Are you thinking of becoming a maintenance technician? If so, then you are in good company as many others want to take this same career path. This article will be discussing how this career applies to the pharmaceutical field. Your instrumentation technology training will be valuable in many different situations including in the pharmaceutical industry. As a technician in this field, you will be responsible for keeping accurate documentation of your work to ensure that your company does not become liable for mistakes. You will also be responsible for ensuring that the facility you are working in remains in safe, working condition. Accurate record-keeping is not only helpful but it is also required by industry regulations.

Understanding the Maintenance Technician’s Responsibilities

As an industrial maintenance technician for a medical device company or even a pharmaceutical company, you will be performing routine maintenance on manufacturing equipment along with troubleshooting any issues that arise. You can rest assured that there will be plenty of issues for you to troubleshoot when you are in this line of work.

Keeping Accurate Records

We mentioned before that individuals in this line of work will be tasked with keeping records as accurately as possible, and thanks to the regulations enforced by the industry, all documentation must be kept up to date. The following are a few examples of documentation that you will learn to keep during your time in industrial maintenance school.

Maintenance Checks

The logs that you keep will help to show that regular checks are being performed and that they are being carried out according to the relevant protocols. These protocols include both internal and external compliance, and it is important for the technician to be familiar with both forms of compliance.

Creating a Paper Trail

It is important for companies to keep a paper trail detailing every single action they take over the course of the year, and companies can do this by employing well-trained, passionate maintenance technicians. As a maintenance technician, you will be required to keep track of all interventions and repairs that have been carried out on the equipment in question. Failing to document specific repairs or maintenance can easily result in future problems, making it essential for the industrial maintenance technician to get it right the first time.


Keeping the Place Running

Ultimately, the industrial maintenance team aims to keep a factory or warehouse operating smoothly. The idea is to make sure that the manufacturing process is both efficient and safe as there could be multiple consequences of unsafe or inefficient operations including:

* Reduced Quality

* Unfinished Products

* Compromised Standards

* Injured staff

All these circumstances point to situations that will cause the company to lose money directly, or indirectly. In the worst-case scenarios, there could even be a loss of life due to improper safety measures. As an industrial maintenance technician, you need to make sure that you are well versed in the equipment and ready to contribute in a positive manner. It can be a difficult endeavor, but it is well worth it and absolutely necessary for the success of the company in question.

Get Your Education

All this starts with making sure that you get the education you need to jump into this dynamic and challenging new career. The role of a maintenance technician can also be very specialized and technical. For example, you could find yourself working with electrical or mechanical aspects of the machinery, but you might even choose to branch out and become more of a generalist. In the end, it will be entirely up to you. Your first step will be to give us a call and see what kind of educational opportunities we have for you. It will not be long before you find yourself in the career that you have always dreamed of.

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