The Latest Trends And Advancements In Technology And Their Impact On The IT Industry

The electronic age of information technology began in 1940 when we learned that vacuum tubes could be used instead of electromechanical parts. From there, the first high-speed digital computer was invented called ENIAC. Although very crude by today’s standards, it was the beginning of the information age as we know it. Since that time, trends […]

A Comparison Of Different IT Career Paths And Which May Be Right for You

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a necessary part of the business world and our daily lives. Many positions are currently open in virtually all industries. Anyone interested in this career should research the industry and the different career paths within it. Use your findings to match up with your interests and skills to pinpoint jobs. To […]

The Benefits Of Pursuing A Career In Information Technology

Information Technology

Working in information technology (IT) typically has more flexibility than many other jobs. When pursuing a career in information technology, you will discover there are numerous career paths available with one or more that best fit your skills and knowledge. This benefit alone is enough to attract many to this field of work. These benefits […]

What Is The Role Of An Instrumentation And Control Technician?

: Control & Instrumentation Technician

Manufacturers and processing plants need instrumentation and control technicians to perform many duties. They conduct tests and maintain electrical, instrumentation, and mechanical equipment. An instrumentation and Control Technician also interpret readings and outputs of equipment to check proper functioning and correlation with related information systems. Instrumentation and control technicians help companies maintain their competitiveness in […]

What Is Electrical Automation Technology?

Electrical Automation Training

Electrical Automation Technology is gaining prominence in manufacturing and processing facilities around the globe. Products are created more efficiently, with less human error, and at less cost. Although automation eliminates some types of jobs, it creates others. It is part of the third industrial revolution that has laid the foundation for the fourth industrial revolution – […]

What Kind Of Job Can I Do With Information Technology?

Entry-level Information Technology occupations are available for those who are prepared for success. Earning an associate degree in IT is the recommended way to obtain them. Positions range from creating websites to networking to IT support specialists and more. Now is the best time to explore the field if you are interested in this career. […]

The Best Career Paths with a Degree in Information Technology

Information Technology Classes

Information Technology Career Paths can lead to a variety of exciting, rewarding, and well-paying job opportunities. Information Technology professionals can find career paths in network management, software engineering, systems analysis or web development. Information Technology (IT) is a field with many career paths for those with an associate degree. If this career is your choice, […]

Information Technology: Basic Roles And Responsibilities

Information Technology Training Near Me

The most common Information Technology roles include System Administrators, Network Engineers, IT Support Technicians, and Software Developers. System Administrators are responsible for the overall performance of an organization’s computer system by installing new hardware/software components and performing necessary maintenance tasks. Information technology is all around us every day on our tablets, smartphones, computers, and other […]