Holding an Associate Degree in Construction Management provides many benefits to graduates and makes their education completely relevant in the twenty-first century. Whether managers work in residential, commercial, or industrial construction, they find many job opportunities available in today’s economy.

Construction Managers are an integral part of building projects of any scope and importance. They see the development through every phase of building, and their value to their employers is irreplaceable. Leaders in this industry possess strong coaching and leading skills, are multi-taskers, and versatile workers.

Let’s look at five reasons why Construction Managers are relevant today, including:

  • They provide leadership to projects and all parties involved
  • Construction Managers demonstrate expertise to workers
  • CMs generate facilitated communication and accountability
  • They can keep different projects going at different places
  • Construction Managers are good detailed people

Managers Provide Leadership to Projects and Associated Parties

Construction Manager TrainingConstruction Managers maintain focus and leadership on the job at hand in each phase of construction. They assume a vital role as a decision-maker and act as the central core of the daily routines. Their authority should be earned and respected by all related parties, and CMS is responsible for the outcomes because ‘the buck stops with them.’

Respecting the work crews, clients, and sub-contractors is also part of the manager’s job. They must support their employers and report problems and issues as they arise to operate at peak efficiency.

Construction Managers Demonstrate Expertise to Workers

Construction Managers possess expertise gained from practical expertise, hobbies, and college training they can demonstrate to workers. They ‘lead by example’ and show crews how to do the job the right way when necessary. They have expertise in many different areas necessary to complete projects, like:

Construction Manager Program

  • How to read blueprints and plans accurately and correctly
  • Use tools and equipment efficiently
  • Keep a project on schedule and within the budget
  • How to compensate for seen and unforeseen delays
  • Estimating and ordering materials and supplies efficiently

As managers progress in their careers, they improve their skills, and apply their expertise to help work crews also. If you plan to enter this industry, you should spend the time necessary in college and on your own time to beef up your expertise.

CMs Generate Facilitated Communication and Accountability

“Holding an Associate Degree in Construction Management provides many benefits to graduates and makes their education completely relevant in the twenty-first century.”

If any industry needs strong communication and accountability, it’s the construction industry. Work must be planned and executed correctly with timely, accurate, and understandable talk, emails, texts, and any communication. If mistakes are made, corrective action must be taken immediately to get back on plan, schedule, and budget.

Managers must teach company work crews to be responsible for their own work and to their manager. CMS regularly communicate with these parties:

  • Work Crews
  • Inspectors
  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Subcontractors
  • Company Officials

Learning good communication and accountability skills early on keeps quality work on schedule and mistakes and delays to a minimum.

They Can Keep Different Projects Going at Different Places

Construction Manager DegreeIt’s uncommon for a construction manager to complete a project before moving on to another one. Typically, he or she must juggle two or more construction jobs at the same time in different locations. Although they may be in the same general vicinity, the manager must inspect each site independently as the work progresses.

We call this multi-tasking, and it takes timing and coordination skills to keep the jobs running smoothly and on time. Managers learn the basics of these skills in college training and strengthen them with experience.

Construction Managers Are Good Detail People

It sounds like construction managers wear several hats on the job and they do. They must be good detail-oriented people who can translate and communicate ideas and plans into completed structures. They must grasp both the overall picture of each job and its details, and communicate them accurately to all other parties involved in the construction projects.

Managers must know how to make a complete list of things to do in each building phase. They must also know how to prioritize the steps in the right sequences to make a smooth workflow. The adage, ‘The devil is in the details holds for Construction Managers.

Isn’t it time you enrolled in college to get the ball rolling for your career?

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