How to Prepare For a Career in Electrical Technology

Preparation For Electrical Technology Program

A career in electrical technology in its many forms is one of the backbones of the construction industry and our overall economy. Whether technicians work on new construction jobs, repair/remodeling projects, or in manufacturing, employee demand is strong and opportunities are ripe. Electrical technology techs are trained in one of three traditional approaches, including: Technical […]

10 Essential Skills You’ll Need for Career Success

Technical Career

An essential approach to career success is developing the skills needed for the jobs within your career. After establishing the technical skills and knowledge, learning how to market yourself for work in your chosen industry is a must. Other skills are important for technical careers, like: Being proactive and diligent Computer and digital technology Communication […]

Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview!

How to Relax Before a Job Interview

Job Interview is one of the most nerve-wracking things we do in life. No one is exempt from them and knowing how to prepare for them can certainly take some of the edges off. We can all use some solid tips for nailing these discussions so we can be hired. Interviewers can range from novices […]

Things Your ITI Campus Must Have

ITI Technical College

An outstanding college campus must include educational, training, and student services that meet regional and national standards and it is what you find at ITI Campus. ITI Technical College has been providing these student needs since 1973 and has graduated thousands of technical program students. We believe there are five components of excellence that a […]

How Do You Decide an Information Technology Career Is Right for You?

Information Technology Career Path

The answer to this question applies to those who have not entered the full-time workforce and those who want to change jobs or careers. An information technology career is not for everyone but may be right for you. Before you spend the time and money training and educating yourself for this type of work, you […]

The Benefits of an Information Technology Degree

Information Technology Degree

Information technology is rapidly growing as a profession, and now is a super time to prepare for your career. The benefits of an information technology degree make it all worthwhile. Virtually all for-profit and not-for-profit organizations need employees well endowed with these skills and knowledge. Choose a college well known for its associate degree program […]

The Benefits of an Instrumentation and Control System Degree

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Courses

Although there may be some technicians still on the job without a college degree, this is considered ‘old school.’ They were probably hired many years ago when higher education was not required and experience on the job substituted for it. Today, to obtain the benefits of Instrumentation and Control Systems employment you need an associate […]

Jobs of the Future: Instrument and Control Systems Technology Jobs

Growing Companies That Need Technicians

The role of Instrument And Control Systems Technicians, sometimes called mechanics, is not going away. As new technologies emerge and businesses develop to sell their products, technicians will continue to make production processes more efficient. They will also work to improve measuring instruments and control systems while increasing the safety of employees. As the COVID-19 […]

Which Information Technology Jobs Are in Demand?

Information Technology Training

Information Technology Jobs are in demand! Employers nationwide are looking for Information Technology graduates with the necessary skills to propel their IT programs forward. Earn your degree and seek a job in these hot IT areas: Computer Support Specialist Web Developer Database Developer Security Specialist IT Coordinator Positions are available in a broad enough range […]

4 Hot Topics in Information Technology

Information Technology College

Information technology is changing faster than ever to keep pace with consumer, business, and government demands. The current COVID-19 pandemic and economic woes are two primary drivers behind the monumental changes in this industry. IT professionals realize they must constantly develop the latest skills to operate software and hardware developments. IT professionals must keep their […]