The drafting & Design Technology Career is still relevant in virtually every U.S. industry. Current and future demand is holding steady with 191,800 people working in this career. The following ten reasons help explain why drafting and design technology careers are great choices.

Drafting and Design Technology: Current Demand and Future Growth

Drafting and Design Technology Technician
Drafting and Design Technology Technician

One of the bonuses for drafting and design technology workers is that jobs are not confined to a region or single industry. Their careers are considered universally understood and needed in many industries and virtually every state.

Job demand has held steady for decades, and advances in specialized computer software have made drafters’ skills more relevant. Many opportunities are available for skilled workers:

  • Computer-aided drafter and designer
  • Civil and manufacturing drafters
  • Electrical and electronic drafters
  • Mechanical and product designers
  • Automotive and aeronautical drafters

Professionals who hold higher-level skills and knowledge are in higher demand.

Salaries and Working Conditions for Drafting and Design Pros Are Competitive

Engineering Design And Drafting Technology
Engineering Design And Drafting Technology

Salaries are competitive for drafting and design specialists who hold an associate degree. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2021 median pay was $60,290 per year. This translates to $28.99 per hour for those who work full time, and some part-time jobs are available. Employee Benefits vary from great to average depending on your company.

Research has shown that employees skilled as both drafters and designers may qualify for higher salaries. Others who can make valuable contributions to the engineering field may command even higher pay.

Drafters and designers report they enjoy their work environments where most of their time is spent in offices on computers. The atmosphere is supportive where they work with co-workers and collaborate with architects and engineers as needed. Part of their workweeks may include visiting job sites or offices of other professionals.

“One of the bonuses for drafting and design technology workers is that jobs are not confined to a region or single industry. Their careers are considered universally understood and needed in many industries and virtually every state.”

Drafting and Design Technology: CAD Designers and Electronics Drafters

A computer-aided design designer (CAD Designer) is a great job for creative people who can bring their client’s visions to life. It is a fun and challenging job because you can design with different software packages. CAD professionals create a wide range of products including:

  • Automotive and aeronautical parts
  • Electronic devices
  • Furniture and appliances
  • Machine parts
  • Industrial processing equipment
  • Packaging materials

This list just scratches the surface for CAD designers and by searching for jobs you will find many more opportunities.

Electrical and electronics drafting professionals like CAD designers have rewarding jobs with competitive salaries. They work closely with engineers to design and develop the equipment to make electrical devices like communications systems. They adhere to high industry standards and safety protocols. They use CAD software to efficiently and quickly create electrical and electronic diagrams.

Mechanical and Civil Drafters and Designers Are in Demand

Drafting And Design Technology Description
Drafting And Design Technology Description

Two other reasons to work in drafting and design are the jobs available in mechanical and civil engineering. Mechanical drafters enjoy planning and designing mechanical devices, such as:

  • Tools
  • Engines
  • Machines
  • Mechanical equipment

They work with engineers to assure their designs become good prototypes and can withstand the stress placed upon the items. Their designs must be installed and operate as designed and drawn.

Civil drafters have interesting and responsible jobs drawing construction projects, including:

  • Roads
  • Canals
  • Pipelines
  • Sewage systems
  • Buildings
  • Airports

Their work ranges from small-scale repairs to major-size structures like airports. CAD software makes it easier and faster to create and modify plans until they get them right.

Drafting and Design Technology Is Great for Anyone Who Likes Creativity and Working with Computers

Drafting and design technology jobs are great for those who are creatively minded and like to work with computers and other digital devices. Drafters and designers are free-thinkers who can think out of the box and express themselves and others in visual representations. This is why a drafting and design career is a great choice.

Another reason to be passionate about this career is the opportunity to use the latest industry computer software to display your ideas. The software is like an extension of your hands and brain to convey ideas into drawings and then into prototypes. Once the product or object is created, you can stand back and see it in person.

You can enjoy all these reasons to work in a drafting and design technology career by earning an associate degree from a technical college and obtaining professional certifications. Contact us today for more information.

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