What Exactly Do Construction Managers Do?

Construction Managers Supervise

What Construction Managers do typically consists of planning residential and commercial construction projects for clients. They may be new construction, remodeling, or demolition jobs to accomplish clients’ desires. Managers also supervise the construction, manage people, and manage tasks to see that quality work is completed on schedule and within budget. It is typical for construction […]

The Current State of Construction Projects for Managers in Louisiana

Construction Management Program

Today’s turbulent economy and health pandemic crisis has not stopped new home and business construction in many parts of the U.S. Existing home and business repairs and remodeling are  also still going strong. Owners continue to receive funds from their insurance companies for the hurricane and tornado damages that aid the boom. Louisiana is no […]

7 Success Tips for Construction Management Graduates

Construction Manager School

Construction Management graduates are eager to begin their careers with college diplomas under their belts. They have acquired much knowledge and skills in this arena of work but there is more to learn in a practical sense. Adding some valuable tips to their mental toolbox is like getting some additional guidance from a mentor. Greater […]

How to Prepare for a Career in Construction Management

Construction Management AOS Degree

Despite the current U.S. economic situation, the housing boom is strong in many cities and states. Lumber prices and mortgage rates are down again which encourages more housing construction. Thousands of young adults are buying their first house, condo, townhouse, or duplex. These drivers keep the residential construction industry hopping and optimistic for the next […]