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Designing The Future: Exploring The World Of Drafting And Design Technology

Design Training

As we navigate through the 21st century, the ‘Future of Drafting and Design’ beckons us with a blend of anticipation and intrigue, promising a realm where creativity meets advanced technology in unprecedented ways. Drafting and design form part of the backbone of many industries. Virtually anything produced in factories starts with ideas that are translated […]

What Is The Future For Drafting & Design Students?

What Is Drafting And Design Engineering

Drafting and design technology is a college training program to prepare students for creating technical drawings for a career. Drafting and Design Students learn how designing objects interrelates with initial and completed drawings for their creation. They learn how to use specialized software to draw and modify many things, including: Machine parts Houses and buildings […]

Is Drafting and Design a Good Career Choice?

Drafting And Design Software

Is it your goal a Drafting And Design Career? If it is, there’s good news from recent national surveys. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are 18,900 new job openings projected each year from 2021 to 2031. The median pay for 2021 was $60,290 which translates to $28.99 per hour. The […]

What Drafting & Design Engineering Careers Can I Have With A Degree In Drafting & Design?

Drafting And Design Degree

Drafting And Design Career Paths lie at the heart of many organizations because their employees work from sketches, drawings, blueprints, diagrams, and CAD designs. Drafting and designing professionals prepare these documents with mechanical instruments and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. Five popular career paths in this industry include: Architectural Drafting Civil Drafting Electronics Drafting Landscaping Drafting Mechanical Drafting […]

The Life Of A Drafter

Careers To Architectural Drafters

A Drafter today, like many other employees, has the option of working at the job site or remotely. Virtually all drafting professionals use computer-aiding design (CAD) software to design and create preliminary drawings and final renderings. They create technical drawings and blueprints for hundreds of different industries. They take ideas and turn them into sketches […]

Is A Drafting and Design Technology Career the Right Choice for You?

Architectural Drafting Programs

If you find yourself asking what a drafting and design technology career is all about, you may be sparking an interest in this fascinating profession. Others wonder if there are jobs available and if their salaries are competitive. Drafting and design technology is used in many professions, including Architectural Drafting Engineering Technician Civil Drafting Landscape […]

Technical Details Of The Drafting And Design Engineering Technology Program

drafting and design programs

Drafting and design engineering is a growing fields because new construction and remodeling are booming in many parts of our country. Before a residential, commercial, or industrial structure can be built, professional drawings must be generated to guide its construction. If you are contemplating a career in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology, you should be […]

How Do I Apply for TOPS Scholarship

TOPS Scholarships Awards

TOPS scholarships have become more relevant as the cost of a college education rises. These sources of funding are available as local, state, and national awards from a variety of organizations. Scholarships provide these benefits over taking out loans:  They help students organize their accomplishments, talents, skills, and scholastic abilities on paper as they complete […]

What Type of Work Do Drafting and Design Engineers Do?

Drafting Training

Drafting and design work is present in an extensive list of U.S. and international companies and involves creating a wide range of drawings and models, such as: Mechanical drawings Digital drawings Diagrams Blueprints Models Adding specifications Drafting and design engineers are employed in many industries including the architectural, manufacturing, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, and construction […]

Drafting and Design Technology Skills

Drafting and Design Technology

A drafting professional is a member of a construction, architectural, mechanical, or civil engineering team that produces drawings of a technical nature. A drafter may also produce sketches, drawings, and detailed blueprints for these industries and companies: Manufacturing Electronics Electrical Illustrators Landscapers Designers Their drawings may include dimensions, schematics, materials, and workflow diagrams for each […]

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