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Three Female Architects Who Broke the Mold

CAD DesignWhen one thinks of architects, they often think of men. However, the industry, as well as these preconceived notions, are changing. One piece of knowledge that those in the industry have is the fact that women, for the longest time, did not intentionally become architects. They often fell into the role after being closely associated with it, but intentionally pursuing this role was virtually unheard of for females – or at least it used to be. Today, the industry is seeing more and more women pursue this career path intentionally right out of high school.

This should not be much of a surprise considering how progressive American society has become in the last few years. In this article, we will examine three female architects who have not only broken the mold but raised the bar far past the glass ceiling that was once imposed upon them. For these three women, pursuing higher education and a career in the CAD & Architectural drafting industry was one of the best choices they could make.

Kelly Wearstler – A Big Budget Home Designer

Wearstler works to design luxury homes in Beverly Hills, and her reputation precedes her everywhere she goes. She has designed spaces for celebrity clients including Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani. She has also worked to design several commercial spaces, with the Westfield Century City being an outstanding example.

Sheila Sri Prakash – An Indian Revolutionary

In an age where women were often thought of as second-class citizens, Prakash rose to the top by starting her own architectural business in 1979. She is revered as a legend in her industry, especially in her home country of India. She was recently responsible for designing a new factory for Flextronics, a large hardware manufacturer, and she designed the State Bank of India’s regional headquarters. Prakash’s career has had a significant impact on the drafting industry as well as her home country of India.

Denise Scott Brown – One Part of a Powerhouse

Denise runs an architectural firm called VSBA with her husband, Robert Venturi, and together they have changed the face of the industry. While she is an industry influencer today, this was not always the case; she began in the 1950’s, and as an architect and a woman she faced quite a bit of discrimination. Not only has she done substantial work in the industry, but she has also helped progress the cause of feminism in the architectural field. Each of these feats are incredible. Denise Scott Brown has helped many young women in the industry understand that while school is a non-discriminatory environment for women, it can become much nastier once they enter the real world of architecture. Still, she has pushed on and paved the way for many more women to follow in her footsteps.

The Changing Face of CAD Design

ITI Technicall CollegeWhile many women got their start decades ago, we are now living in a far more progressive time. Industry experts twenty years ago would not believe how prevalent women are in the industry and how heavily the industry has become reliant on computer-aided drafting. The technology has certainly become more advanced, but this just brings the need for new skilled employees to help get the job done. The big question now, is where do you fit in?

If you want to work your way into the CAD industry, you will need to complete your drafting education and earn a degree from a higher education institution like a technical school or trade school. Due to the influx of women and the need for skilled workers, many organizations and companies offer industry scholarship programs, giving you a head start and the ability to take on the career you want. If you are ready to start your career, call us for more information and get ready to embark on a journey like no other. As a woman, you can revolutionize the industry, starting right now!



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Is Computer Aided Drafting a Legitimate Art Form?

Do you consider yourself to be a creative individual with a strong inclination towards technical drawing? While some people think that technical drawing and artistic creativity cannot go hand in hand, the reality is that even the most complex computer-aided drafting (CAD), designs contain a significant amount of creativity and art.

If you want to develop your skills as a creator while learning the highly technical processes of a CAD professional, then studying Drafting and Design Technology could be the perfect gateway to get to a career that you will love. ITI Technical College offers an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Drafting and Design Technology that could prepare you for a rewarding career!

Why is Computer Aided Drafting Important?

Drafting and Design TechnologyComputer-aided drafting is a relatively new technology that allows people to complete traditional tasks more efficiently. Buildings, cars, mechanical devices, and even aerospace products are all developed using CAD software.

Despite what some people may think, software is not a hindrance to artistic creativity. Instead, computer aided drafting actually facilitates a better way to design and, in many cases, it even allows for more creativity than traditional design. Using CAD also significantly reduces design times and allows builders to test and prove models with fewer steps that would be required with traditional drafting.

CAD minimizes the use of materials and eliminates mistakes during the design process. This reduces the reliance on prototyping (although this is still important), and it means that professionals can have the freedom to be more creative while pushing the boundaries of modern design.

What Separates Art from Pure Function?

