and deciding on the best ways to achieve them. At times, you may even be working on a number of different projects simultaneously, so you’ll need to be a good multitasker with impeccable attention to detail.

If you’re a committed learner and hard worker, then you’ll be able to take a lot from our construction management school in Baton Rouge, and we’ll teach you all of the skills and even the computer applications that you’ll use while on the job. Structured learning is the best way to make it into this profession, so if you’re ready for the challenge, then now is the perfect time to contact us for more information and begin the enrollment process.

What You’ll Learn During Construction Project Management Training

In the early stages of your degree, you will develop an understanding of the basics of construction management, as well as the materials that are used for construction, various construction methods, and aspects of civil construction. As the course continues to progress, you’ll take on architectural drawing interpretation, cost estimation, project planning, and scheduling.

Many aspects of building construction management are similar to other fields of project management, and you’ll develop the skills that you need to manage people and time while working on a strict budget and project requirements. You’ll learn how to become a leader within any organization, leveraging off of your skills and knowledge to motivate a team right up to the end of any project.

If you want to perform a role where you’re actually making a difference to people and the industry, then a career in construction management is a perfect choice. ITI Technical College’s Construction Management Associate in Occupational Studies Degree program can be a stepping stone to senior careers in the construction industry, or you could even move into consulting or international project management as you make a name for yourself in the industry.

It All Starts Here

When you’re ready to take a positive step towards building your career, get in touch with our enrollment team. We’ll talk you through the course requirements and application process. With just a simple phone call, you could kick start a rewarding career in an industry that will allow you to demonstrate your skills on a massive scale.


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Construction Manager Certification for 2017

Construction ManagerIf you love to design and build things, but the idea of a lifetime of heavy manual labor does not sound appealing, it is time to consider how a construction manager certification can benefit your career. Construction manager training can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to learn how to manage all aspects of a construction project. This is not like a regular management-training program where you are going to be placed behind a desk upon completion. A construction manager does spend some time behind a desk but are still required to move around, often having to visit multiple project sites in a day. As a manager, you will never be bored and no two days will be the same. If you are already working in construction, then a construction manager certification can highly benefit your career, increase your pay grade level, and bring you a new sense of confidence.

What is Construction Management?

Construction management is a position that entitles one to more freedom and control on construction projects. At the base-level of construction, a construction worker is given instructions on a project and expected to complete the project as instructed in the time frame given. If you enjoy managing people, have a keen sense of attention to detail, and can complete projects by their end date, you already have a great skills foundation to being a great construction manager. The Construction Management school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can help further develop and cultivate your natural leadership abilities necessary to oversee and learn how to manage construction projects.

Why do you need Construction Manager Training?

Even if you are a well-seasoned construction worker, construction manager training is an important component when you want to learn how to manage construction sites. Construction Management training in Baton Rouge will teach you how to coordinate with sub-contractors, work in compliance with local and state regulations, planning, and obtaining licenses. This training program will also assist you in learning how to deal with people and effectively manage a team. A successfully completed project is the result of a well-managed and motivated team. Even those who are great with people will still come across others in life that are difficult to motivate and manage. Training can help you navigate, motivate, and manage those that are seemingly insufferable or lost. Construction manager school is for anyone who seeks more from life. If you are tired of the same day-in, day out existence then it’s time to explore a construction project management program.

How Construction Manager Certification works

Construction Management training in Baton Rouge ITI Technical College’s Construction Management Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana provides students with the skilled training necessary for entry-level positions in construction management. A heavy emphasis is placed on mathematics and how those are related to the industry. The construction mathematics focuses on geometry and trigonometry. Core classes include intro to construction management, materials and methods, mechanical and electrical systems, and civil construction materials. This is so that anyone can achieve success in a construction management career. Materials regarding safety and ethical practices are also taught at the Construction Management program in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Use of knowledge in new technology system applications is also taught, as well as technical writing skills needed to communicate project and changes effectively. Progress is monitored through assignments, drawings, quizzes, exams, and presentations.

Construction management courses provide you with the career skills and tools you need to begin a successful career in construction. The planning, time management, team building, and people management skills you learn in the program can be applied in and out of the workplace; providing you with a strong foundation for success in all your relationships, not just in business. Becoming certified as a construction manager is for those who are ready to step up to the plate and take control. This program is for people who are tired of being told what to do and want to be able to make their own rules. If you are looking for a career that gives you the power and control that is missing in your life, you can find it in construction management.


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