Is A Drafting and Design Technology Career the Right Choice for You?

Architectural Drafting Programs

If you find yourself asking what a drafting and design technology career is all about, you may be sparking an interest in this fascinating profession. Others wonder if there are jobs available and if their salaries are competitive. Drafting and design technology is used in many professions, including Architectural Drafting Engineering Technician Civil Drafting Landscape […]

Technical Details of the Drafting and Design Engineering Technology Program

drafting and design programs

Drafting and design engineering is a growing field because new construction and remodeling are booming in many parts of our country. Before a residential, commercial, or industrial structure can be built, professional drawings must be generated to guide its construction. If you are contemplating a career in Drafting and Design Engineering Technology, you should be […]

How Do I Apply for TOPS Scholarship

TOPS Scholarships Awards

TOPS scholarships have become more relevant as the cost of a college education rises. These sources of funding are available as local, state, and national awards from a variety of organizations. Scholarships provide these benefits over taking out loans:  They help students organize their accomplishments, talents, skills, and scholastic abilities on paper as they complete […]

What Type of Work Do Drafting and Design Engineers Do?

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Drafting and design work is present in an extensive list of U.S. and international companies and involves creating a wide range of drawings and models, such as: Mechanical drawings Digital drawings Diagrams Blueprints Models Adding specifications Drafting and design engineers are employed in many industries including the architectural, manufacturing, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, and construction […]

Drafting and Design Technology Skills

Drafting and Design Technology

A drafting professional is a member of a construction, architectural, mechanical, or civil engineering team that produces drawings of a technical nature. A drafter may also produce sketches, drawings, and detailed blueprints for these industries and companies: Manufacturing Electronics Electrical Illustrators Landscapers Designers Their drawings may include dimensions, schematics, materials, and workflow diagrams for each […]

Drafting and Design Technology in Civil and Mechanical Engineering

Civil and mechanical engineers depend on drafting and design technicians to create and perfect their sketches. Technicians convert them into rough drafts and eventually into finished products with notes, specifications, dimensions, or materials used. From there, the work goes forward for building roads, bridges, dams, components, or equipment. Simply put, the design and drafting phase […]

6 Career Paths for Drafting and Design Students

Drafting and Design School

There’s no one career path for drafting and design students to take. There are six major job opportunities to pursue for a challenging and rewarding future. They are found in many industries that need qualified artisans to design products and draw plans for businesses, homes, and government agencies.          Drafting and design professionals contribute […]

What You Will Learn in Drafting and Design Technology Training

Drafting and Design Technology Training

Do you want to launch a career in the fascinating world of drafting and design? The way to get started is to combine your current knowledge and talents with an associate degree. Whether you are in high school, currently employed, or not employed, request more program details from an accredited technical college. Have you considered […]