Studying Process Technology at Industrial Operator School can open the door to a number of opportunities in America’s growing industrial sector. If you’re someone who has an eye for detail and would enjoy working in a challenging technical role, then this could be the perfect area of study for you.

Before you start learning at ITI Technical College, knowing some of the potential jobs in your future could help you to plan the right career path. Here are four potential jobs that you could find yourself in, after graduating from Industrial Operator Training.

Wastewater or Water Treatment Plant Operator

Disinfecting and cleaning water is an important part of keeping any city or municipality running. Industrial Operator Training could lead to job openings as a wastewater treatment plant operator, where it would be your responsibility to treat water and inspect treatment equipment on a regular basis.

This is a highly varied job that can include tasks such as adding chemicals to water making it safe for consumption or reentry into the ecosystem. The job would also include equipment maintenance and operation, so a strong understanding of treatment and pumping systems would be necessary. You can learn the foundation skills for this job by attending Industrial Operator School at ITI Technical College.

Technician in the Petroleum and Gas Industry

Process TechnologyThe Petroleum and Gas Industry is one of the strongest industries in the United States and offers lucrative roles in either mainland-based or offshore oil and gas facilities. One exciting technical job is the role of a maintenance engineer. It would be your role to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot the equipment that is used in either exploration, processing, or distribution of petroleum or natural gas. An entry-level role would introduce you to standard and proprietary equipment that is used in the industry, and your foundation in Industrial Operator Training could lead to management or consulting roles in the industry. Experienced gained in the United States could lead to opportunities in large overseas markets based in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

Chemical Technician

Manufacturing involving chemicals requires a workforce of highly skilled Chemical Technicians. Your training at the ITI Technical College can prepare you for entry-level roles in a laboratory or in a large processing or manufacturing plant. A basic operator role could lead to consulting, research, development, testing, and production positions, depending on the specific area of the industry that you are interested in. According to, Chemical Technicians are in moderate demand and the job growth rate is expected to sit at around 4% for the next ten years. Your Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree could qualify you for roles that have a median pay range of $45,840, making Chemical Technician jobs highly desirable for new graduates.

Power Plant Operator

Energy is the driving force of every industry, and power plants can offer dynamic working environments that would suit motivated individuals who have graduated from Industrial Operator School. If you choose to pursue this career path, you could find yourself in a role where you operate power generation equipment such as generators, boilers, and turbines. Monitoring and maintenance of equipment would be a regular job function, and it is necessary for Power Plant Operators to understand voltage and electricity flow. Startup and shutdown procedures are also performed by operators, so you’ll need in-depth technical knowledge and education that only Industrial Operator School can provide.

If you are deeply interested in the technology that drives America’s growth and prosperity, then a career as an Industrial Operator would be an excellent choice. The first step is enrolling in a recognized Industrial Operator School, and you can talk to the enrollment team at ITI Technical College today. We’ll take you through the requirements and the enrollment process, allowing you to take the first step towards a successful career.


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