The Benefits of an Instrumentation and Control System Degree

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Courses

Although there may be some technicians still on the job without a college degree, this is considered ‘old school.’ They were probably hired many years ago when higher education was not required and experience on the job substituted for it. Today, to obtain the benefits of Instrumentation and Control Systems employment you need an associate […]

Jobs of the Future: Instrument and Control Systems Technology Jobs

Growing Companies That Need Technicians

The role of Instrument And Control Systems Technicians, sometimes called mechanics, is not going away. As new technologies emerge and businesses develop to sell their products, technicians will continue to make production processes more efficient. They will also work to improve measuring instruments and control systems while increasing the safety of employees. As the COVID-19 […]

Which Information Technology Jobs Are in Demand?

Information Technology Training

Information Technology Jobs are in demand! Employers nationwide are looking for Information Technology graduates with the necessary skills to propel their IT programs forward. Earn your degree and seek a job in these hot IT areas: Computer Support Specialist Web Developer Database Developer Security Specialist IT Coordinator Positions are available in a broad enough range […]

4 Hot Topics in Information Technology

Information Technology College

Information technology is changing faster than ever to keep pace with consumer, business, and government demands. The current COVID-19 pandemic and economic woes are two primary drivers behind the monumental changes in this industry. IT professionals realize they must constantly develop the latest skills to operate software and hardware developments. IT professionals must keep their […]

How Instrument and Control Systems Technology Is Evolving

Evolution of Instrumentation in Industry

Today’s factories and plants are expanding their variety of instruments and control systems at a rapid pace. Instrument technicians must adapt by learning to efficiently work with: Electro-mechanical equipment More precise process management Increased automation control Incorporating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) New types of field devices Evolution of Instrument and Control Systems Technologies […]

Computer and Phone Technology Advances That Are Changing Information Technology

Information Technology Training

Technology is rapidly evolving worldwide, and if you want to stay on top of your career you need to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills. Information technology advances are present in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), geotargeting, automation, and robotics are changing almost everything. Personal and business applications are emerging virtually every month that […]

6 Current Examples of Information Technology for Students to Grasp

Information Technology Training

New technologies and upgrades of existing technologies are coming forth at a faster pace. Businesses and consumers demand the latest advances to work faster and smarter for a competitive edge and personal benefit. Information technology students encounter these in their training and prospective students have used or at least heard of many of them. Six […]

How Instrument and Control Systems Technology Is Used in Automotive Production

Instrumentation Program

Cars and trucks have evolved from no-computer controls to advanced controls to electric vehicles as well as hybrids. Their manufacturing has become more diversified and complex because of electronics, customer requests, and government controls. Auto producers use instrument and control systems technology at an unprecedented rate to keep up with demand. Auto manufacturing sets higher […]

Why Our Economy Runs on Information Technology

Information Technology Program

We have harnessed information technology, and it has changed the way we transact business on the internet. With it, we have forged a new economy by creating and using e-commerce to buy, sell, and communicate online. People all across the globe no longer have to worry about time, distance, language, culture, and currency differences. Millions […]

Understanding Instrument and Control Systems Technology

Instrumentation Technology

Instrument and Control Systems Technology is a program that prepares students to work as  instrument technicians, operators, or mechanics. It’s a technical college study and degree that provides both hands-on training and theory on state-of-the-art equipment. Students also practice with working processes and computerized control systems that simulate real business and industry practices. The Instrumentation […]