AOS degree worth is growing as the need for technical workers increases nationwide. As more of the younger workforce moves toward white-collar and service jobs, a shortage of blue-collar employees exists. An Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree places graduates in a positive position for employment.

Many community college and university graduates with general degrees find it difficult to locate jobs because they have few work skills. Although their mental bank of knowledge may be strong, their hands-on abilities are lacking in today’s technical workplace. On the other hand, graduates with AOS degrees find they have a fast track to gaining skills that get them into entry-level jobs they want.

Personal AOS Degree Worth Increases As You Understand IT Better

AOS Degree MajorsThe AOS degree’s worth becomes apparent as you understand that it prepares you for occupation and not just for a college degree. Many college graduates end up settling for a job outside their degree major. They do not want these positions but accept them, temporarily or permanently, because their degrees did not prepare them for the everyday workforce.

An AOS degree appeals to students who want to concentrate on what they are interested in for career training. Many people bypass a college degree because they don’t want to enroll in numerous general education courses they place no value in. Although there is some training in communication and math in many AOS degrees, it is job-related.

AOS Degree Worth Is Significant Because It Makes You Marketable 

A strong positive about AOS degree worth is its ability to help graduates become more marketable. The skills they develop and the industry knowledge to apply them is an advantage over a general associate degree. Colleges that offer AOS degrees tend to have smaller class sizes that encourage more interaction between instructors and other students. The result is similar to having a personal mentor.

AOS Degree SchoolThe job placement offices found in AOS degree colleges provide excellent help in preparing students for their first and future jobs. Their services are professional and include:

  • Creating great resumes and cover letters
  • Interviewing tips and thank you notes
  • Questions to ask employers
  • Job, company, and industry searches
  • Partnering with local businesses and industries

Technical colleges typically have a high rate of graduation and job placement and their degrees are worth your time and effort.

“AOS degree worth is growing as the need for technical workers increases nationwide. An Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree places graduates in a positive position for employment.”

How Employers See AOS Degree Worth

As the business world changes, we see younger managers who consider applicants’ capabilities, portfolios, and skill sets more important than their college backgrounds. Many industries have openings for specialized jobs that technical college students can fill. These graduates may have more opportunities to get hired because there are typically fewer applicants for specialized positions.

When area businesses partner with technical colleges, employment expectations are made clear to the faculty members and the job placement offices. Many of these schools have a waiting list of employers that need graduates to fill open positions.

Explore These AOS Degrees in Baton Rouge 

Once you have selected a major and a college, it is time to make plans for success in your educational experience.

Explore AOS degree worth at ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, recognized as a School of Excellence. We are fully accredited by The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). The following degree and certificate programs are available: 

AOS Degree CollegeAOS Degrees

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Electrical Technology
  • Automation & Electronic Systems Technology
  • Construction Management
  • Drafting and Design Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Instrument & Control Systems Technology
  • Office Administration
  • Process Technology


  • Air Conditioning & Electrical Technology
  • Electrical Technology
  • Electronic Systems Technology
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Medical Coding
  • Office Administration

Apply now and be on your way to an entry-level job and a better life with an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree or Certificate.

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