Traditionalists may tell you that computer-aided drafting can never be art because you can only achieve it with the help of modern technology. However, this is an outdated view and simply does not align with reality. Take the design of modern vehicles as an example. Although the initial designs might start with basic sketches on paper, engineers will eventually transfer that original design to a computer drafting platform.

With mechanical drafting school or architectural drafting and design Associate Degree, you could take your creativity and turn it into a functional model that one day becomes a physical model. A company like Ferrari, which creates some of the most impressive cars available today, exclusively uses CAD for vehicle design.

Ferrari vehicles are art as much as they are machines, because of the passion that goes into their design. They combine beauty with functionality, and this is clearly a form of art.

It is all about perspective and opinion, but you would be hard pressed to find an automotive enthusiast who does not consider a Ferrari to be a work of art in some way.

We can also use buildings as examples of art. Buildings were once mostly functional and utilitarian. Today, modern architecture allows structures to be works of art. A CAD & architectural drafting degree from a reputable technical college could allow you to create buildings of the future that are works of art and structures of function and necessity. Simply because something is functional or built for a specific purpose does not mean that it cannot be considered art. Thus, many people consider drafters to be modern artists.

Do Not Let Misconceptions Limit Your Career Progression

ITI Technical College LogoIf you want to be creative and develop true works of art, then you should not assume that a technical career would be limiting. In fact, having technical skills in computer-aided drafting could even allow you to take your art to a new level. Whether it is an architecturally designed home or even an industrial design for a modern electronic device, your creativity and passion can make it art.

At ITI Technical College, you can explore both your creativity and technical skills by enrolling in our Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree program in Drafting and Design Technology. Using computer-aided drafting, you could be part of a new generation of artists who are designing structures in the everyday world to inspire people. A functional home can incorporate elements of art, making for livable spaces that are exciting, engaging, and beautiful.

Talk to our enrollment team today to learn more about upcoming courses and prepare yourself for a rewarding new career. Attending a school of drafting and design could positively impact your future!



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Three Little Known Areas of Computer-Aided Drafting

Computer-aided drafting is arguably one of the most important fields related to the construction industry, and without it, we would have a very difficult time developing some of the amazing designs we have seen in the modern era. Attending a school of drafting and design is a great gateway into this world, but what can you expect from it? Today we are going to look at a few areas in the industry that a good computer-aided drafting course can help you to get into.

Electrical Engineer/Electronics

rp_Drafting-Design.jpgComputer-aided drafting (CAD), does not just mean buildings; it can mean electronics, circuit boards, and even the casing that holds those devices. By using computer-aided drafting, you can not only create the proper casing for electronics but also the devices themselves. In addition to that, you could design the very machines that these electronics power. The opportunities are virtually endless when you choose this career path, so make sure that you are investigating all potential outcomes.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our world is built on systems, and society constantly needs skilled individuals to design those systems. Some of these systems include conveyor belts, plumping systems, vacuum pumping systems, and more. Manufacturing engineering is often facilitated through computer-aided drafting to ensure precise accuracy and to allow for changes in the design after completion. Working in this type of career will call for a good handle on math and physics, and you will need to be ready to practice perfection in everything you do.

Special Effects/Movie Sets

While very different from the items we mentioned previously, computer-aided drafting is also used to create special effects for movies, television shows, commercials, and more. Furthermore, the scaffolding and the complex structures used to comprise the special effects are created using precise methodologies only afforded by computer-aided drafting. The importance of proper design in special effects cannot be overstated; a single mistake can cause injury or death, which has led to the need for more experience and more cautious designers. You can fulfill this role with the right determination and the right education.

Getting the Right Education for the Job

ITI Technical College LogoIf you want to jump into this job, then you are going to need the right education. This process starts with choosing the right school that offers a modern curriculum and is a good fit for your personality type. When choosing a school, you must also ensure that they employ experienced instructors who have spent plenty of time in the field. Finally, you want to ensure that you will receive hands-on training. This means combining lectures in a classroom environment with detailed instruction in a laboratory environment that utilizes the latest and greatest in CAD technology from the computers to the software that is being used to train you. With the right education, you can enter the field ready to take on any challenge.

