An Instrument and Control Systems Technology (AOS) Program, more than anything else, offers opportunities for success. It provides successful graduates with a recognized profession and excellent career potential. An associate of occupational studies (AOS) degree gives students the knowledge and skills to work in entry-level jobs in a variety of U. S. industries.

Students learn from professional faculty who teach hands-on training with real-world electronic equipment and devices. Once the program is completed, graduates know how to read and operate instruments in manufacturing and processing plants. They regulate control systems to ensure quality products, the efficiency of operations, and safe working conditions. There are other benefits of working as a technician in instrument and control systems technology as outlined in the information that follows.

An ICST AOS Program Offers Spot-on Training Employers Are Seeking

An Associate Degree offers the knowledge and skills training employers are seeking. Here is a broad overview of what students gain from their educational experience:

  • Instrument and Control Systems ProgramGraduates can install, maintain, and troubleshoot equipment and related devices.
  • Students learn to monitor the variables of pressure, temperature, flow, and level.
  • Students learn instrumentation skills to accurately measure processing and control skills to control a process or system.
  • Instructors teach theory, design, analysis, and experimentation as related to instrumentation engineering.
  • Students learn from classroom, lab, and hands-on training experiences.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Predicts a Future Supply of Jobs

Those who work in instrument and control systems are called instrument technicians, instrument mechanics, and electro-mechanical technicians. They install, troubleshoot, and repair instruments, automated equipment, and control systems.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides this promising data about this profession:

Job Outlook 2019-2029 3% Growth Rate
Typical Entry-Level Education Associate Degree
2020 Median Pay $59,800 per year – $28.75 per hour
Work Experience in a Related Occupation None
Job Growth As fast as average

Instrument and Control Systems Technology Program

Technicians work closely with electrical and mechanical engineers in their weekly job duties in manufacturing and processing facilities. Here are some similar occupations to consider:

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians
  • Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers
  • Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians

The future looks bright for those who hold an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Instrument and Control Systems Technology.

“An Instrument and Control Systems Technology (AOS) Program, more than anything else, offers opportunities for success. It provides successful graduates with a recognized profession and excellent career potential.”

An Associate Degree Offers Graduates a Better Life

Whether you are in high school, a displaced worker, or currently working in a full-time or part-time job, you can progress to a better life with professional training. For a healthy economy, more technical workers are needed to fill available jobs that provide competitive salaries and benefits. Technical careers are often more stable than non-technical careers.

Instrument TechnicianMany technical college grads find it easier to find jobs than some 4-year university grads. They achieve their degrees in half the time and at a much lower cost. If you like to work with both your hands and your mind, a technical career may be for you.

Commercial and Industrial Growth in Louisiana Looks Bright

According to, there are more than 100 instrumentation technician jobs currently available on their website in Louisiana. Some of those listed jobs include:

Position City in Louisiana
E & I Technician Zachary
Electrical Instrumentation Tech Delhi
I & E Technician Baton Rouge
Instrumentation Technician Broussard
Instrument Maintenance Tech Plaquemine
Maintenance Instrument Tech Gary
Measurement & Instrument Tech Grand Cane
Process Technician Plaquemine
Production Technician Sterlington
Valve Technician Baton Rouge

Your college job placement office will also have a list of jobs and companies that may interest you for your current and future career.

An Excellent Program Awaits You in Baton Rouge

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