Do you want to launch a career in the fascinating world of drafting and design? The way to get started is to combine your current knowledge and talents with an associate degree. Whether you are in high school, currently employed, or not employed, request more program details from an accredited technical college.

Have you considered the advantages of an AOS degree from a technical school instead of a traditional community college degree? The major benefit of this approach is more hands-on training and fewer general education courses that provide a solid foundation. The following will give you a realistic preview of what you will learn in a drafting and design technology training program.

An Overview of Drafting and Design Technology

Drafting and Design JobsAn AOS degree provides knowledge and skills training for the major areas of drafting and design. The multi-faceted program provides all-around preparation for:

  • Architectural Drafting relates to making working plans for homes, businesses, plants, recreational facilities, manufacturing concerns, and storage facilities.
  • Mechanical Drafting includes generating detailed technical drawings and models of machinery, mechanical devices, and parts for engineers.
  • Civil Drafting creates drawings of roads, bridges, dams, maps, and pipelines
  • Electrical and Electronic Drafting produces schematic wiring diagrams for residential and commercial construction, radio and TV receivers and transmitters, and many different electronic devices and equipment.
  • Furniture Drafting includes designing furniture and making working draws of many types of furniture.
  • Topographical Drafting creates property plots, maps, and landscapes.
  • Illustrator and Graphic Designer – An illustrator creates images that can independently communicate a cohesive message. A graphic designer creates designs that combine animation, text, and other design elements to develop a cohesive message.

Learning Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) software skills is a major thrust in students’ education.

Knowledge You Will Gain in the Program

Students learn the basics of several math disciplines necessary for accurate drawings and plans. They include general and practical math, algebra, geometry, Cartesian math, and trigonometry. The program includes an orientation to drafting and design, multi-view drawings, freehand sketching, dimensioning techniques, and understanding of engineering data.Drafting and Design Careers

Becoming familiar with engineering terminology and basic concepts of a student’s elected specialization is stressed. You will know how to read drawings on paper and digitally and understand how CAD software does its job. Students learn the basics of tools like levels and plumb bobs to understand building plans from the inside and outside.

“Have you considered the advantages of an AOS degree from a technical school instead of a traditional community college degree? The major benefits of this approach are more hands-on training and fewer general education courses that provide a more solid foundation.”

Skills You Will Develop While in Training

Drafting and design skills students develop include techniques of sketching, drawing, auxiliary views, pictorial drawing, and assembly drawing, Students gain practice in using CAD and CADD computer software, technical writing, and technical communication in the workplace.

Drafting and Design School in Baton RougeStudents learn to interpret data from field measurements, notes, and existing drawings to produce new drawings. They learn the latest computer software and Windows Operating Systems to produce accurate and timely drawings and plans.

These skill sets let students read blueprints, and determine the cost of materials needed to complete many different types of projects. AutoCAD Civil-Survey software applications provide skills to create interior designs for commercial buildings.

Job Searches and Marketing Yourself Are Included

One of the bonuses of earning an associate degree is getting needed advice from college counseling and job placement offices. Students learn how to effectively interview for jobs, and write great resumes, cover letters, and thank you notes.

You will walk away with your diploma with knowledge and skills for making an efficient job search. That entry-level drafting and design job is waiting for you, and you can obtain it with the right preparation.

A Local Technical College Receives Award for Excellence

ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge has an excellent Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Drafting and Design Technology. We invite you to explore its benefits for your future jobs and career.

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