If you are ready to change your life by entering the world computer-aided drafting, then now would be a great time for you to give us a call to see what we have to offer you. This could not only be the moment that your life changes forever but the moment that you resolve to change the world in a great way by contributing to the drafting world. It is time for you to stop putting off your education and your life – call us today and get ready to embark on an incredible journey!




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Three Reasons to Choose Drafting as your Career Path in 2018

Choosing a career path can be very difficult these days, to put it mildly. In the past, there seemed to be only a few simple options, but with the way that the world is quickly expanding and growing, it should really be no surprise to anyone that people are starting to explore their options. For example, they could be entering the IT field, or more importantly, they could be choosing a school of drafting and design. Today we’re going to look at three different and very important reasons to choose to draft your career path in 2018.

Reason 1: The Field is More Interesting in 2018

Drafting DesignThis is not to say that the drafting field was NOT interesting prior to 2018, but these days, we’re starting to see the evolution of certain technologies that are making the job a lot more fun and ultimately a lot more versatile. One great example that we can cite is your ability to use computer software rather than drawing out every single blueprint.

With a computer aided drafting program, you can easily create the most elaborate looking illustrations and designs, which brings the art to just about anyone who is able to use computers and has a passion for it. There are new methods and techniques being designed and uncovered every single day in the drafting industry, the only question now, is what’s next?

Reason 2: You Truly Get to Contribute

How many times have you walked through New York City and looked at the massive skyscrapers? Think about this: someone built that, but most importantly, someone designed that. Before the empire state building was towering over the New York, it was simply an idea in someone’s mind. The same goes for any of the great landmarks created throughout history and there are going to be plenty more in the years to come.

The big question here, however, is what part are you going to take in that construction? What direction are you going to take your life? You could easily become a part of the next big important piece of infrastructure in New York City, Chicago, Dubai, England, or anywhere else. You never know just where your influence and your ideas are going to spread!

Reason 3: It’s More than Buildings

While buildings are heavily focused on in drafting education, there is much more to it than that. Drafting can extend to building interiors, movie sets, and much more. Your job as a drafter may even extend to developing solutions for the disabled, such as wheelchair ramps and even elevator shafts. To expand on it even further, you could very well end up designing aircraft or even ships. The possibilities are endless and it all starts with you taking the first step – getting your drafting education.

Getting your Drafting Education

ITI Technical College LogoLike we said, it’s all going to start with you pursuing the right education and making sure that you’re willing to sit through the classes. ITI Technical College offers captivating classes taught by passionate instructors that cover curriculum in the drafting and design field. We encourage you to review our offerings including an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree in Drafting and Design. Give us a call and review our website regarding our program offerings.

It might not be too long before you find yourself in a dream career doing what you’ve always wanted. If you have a desire to draw or a need to create, then this is going to be the field for you. We’ve listed three great reasons to start considering drafting education, but you can rest assured that there are plenty of other great reasons. Think about your new potential career today and get started.



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Commercial Drafting vs. Residential Drafting

As a drafter, you are going to face many challenges, and as you go into a school of drafting and design, you might not know the difference between commercial and residential drafting. Is there really a difference that you need to know about? There absolutely is, and we’re going to spend some time addressing it.

What is Residential Drafting?

Residential drafting is a simple concept; you’re creating the blueprint for a house or an apartment. Something important to keep in mind is that you will need to design the residence to meet certain standards of living. For example, it needs to have proper plumbing, etc. You should also take into account that people will be living here, and the environment is susceptible to damage.

What is Commercial Drafting?

In commercial drafting you are creating drafts for commercial buildings, to put it as simply as possible. In this case, we’re talking about skyscrapers, office buildings, stores, and essentially anything else you might find in a commercial district. The thing that you need to remember about these buildings is that they are often much more durable than residential buildings, but they are also a bit more complicated. The codes that you will have to adhere to when designing them will obviously be a bit more extensive and it is a true commitment.

Getting Ready for a Career in Drafting

drafting and designAs a part of your drafting education, you are going to learn how to use the latest software. There was a time when all blueprints were drawn by hand, and while it resulted in some utterly amazing architecture, computer software today is much more preferred for two reasons. The first reason is that it is much more accurate. This accuracy results in faster builds, but it also gives us better safety. The second thing that comes from this is the ability to edit the draft.

