Automation Careers are a great choice for many people in the technology and engineering fields. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are hot topics in manufacturing and processing facilities worldwide. They are both integral parts of creating goods for a growing and expanding world. If your career aspirations are in this industry, you should narrow your career path and jobs to a niche within it.

Automation is impacting every industry and it requires businesses to seek out individuals equipped to expertly apply its principles to their operations.

Without automation powered by electronic systems technology, thousands of factories and plants would no longer be competitive. Seek a well-established company within the industry you like and find that niche you are seeking.

Locate a High-Value Company Within the Industry

Automation CollegeThe place to begin your search for the right niche position is locating a high-value company within the industry where you want to work. High-value companies are those that are quite successful currently and appear to be part of developing future trends. They offer:

  • Hot products and services that are in demand for personal and/or business use
  • What they sell is affordable and makes life easier for all of us
  • They may make parts or complete products or assemble products
  • Their profits and stock are gaining momentum

Conduct some online research and you will find the industry and several businesses within it that appeal to you.

Select a Job/Niche and Company That Motivates You

Finding a prestigious job that pays well is not enough for some people to be happy. For them, not just any old job will do. The position must satisfy them mentally and emotionally and motivate them to excel. Think about the old saying that goes, “Find a job you enjoy and look forward to, and you will never work another day in your life.”

Of course, all jobs have some components we wish we could change. But if the niche job you want makes you happy, you can overlook these little inconveniences. Once you have selected the industry you like and a few high-value companies within it, research the jobs and narrow them down.

“Automation and electronic systems technology is impacting every industry. It requires businesses to seek out individuals equipped to expertly apply its principles to their operations.”

Learn All You Can About the Niche Position

Once you select a few niche positions in the growing automation industry, learn all you can about them. Here are some places you can search:

  • Online reviews
  • Company reports
  • Better Business Bureau reviews
  • Talk to people who work there
  • Financial publications
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook

Develop a list of both pros and cons for each position including responsibilities, location, company culture, salary, benefits, current company issues, and complaints. Once you do enough research, it will become more apparent which niche jobs are for you.

Consider both your short-term and long-term job and career needs. Remember – you are forming a career path and not an unrelated group of jobs.

Automation-Focused IT Careers to Explore

Automation Niche JobsToday’s hot automation-focused IT careers include four that are universally needed. Advancing these will help the U.S. expand production on its own soil and bring more industries back here. You should consider these four paths for a challenging and rewarding future. Technicians work with teams of engineers and specialists to apply AI and automation in them.

  • Automation Specialist – Working with this team means developing systems, tools, and applications that automate a company’s production and processing from start to finish.
  • Computer Vision Engineering – Be a part of this group that programs computers to complete complex tasks and assignments that use digital images and videos.
  • Machine Learning Engineering – This team designs, develops, programs, and implements machine learning (ML) and artificial learning applications.
  • Robotics Engineering – Robotics is an advanced form of automation. Technicians help develop, test, and maintain robots. They also develop the processes robots use in completing their tasks.

Each of these automation niches requires specific training and skills. The place to start is by earning an associate degree.

Earn Your Associate Degree

You will be ahead of the game when it is time to apply for jobs by earning a college degree. ITI Technical College offers an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Automation and Electronic Systems Technology. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we have enrolled and graduated thousands of technical students since 1973. Join us and be on your way to an entry-level job in the automation industry. Call us today at (877) 591-1070 to learn more about Automation Careers.

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