What Is the Application Process for ITI Technical College?

Now that you have selected ITI Technical College for your technical education, it is time to apply. This is an exciting time in your life whether you are a high school senior or someone who is already in the workforce. Complete your ITI Technical College application fully and accurately for processing for enrollment and we […]

Does ITI Help with Employment Opportunities After Graduation?

ITI Job Help

What is your dream job? Is it working in information technology, construction management, medical coding, or something else? Before you reach this career goal, an entry-level job comes first, and before that, a college education. Once you graduate with a degree, you will find it much easier to locate that first, full-time job and get […]

The Benefits of an Instrumentation and Control System Degree

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Courses

Although there may be some technicians still on the job without a college degree, this is considered ‘old school.’ They were probably hired many years ago when higher education was not required and experience on the job substituted for it. Today, to obtain the benefits of Instrumentation and Control Systems employment you need an associate […]

3 Tips for a Successful Healthcare Administration Career

Healthcare Management Degree

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. today. As the population rises and older Americans live longer, they will need more medical attention. If you are thinking about working in this industry, you will need a college degree, people skills, and a mastery of details for a healthcare administration career. Armed with […]

Which Drafting and Design Programs Should You Choose? 6 Things to Consider

Drafting and design technology online program

If you are planning a first job and career in drafting and design, you should be selective in exploring and enrolling in a training program. Not all drafting and design programs are the same in several ways. You will need to consider if the college is accredited and if the program is recognized as excellent […]

Everything You Need to Know To About Mechanical Drafting and Design

Mechanical engineering technician design and drafting

Mechanical drafting and design professionals are also known as CAD and CADD operators and AutoCAD designers. They use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create plans and drawings with technical details. Users find this software easy to manipulate such as modifying plans as they design or after the drawings are finished. Computer software products allow drafting […]

Technical Details of the Drafting and Design Engineering Technology Program

Drafting & design engineering drawing using manual and cad techniques

Drafting and design engineering is a growing field because new construction and remodeling are booming in many parts of our country. Before a residential, commercial, or industrial structure can be built, professional drawings must be generated to guide its construction. If you are contemplating a career in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology, you should be […]

10 Qualities of a Great Electrical Project Manager

Electrical construction design & management

The work of an electrical construction manager is challenging whether the projects are residential, commercial, or industrial. Managers must possess strong leadership and communication skills to effectively work with all stakeholders, especially work crews. Managers must possess the technical skills necessary to completely understand projects. They must also make good decisions day in and day […]

10 Ways a Construction Logistics Manager Can Increase Efficiency

Construction logistics manager responsibilities

A construction logistics manager plays a key role in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. This professional is typically responsible for the logistics of each construction job by managing the materials and equipment used on a job site. The essentials of logistics include: Planning how materials, equipment, and logistics routes are set up on job locations […]

5 Drafting And Designing Tips For Architecture & Construction Every Professional Should Know

Drafting and design technology technician general

Drafting and design for architecture and construction projects have been a mainstay for these two industries for centuries. Construction of homes, business buildings, and other projects cannot begin without detailed drawings and blueprints. Drafting and design professionals are indispensable in their roles for creating accurate and worker-safe drawings. Although drafting and design employees have college […]