When the draft was done on paper it would have a been a bit difficult to change certain aspects, and it would become even more ridiculous if you wanted to create an addition to the original project. With computer-aided drafting, you can go into the file, make the change, and print out an entirely new paper. In some cases, you might opt to simply send the file to a project manager so that they can view it on a tablet rather than printing it out.

When you attend ITI Technical College and earn your Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree in Drafting and Design Technology, you will acquire many different skills that are presented in easy to follow modules. You will work alongside your peers in teams to create drafts and even diagnose potential problems. Our classrooms do an outstanding job of preparing you for the real world by giving you the hands-on experience that you’re going to need. All in all, you will learn to use cutting-edge software and you will learn how building systems work. Most importantly, you are going to learn the vast differences between commercial and residential drafting.

Are you ready to jump into a brand-new career and completely change your life? If so, then you are ready to jump into ITI Technical College’s programs and see what we have to offer you. Not only do we offer access to cutting-edge software, we are able to provide top-notch instructors who have worked in the field and will be able to share their own experience. Financial aid is also available to those who qualify. This is one educational opportunity that you don’t want to miss!



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Drafting and the Movies – How Special Effects are Born

When one thinks of computer aided drafting or CAD, they normally start thinking of things like skyscrapers, schools, residential housing, and much more. Admittedly, these items regularly require CAD software. However, many individuals overlook the extensive use of CAD software applications in special effects work. This blog explores a few of the most common CAD uses in a typical special effects setting.

Computer Aided Drafting Training Can be used in Film and Television

In terms of television and film, computer aided drafting has grown significantly. Everything from storyboarding to simulation, animation, and much more utilize CAD programs. Character design and storyboarding are one of the places where CAD tends to excel, as it allows creators to design production quality meshes, and even permits them to use sculpted data. Not only that, it saves a considerable amount of money.

CAD for Game Design

rp_Drafting-Design.jpgBetween the mid-nineties and today, the gaming industry experienced a major increase in computer technology utilization. Modern games feature more realistic and immersive environments than older games, making them far more popular than ever before. Designers use CAD software for high-resolution and low-resolution modeling as well as animation. Shading and texturing are also an important part of the computer aided design and drafting, so those who take the time to earn a degree in the field will not only find themselves in a very fulfilling job, but also in a very lucrative one.

CAD for Video Production

When most people think of video production, they tend to refer to recording and editing, but it goes so much more in depth than that. CAD software helps in many aspects including the development of motion graphics. CAD software is very versatile and can really deliver in the motion picture industry.

Expanding on CAD Options

There are a vast number of CAD options in the industry, and one of the most popular comes from AutoDesk: the 3DS MAX. Additionally, other companies offer the Maya, the Mudbox FBS, and many more. These software applications are all very different and are all designed to meet a specific need. Keep that in mind as you decide which one would be best for your particular application.

Education is Key

ITI Technical College LogoIf you want to work with CAD and if you want to make a serious impact in any of the industries that we have mentioned in today’s article, then education is going to be key. There are so many different potential careers out there for you to consider with your newly acquired CAD skills!

Maybe you want to work in the entertainment industry, or perhaps you simply want to build houses – similar education will be needed for both, and ITI Technical College provides the comprehensive education you need to excel in these fields.

Contact us today and visit our website to review our program offerings. Most importantly, financial aid is available to those who qualify so do not allow your financial situation to dissuade you from contacting us today! We will help you jump-start your career!



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Learn to Draw the Future of Infrastructure

Our world is an interesting place and the implementation of infrastructure makes it even more so. You don’t need us to tell you that though; all you need to do is look around and take in the sights. You see skyscrapers, bridges, restaurants, freeways, residential homes, and much more. None of this would have been possible if not for a school of drafting and design and if you’re planning on attending one then congratulations on making the best possible choice for your future.

What to Expect from a School of Drafting and Design

Mechanical Drafting SchoolYou know that computer aided drafting and drafting school programs can change your life significantly but you probably want to know what it’s all about before you really get involved. The first thing you need to know about is the pay. According to the, computer aided drafting, and drafting, in general, is becoming more popular and is only going to increase in popularity as it increases by 7% up to the year 2026. This is not extraordinary growth as there are some occupations growing by 12% or even 14% but this level of growth does indicate that it is a steady profession and one that is going to give you a solid career for many years to come.

