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Quality Automation and Electronic Systems Technology Degree
Electronics control so many types of devices, equipment, computers, automobiles, and systems that we depend on in our daily personal and work lives. Qualified technicians are needed to operate them as well as troubleshoot, repair, maintain, and monitor them. This includes automated electronic systems that may appear to be invincible but sometimes falter with use.

Jobs are opening in many American and international industries nationwide where:

  • Steady growth necessitates hiring new employees
  • Many older workers are retiring from the workforce
  • Technicians move up to management positions
  • Other employees are changing occupations

Now is a great time to earn a degree in Automation and Electronic Systems when new technologies are developing faster than ever.

Begin Your Career As an Automation and Electronic Systems Technician

Automation and Electronic Systems Technology Degree Program

New technicians typically begin entry-level positions working with commercial and industrial applications in plants, factories, production shops, research facilities, and repair shops. You will:

  • Install equipment and systems
  • Troubleshoot devices, equipment, and systems
  • Maintain control equipment and systems
  • Work with remote-operated vehicles
  • Install home automated systems and alarms

Other creative work may include installing and repairing video monitoring systems or working with medical or communications equipment. Many technicians start their careers with smaller companies and advance as their knowledge and skills grow. Most positions provide a great working atmosphere, day shift work, acceptable salaries, and employee benefits.

Opportunities to Move Into a Supervisory Position

You may be content to spend your career working as a technician for several companies or in several different industries. If you have the aspiration to lead and grow in a different direction, supervisory positions will open up that may interest you.

Some typical opportunities that can arise in any industry include:

  • Supervisor
  • Assistant Manager
  • Department Manager
  • District or Regional Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager

Supervisory and management positions pay a higher salary because you will be more responsible for employees, training, or equipment. You will also be accountable to managers who supervise your work and depend on you to reach company goals.

“New technicians typically begin entry-level positions working with commercial and industrial applications in plants, factories, production shops, research facilities, and repair shops.”

Industries That Show Growing and Declining Wages for the Next Decade

You should keep in mind those industries that are growing and those that are declining in wages and salaries when choosing a career path. This chart shows industries by type and rate of increase or decline. According to the Bureau of Labour and Statistics (BLS), they hire automation and electronic systems technicians each year.

IndustrySector+ = Growth– = Decline
Solar Electric PowerUtilities+ 4.7%
Mining Support ActivitiesMining+ 3.4%
Mining Support ActivitiesMining+ 3.4%
Animal Food ManufacturingManufacturing+ 1.6%
Metal Ore MiningManufacturing+1.5%
Industrial Equipment and MachineryManufacturing and Services+1.4%
Tobacco ManufacturingManufacturing-5.2%
Electrical Lighting EquipmentManufacturing-3.9%
Federal Electric UtilitiesFederal Government-3.8%
Apparel, Leather, and Allied ProductsManufacturing-3.7%
Communications EquipmentManufacturing-3.6%
Cement & Concrete ProductsManufacturing-3.3%

The Qualifications You Will Need for an Entry-level Technician Job

Earning a college degree in Automation and Electronic Systems Technology equips students to step into an entry-level position. Students gain these skills and knowledge in their training:

  • Using microprocessor control for operating and troubleshooting electronic systems
  • Working with digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, and logic probes
  • Understanding programmable logic controllers for motor control
  • Setting up computer networks and building a microprocessor trainer
  • Learn to use basic I/O systems and the Arduino platform
  • The basics of computer applications, flow, level, temperature, and pressure

Students become familiar with networking software, network security, web design, and essential electronics knowledge. The program also offers an A+ certification course to enhance students’ credentials.

A Great Place to Get the Right Training

Automation and Electronics Degree programThe right training is essential for prospective automation and electronic systems technicians. Gain the knowledge and skills you will need for a successful career at  ITI Technical College. By completing the Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Automation and Electronic Systems Technology Program, you will be prepared for an entry-level job.

Take the time to research the job market, and contact an Admissions Representative to enroll in college training. Your educational experience will form the foundation of a great career and a better life.

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