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CM Department Guest Lecturer Series – Richard Beemer

Wednesday, December 14 2016
Born in Baton Rouge, LA in 1962 Richard Beemer or "Beemer” as most know him was the middle child of
three sons born to a Piping Fabricator Art and Executive Secretary Frances Beemer. Beemer graduated
from Woodlawn High School in 1980 and enrolled in Apprenticeship training school where he graduated
with a 4-year professional certificate in pipefitting/conibination welding. Beemer went on to weld as a
combination alloy welder in refinery, petrochemical, and nuclear industries across the U.S. After 10 years
of welding, he segwayed into to Environmental Health & Safety and has worked ¡n the U.S., Canada,
South America, Middle East, St Croix, Aruba, and Puerto Rico. He has held certifications as Combination
Welder, HAZWOP 40 Super Fund, Response & Cleanup Ops, Highway Transportation Spill Ops,
Occupational Health & Safety Technologist, Certified Safety Director, and Certified Risk Management
Professional. Beemer, as Director of Craft Services Division for EXCEL USA, oversees a staff of 14 in
Louisiana and Texas whose functions are craft recruiting, craft training, and craft work force development.


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