As far as the pay is concerned, right now, median pay for drafters is $25.71 per hour. This comes out to $53,480 per year which is far above minimum wage. Ultimately, it’s a great career to get into if you’re looking for something exciting that allows you to make a significant difference in the world.

What You’ll Do as a Drafter

So here’s the big question: What can you expect to do as a drafter? Admittedly the field has changed over the years but it sticks to the same basic principle: You’ll use software to convert engineer’s designs into technical drawings. While this was once a less technological process, the computer has changed the way we do nearly everything! As a drafter, you may help to design anything from massive skyscrapers to tiny microchips.

Where You’ll Work as a Drafter

As a drafter, you’ll be working in many different environments. A typical drafter will spend most of their time in an office working on a computer, but there are those that visit job sites and collaborate with other professionals. These include both architects and engineers, so be ready to take advice.

Becoming a Drafter

If you’re interested in becoming a drafter then you have quite the journey ahead of you but it’s not going to be nearly as difficult as many people make it out to be. You will need specialized training, which our school can provide, and this leads to a certificate which you can use to start building your career. The drafting field has plenty of room for advancement and your drafting education can get you started.

Necessary Skills

Finding a school is easy – you’re already here! You do however need to make sure you have the necessary pre-requisite skills before you pursue your career. For example, you should possess ample math skills so that you can interpret the engineering specifications, among other things. In addition to that, it would help to have good English skills so that you can easily read and write materials related to your profession.

This is a great field and one that you are going to enjoy. Just make sure that you know what is expected of you and get started. Call us today for more information!


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Four Reasons You Should be Attending CAD School

In today’s world, there are certain skills you are going to need if you’re planning to move forward with your life. The skills that you choose will influence your direction in life but today we are talking about a school of drafting and design. Today drafting and design are going to involve CAD courses, otherwise known as Computer Aided Drafting, and they are perhaps some of the most important education that you can have. Even if you work in the construction industry right now, learning CAD is a critical part of your potential growth and we’re going to go over four reasons that you should be gaining your certification from drafting school programs right now.

Reason 1: Return on Investment

In the construction industry, there is always going to be a need for a need to outsource unless you manage to have all of your services in-house. There are some construction companies that manage to do exactly that, for example, some might have an in-house electrician or a drywaller. Imagine how much money you could save if you had an in-house drafter to draw up blueprints using Computer Aided Drafting software. Taking the course can be costly, but the payoff can be extremely helpful to you. You’ll save money by taking care of the drafting on your own and you’ll even gain more customers as you can streamline the entire service.

drafting school programs

Reason 2: Increase Efficiency

By attending drafting school programs you will increase your company efficiency considerably by having a skill that you can pass on to co-workers or employees. If you are currently running a business then this will be invaluable to you. You will be more productive and you will cut down on costs.

Reason 3: Attract New Business

The construction world is extremely competitive and you need to make sure that you’re really able to get your foot in the door of this industry. The best way to really draw in the new business is to show that you and your employees are at the top of their game. If you really want to take it to the next level, you should look into earning your Autodesk Professional Certificate, showing that you have the skills needed to really help your clients. You can provide them an incredible service and build your reputation.

Reason 4: Keep Up With your Industry

The industry is constantly changing and you’re going to need to keep up with the changes. The latest CAD software, the latest trends, industry standards, they’re all going to be important for you and having the right set of knowledge can help you grow your business. You not only need to have the knowledge, you need to be ready and willing to expand that knowledge. It’s not as easy as it sounds but with the right skills you can take your business farther than you ever imagined.

These are four reasons to consider looking into a CAD & Architectural Drafting Degree, and all you need to do is contact us for more information on your future. We have some great programs that will get you off the ground and ready to take your career to new heights. Not only do we offer programs, we offer financial aid for those that qualify in order to assist you in achieving your dream regardless of your current financial situation. The future is here for you – all you need to do is take the first step.


