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#VetResources is a weekly newsletter for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors.  VIEW/SHAREEVENTS | WELCOME KIT | PODCAST

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Afghanistan Response: How you can help 

Would you like to support the resettlement of our Afghan allies and other vulnerable Afghan national refugees? Here is how you can help with the Afghanistan response.


If you need to talk please call the 24/7 Vet Center Call Line at 877-927-8387, or find Vet Center locations near you.

Veteran Events this Week

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Share your story with other Veterans and/or ask questions about VA care, benefits and services.

Sep. 09 – Career opportunities in Manufacturing Sep. 09 – #VetResources Check-In Moral Injury & Spiritual Practices Video Sep. 10 – #VetResources Check-In Coping with Feelings Sep. 10 – VA National Day of Service Sep. 14 – Labor Market Trends Employment Workshop Sep. 14 – Yoga4Caregivers Sep. 14 – Virtual Career Fair Sep. 15 – VetXL Live for Montana Veterans


COVID-19 Survey: I received a vaccineI have not received a vaccine

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2021 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Report shows decrease in Veteran suicides

VA’s latest data from 2019 shows a decrease in suicide among Veterans from the year prior. The decrease, reflecting the lowest number of Veteran suicides since 2007, provides hope and motivation for continued prevention efforts. 


Make Veterans Day more meaningful for Vietnam Veterans


Write a 9/11 Thank You note today

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and National Day of Service, Operation Gratitude invites you to write a thank you note to first responders, service members and Veterans.

Please take 5 minutes to write a letter today through the Operation Gratitude digital platform HERE.


Hear Veterans describe telehealth therapy

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Borne the Battle Podcast

The government’s HUD-VASH program and partnering nonprofits are committed to helping Veterans and their families find safe and affordable housing. 




VA COVID-19: Updates | Chat | App | Weekly Report | Vaccine

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Watch #VetResources Check-In on the Veteran News Network 

We invite you to join us for #VetResources Check-In every weekday at 3PM ET streaming on VA’s Veteran News Network.


Veteran Job Board on RallyPoint 

Create a free account and get discovered by Veteran employers here: