Which Level of Office Administration Do You Want for a Career?

Office Administration College

Virtually all organizations need staff and administrators to organize tasks, process office work, and correlate with management. Office staff positions exist at different levels depending on the department or company where employees work. New staff members typically start in an entry-level job, and with experience many advance within the organization Large organizations whether for profit […]

A Process Technology Training Program You Should Explore

Process Technology Degree

Several technical and community colleges offer a Process Technology Program in Louisiana including ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge. ITI’s PTEC degree program is endorsed by the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA). If you have career aspirations for working in PT, have you explored this option? There are a few things to consider when […]

Automation and Electronic Systems Technology Program

Electronic Systems Technician Program

U.S. production and processing facilities are rapidly changing to keep pace with product demand and foreign competition. Each passing year sees less manual labor in the workplace and more automation brought about by advanced electronic technologies. As industries work harder to keep quality up, prices down, workplaces safer, and their stock prices stable, automation is […]

Construction Management Jobs and Career

The Best Colleges For Construction Management Degree

As our economy becomes stronger, more residential and commercial construction jobs are opening up nationwide. Now is a great time to enter a career in Construction Management for several reasons. Demand and salaries are up, technology is improving construction efficiency, and potential rewards have never been higher. For those of you interested in this career, […]

Office Administration Jobs Are Rewarding and Exciting

Office Administration Career

Saying that  office administration jobs are rewarding and exciting is an understatement. This dynamic work environment allows you to use the full range of your business knowledge and skills. From simple daily tasks to making major decisions, office assistants and administrators keep their teams and departments on track. Holding an associate degree in office administration […]

Try a Career in Fluid Power Systems Maintenance

Instrumentation technology training encompasses many different programs and aspects, but fluid power systems is one of the more popular as there are many opportunities in this field. The first thing you need to know is what fluid power systems mean and what types of systems you will be working with one you finish your instrumentation […]

Are you Cut out to be a Process Control Technician?

A process technician has a wide range of different jobs to complete daily. Some of these duties include: * Operating Equipment * Monitoring Processes * Documenting Results These three items occur in every stage of the manufacturing process whether you are working in the plastics industry or the pharmaceutical industry. It is important to keep in mind […]

Three Female Architects Who Broke the Mold

When one thinks of architects, they often think of men. However, the industry, as well as these preconceived notions, are changing. One piece of knowledge that those in the industry have is the fact that women, for the longest time, did not intentionally become architects. They often fell into the role after being closely associated […]

Three Types of Facilities you could Work for as a Medical Coder

After you graduate from medical billing and coding school, you can choose to work at one of many different types of facilities around the country. The type of facility will also depend on your area of specialization. Today, we are going to discuss three of the most common types of facilities that graduates choose to […]