You might not realize it, but restaurant establishments actually require a substantial amount of information technology security in order to operate. What is it that they do which requires intense security and vigilance on the part of restaurant staff? As you earn your information security degree, you will learn that every restaurant establishment needs to make use of the proper information security measures if they are to ensure the safety of their customers. Today, we are going to examine a few critical data points that restaurants and retail organizations need to ensure they protect.

Customer Payment Information – One of the Most Important Assets

When customers walk into an establishment, they will either eat first or pay first depending on the type of establishment. Either way, customers’ payment information will be captured by the point of sale (POS), and when that happens, a few things need to occur. First and foremost, the POS needs to be able to take the information and charge the card. The second thing that needs to happen, is that the information taken from the card should be encrypted and protected so that it cannot be accessed and used by unauthorized parties who may have malicious plans for this information.

Employee Information

To serve their customers, all restaurants – from fast food establishments to fine dining restaurants – must employ people including hosts, hostesses, counter-people, servers, and more. Employees are a vital asset to any restaurant, and the law demands that restaurant establishments ensure that employees’ information is kept confidential. That being the case, as an information security officer, it will likely be your responsibility to ensure that the information is kept safely behind a firewall. This information can include names, addresses, social security numbers, and even bank account information. All this needs to be kept safe so that it cannot be accessed by an unauthorized third party.


General Restaurant Information

There are a lot of different pieces of information that a restaurant needs to keep away from prying eyes. This includes work schedules, hours of operation, finances, stock information, recipes, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and when you work as an information technology security officer, you will find that you always have work to do and there are always new threats to learn about and face head-on. Safeguarding information has always been difficult, and in the digital age, it has become much harder.

Keeping this information safe will be the primary responsibility of the information security officer, and it is a career that you should consider if you are technologically inclined and have an eye for small details. The first step is finding the right institution to attend for your training. Earning a higher education will give you a distinct advantage over other hopefuls that choose to enter the field.

If you choose to enroll in classes at ITI Technical College, you will gain access to passionate and experienced instructors along with a network of pre and postgraduate support. ITI Technical College’s staff goes beyond textbook knowledge and teaches practical experience that will carry over into the real world.

The world of information technology security is a complex one that will only become increasingly complicated as technology advances and new methods of breaching security are created by individuals looking to do the organization harm. By gaining your education and diving into this field, you are contributing in an amazing way. You may even become a crucial part of developing new security methods for restaurants and other organizations. Your future starts right now; are you ready?




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