Are you ready to make a move towards a lifelong career that will provide plenty of opportunities and competitive compensation? If so, then office administration training in Baton Rouge LA is exactly what you need. Opening the door to a number of roles ranging from customer service representative to administrative assistant, training at ITI Technical College will allow you to develop the skills that are necessary to be competitive in the job market.

What is Covered During an Office Administration Course?

When you train at ITI Technical College, you will develop all of the core skills that employers are looking for in administrative candidates. During the introduction of the course, you will learn about business workplace environments, business practices, and general office etiquette. From there, the real fun begins.

As an administrative professional you’ll need to have a strong understanding of basic computer functions and office software. One of the most important areas of your learning will be in applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. These programs are all critical in office environments, and even if you end up working with a different software suite, a foundation in the industry standard programs will help you to learn and adapt when necessary.

Written and verbal communication is taught during the course, with a strong focus on business and technical writing. You’ll learn how to create professional memos, emails, newsletters, webpages and more. Technical writing is more detailed and precise, and can be a huge benefit if you end up working in a role that requires you to take on responsibilities to do with finance or reporting.

In some roles, you may even be required to supervise others or delegate work. You will learn different management styles and principles, and these can even help you to interact with C-Suite executives and managers in any of the companies that you end up working for.

The course at ITI revolves around lectures, interactive lab workshops, and graded assignments. The structure of learning has been designed in a way that will allow you to gain all of the theoretical knowledge required to be an effective admin, while also giving you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice. You’ll have fun learning, and you’ll get excellent support from experienced tutors during your business office admin program.

Office Administration School

Possible Careers After an Office Administration Program in Baton Rouge Louisiana

If you’re interested in studying at our college, then you will no doubt be excited to learn about future career opportunities. Your qualification could lead to a diverse collection of roles, and you’ll become an even stronger candidate once you have some junior experience in the workforce.

Some graduates will take an entry level position, such as receptionist or general office clerk, before moving up into another position. One potential option for your future would be working as an emergency services dispatcher. This job can be fast paced, but will reward those who can work under pressure, and according to, the median salary of $38,000 is highly competitive with other career options.

If you end up enjoying admin work but want to be in a role that is dynamic and often challenging, then you may have a future as a corporate secretary or administrative assistant. The median salary for an administrative assistant is $36,500 according to, but this figure can skyrocket when you are assigned to a high level executive in a valuable company.

Your office administration role may even lead you to work in the postal or private courier industry. Postal service workers are extremely well compensated, with reporting a median salary of $56,790 in their latest figures.

Make a Move to Secure Your Future

All of these roles will challenge you and put your skills to excellent use, and the best way to get started on your career path is to enroll for training today. We’re currently accepting applicants for upcoming terms, and we’d love to hear from you. The application process is as easy as picking up the phone or applying online, and we’ll set things in motion for a one on one consultation to assess you and explore your options.

If you want to find a job that leads to a lifelong passion and career, then talk to us about our business office admin school today.


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