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Apply Your New Skills as a Freelance Drafter

When you attend a school of drafting and design you will acquire a great number of skills that will be highly useful to you in many different situations throughout various industries. Most likely, you will be considering using it in a workplace environment, but you can go so much further than that. After you graduate from your drafting education, you could spend a few years working the 9-5 grind which is a great idea if you’re looking to gain some experience, but if that isn’t really your cup of tea, then you could use the skills that you gain in the workplace to move further, and of course, move toward a career that you’ll love. For example, you can start to freelance, which is a much more entertaining idea than some of the alternatives.

What is Freelancing?

Construction ManagementWhen you work as a freelancer you have the opportunity to apply your skills in many different ways, but in this capacity, you will essentially be working as your own boss rather than working for someone else. It might sound like an amazing endeavor but there are a few things that you will need to consider before you strike out on your own. First of all, as a freelancer, you will be working for yourself, which means you will be responsible for generating all of your clients and bringing in all of the money. It can be very rewarding, but it can also be highly stressful depending on your level of skill and the quality of clients that you are able to attract.

Types of Jobs that you Can Take

After you finish a good computer-aided drafting course the types of jobs that you will be able to take on are numerous. One example would be electrical drafting, which means you could find yourself designing the layouts for electrical systems throughout a power plant or even a water plant. This is just one of the jobs that you could find yourself working! You could take on this job, or you could take it further by drafting building designs. Design a skyscraper, help develop residential housing, or move into any number of other industries – the choice is yours.

It’s a Very Particular Field

In computer-aided drafting school, you are going to learn that this is an extremely complex field and it will require you to be extremely detail oriented. You will need to assign specific measurements, and most importantly, you will need to make sure that you are adhering to the specific legal regulations in the state that you are designing in. It can all be very complex, but it is also quite worth it.

Get the Education You Need

Computer-aided drafting can be a great career and one that will be extremely rewarding for you if you simply put the work in to become the professional that you’ve always dreamed of. Attending our school will get you the results that you want in addition to the education that will help you to get out onto the front lines. Whether you’re working in an office alongside other professionals or striking out on your own, there are plenty of great opportunities out there, and our school makes it possible. Call us today for more information and to obtain financial aid if you should need it. Your new career is just a few classes away.


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Industrial Design Jobs after Drafting College

Here’s a question: what kind of jobs can you expect to do after drafting college? Quite a few actually, and today, we’re going to talk a bit about the different industrial design jobs and techniques out there. Keep reading to find out more!

A Look at Responsible Design

When it comes to the design industry, you’re going to find that responsible design is one of the most basic concepts. This is also regarded as socially responsible design, and it’s more a notion of service than anything else. In this field, a designer will work to provide useful products that are almost always ignored by the market as a whole. Often, the creation of these designs is not intended to maximize profit, but to bring necessary products to the underserved. The ultimate goal is to help those in need, and a great example from a drafting education perspective would be housed for charitable organizations, like Habitat for Humanity.

Experimental Design – Building the Future

Experimental design isn’t always determined by the outcome, often times, the real progress is made in the process by which the product is created. Ultimately, it means that a new product could be made, but ultimately, the way in which the conclusions were reached will be more useful in the future. This is how innovation works, and while it is a pretty narrow field, to say the least, it can be extremely rewarding for those who choose to jump into it.

drafting college

Discursive Design – Engaging the Mind

While discursive design techniques are not nearly as visible in the marketplace, they exist to push the limits of our society by hinting at the psychological, ideological, and sociological consequence. This type of design is seen often in print, and they carry ideas that others do not dare to express. This makes them absolutely essential in today’s world and something that you might want to look into.

As you can see, there are several different fields to look into, but at the core of drafting and design, is the creation of the blueprints that could very well change the world. Maybe you’ll simply be designing a house, or maybe you’re going to design a specific building to fill in space in a city block. The possibilities are endless, quite frankly, and at the end of the day, it may very well be up to you to help design a brand new world. It all starts, however, with getting the right education.

Getting the Right Education

If you want to get started in this field, then it all begins with seeking the right education. Fortunately, we offer an extensive program that will help you to gain the skills you need to become a force in the industry no matter which path you choose. So, with that said, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to give us a call, and don’t put your career on hold any longer. With experienced instructors and accreditation, we’re a great choice and one that you are not going to regret any time soon. Shape the future through one of the design paths mentioned above, or forge your own path.


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