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What Can I Do with a Process Technology Degree?

Graduates with an Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Process Technology are needed nationwide. Positions in water, power, and wastewater plants are available as well as in chemical processing, petroleum and oil refining, and mining.

For example, a job as a water or wastewater plant or system operator paid an average of $47,760 in 2019. Better yet, geological and petroleum technicians earned an average of $51,130 in 2019 with a 5% job growth outline through 2029.

Careers in this type of work are not limited to a few geographical areas. Jobs openings in virtually all states allow you some choice of where to live and work.

What Is Process Technology?

Process technology is the chemical process of refining raw materials into finished products such as petroleum into oil, natural gas into power, or impure water into clean, drinking water. As an example, process technology is used to change crude oil into gasoline, motor oil, grease, and other lubricants. Crude oil is a complex substance that contains many chemical compounds that must be altered to produce usable, everyday products.

Process technology uses methods, systems, programs, technology, and software to accomplish:

  • Identify new, modified, or existing products
  • Discovery and research of products
  • Development and/or production of products
  • Process products in many domestic and international industries

Without process technology, we would not be able to drive our cars and trucks, take a shower in clean water, take our current medications, or dispose of sewage. All these actions involve transforming raw materials into finished products.

Types of Process Technology Jobs That Are Available

Jobs in process technologies are present in many U.S. industries today and typically include:

  • Power Plant Technicians, Distributors, and Operators

Work in these jobs is based on controlling the flow of power from plants and sources to residential and commercial customers. Without electrical power, our economy would rapidly come to a halt. Many older workers are retiring that open up jobs for the next generation.

  • Petroleum Technicians

Our nation can’t do without petroleum and natural gas products. A career in this field allows you to help produce these two energy sources by creating maps and charts, installing equipment, and analyzing samples of petroleum. Job growth potential is very good in many states.

  • Geological Technicians

These technicians work hand-in-hand with petroleum techs by analyzing samples of dirt and oil to assist in refining them. The job duties are similar to the petroleum industry and the job growth rate is projected to be 5% through the year 2029.

  • Chemical Technicians

Wastewater Treatments Technicians

Technicians test raw chemical materials, products, and packaging to make sure they are manufactured according to industry standards. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook is promising with a growth rate of 3% through 2029…

  • Water Treatment Plant Technicians and Operators

With a growing population and business enterprises, clean water is needed much more in today’s economy. Technicians make sure these plants produce safe drinking water and operate smoothly. This is also a growing field to enter in most states.

  • Wastewater Treatments Technicians and Operators

The more water we use, the more wastewater we generate in America. The waste must be decontaminated and discarded or safely recycled for future use. Jobs in this industry look appealing during the next decade because many older workers are retiring.

“Without process technology, we would not be able to drive our cars and trucks, take a shower in clean water, take our current medications, or dispose of sewage”

Where Do I Obtain the Training for This Degree and Career?

ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge offers an excellent training program for those seeking employment in Process Technology jobs.

System operator
Pump Applications, Operations, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

Our PTEC Degree Program is endorsed by the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) and is recognized by the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance (GRRIA). This means the program shows it can produce high-quality graduates who are industry-ready.

Past and present students enjoy participating in the education and training offered here:

  • Pump applications, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Instrumentation subjects of physics, pressure, and level
  • Applicable mathematics and electronics
  • Compressors and turbines and their prime movers
  • Electricity and programmable logic control basics
  • Basic temperature, hydraulics, flow, analytical devices, and valves

Each student will also be trained in final control elements, basic documentation, and process control theory. Your education will be enhanced with applications of computers, technical writing, industrial safety, environmental practices, and professionalism.

Graduates will be prepared to enter entry-level positions in the above-mentioned careers as well as in aeronautics, foods, metals, ceramics, pulp and paper, and textiles. The future may generate new industries and products that will also provide employment. Find out more about this fascinating and rewarding career and enroll soon.

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