All the residential and commercial construction workers need leaders to complete building projects on time and within budget. With the proper training and some experience, you can turn your current job or hobby into a full-time, high-paying career. Now the question is “should I study for a construction management degree in 2022?”

Construction managers are in short supply nationwide and the demand for qualified people is real. If you have skills in any of the building trades and have leadership abilities, this may be a career for you. The construction boom has not slowed down during the past year and homes are currently built at new record levels.


Take a Free Career Aptitude Quiz to Help Decide if a Construction Management Career is Right for You

A great place to start is taking a free career aptitude quiz online or at an employment office. You may be able to do this at a high school guidance counselor’s office or a college career services office. The essential purpose of this activity is to get to know yourself and your career interest better.

Construction Management CareerYou will go through several steps to complete this assessment activity, including the following:

  • Understanding your strengths
  • Finding out what motivates you
  • The behaviors you enjoy and are good at
  • Your communication style.

Based on the results, you will be supplied with a list of career matches. You can then explore the pathways to these jobs and careers, discover the education and training needed, and how to take action.

What You Need to Know About Construction Management

After you take the career aptitude quiz and the results point to construction management, you need to know more about the daily activities and responsibilities of this job. Most of a manager’s time is spent in the field at construction sites. A typical manager works with several different projects at the same time, going from one to another. General duties include

  • Reading plans, preparing cost estimates and budgets, and scheduling activities
  • Making sure all workers and professionals know their job responsibilities
  • Working closely with clients, inspectors, suppliers, and subcontractors
  • Ordering supplies and equipment and responding to work delays
  • Responding to safety issues and emergencies
  • Following building codes, laws, and other regulations
  • Making sure projects are completed on time and within budget

Other job responsibilities depend on the company and whether the work is residential, commercial, or industrial.

“Construction managers are in short supply nationwide and the demand for qualified people is real. If you have skills in any of the building trades and have leadership abilities, this may be a career for you.”

What You Need to Know About a Being a Construction Manager

Now is the time to understand what a Construction Management Degree is all about so you can take the next step toward your career decision. The curriculum at a technical college will include the essential training and education to gain an entry-level job in this industry.

  • Construction Management Program RequirementsStudents learn how to conceive overall plans from beginning to end
  • They discover how to translate blueprints into work activities
  • Students find out how to coordinate jobs with all parties involved
  • They take management training for materials and methods and lead workers
  • Students learn about electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and plumbing systems
  • They use computer software for cost estimating, project planning, and scheduling

More specific duties are determined by the company you work for and the type of construction projects you will build.

Shadow a few Construction Managers to Learn More

If you really want a good preview of a construction management job, shadow a few managers to learn more. Go to work with someone you know in this profession. If you don’t know anyone, call a few construction companies and ask if they have a manager you can shadow.

Start by making a list of questions derived from your experiences and watching a few videos. You can get a feel for the pros and cons of this job in several different work cultures. By now you know more than before and are ready to check out a construction management degree.

A Degree in Construction Management is Within Your Reach

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