Process TechnologyAs you further research different types of industrial operator jobs, you will more than likely come across the chemical process operator position. Industry experts call these individuals process and production specialists, with the chemical process operator being responsible for the following functions within the production area:

* Chemical Mixing

* Chemical Processing

* Packaging Operations

In addition to performing these operations and procedures, the individual will generally be responsible for knowing all the safety procedures and organizational rules. Ultimately, the chemical process operator will be responsible for transferring the chemical in question through various stages of the process. To do this, the operator will use conveyors, tanks, and other transportation systems that the organization has established or sees fit given its current production cycle. Some chemicals could be hazardous, and some could be quite inert – it all depends on what type of product is being made.

Preparing for Problems

Part of your plant operator training during process technology school will prepare you for the task of dealing with the worst. You will need to be ready and willing to research every potential problem that could arise, meaning if that something COULD happen, you need to be prepared for it TO happen. Additionally, you will need to be ready to troubleshoot any issues that might arise when moving the chemicals from one point to another.

Loading and Unloading

To put it as simply as possible, this tends to be a more hands-on position. As a chemical process operator, you could be responsible for loading and unloading delivery trucks. In doing so you will need to perform chemical product inventory and of course, ensure that the work area is clean. Chemicals cannot be cross-contaminated, and many cannot come in contact with the environment.

Reporting to a Supervisor

A chemical process technician is not autonomous; you will normally report to a floor manager, but you will also be tasked with quite a bit of responsibility. You will deal with production, maintenance, and even assembly. This can be a very taxing position, and while some of the work is on the floor, much of it will be done in your office. One of the most important things for you to realize when you take on this job is that overnight shifts are often required. This is simply not your typical 9-5 job, so do not go into it expecting it to be.

As you can see, this is a very complex position, but the job is rewarding, stable, and can also be very lucrative for the right, hardworking individual. Before you dive head-first into becoming a chemical process operator though, you should seek out proper training. You are going to need a solid education to do a great job.

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