Information Technology Jobs are in demand! Employers nationwide are looking for Information Technology graduates with the necessary skills to propel their IT programs forward. Earn your degree and seek a job in these hot IT areas:

  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Security Specialist
  • IT Coordinator

Positions are available in a broad enough range of industries and companies for you to find a job that holds your career interests. Graduating from a quality associate degree program provides the knowledge and skills training for an entry-level job. In your search for an IT career specialty, the following five areas should be on your list. They provide fascinating job activities and competitive salaries.

Computer Support Specialist

Information Technology ProgramComputer support specialists provide technical assistance to computer users and a company’s customers. Employers value professionals who can perform these services:

  • Provide answers to technical questions
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Help prevent downtime
  • Enhance the use of hardware and software
  • Help with peripheral equipment
  • Enhance operating systems

The help-desk technician is another part of Information Technology Jobs that is in demand for most organizations. They respond to inquiries and questions by email, live chat, telephone, and text messages. These professionals listen carefully to customer problems, diagnose the issues, and help resolve the issues. Inquirers with limited Information Technology depend on these specialists to not only resolve their problems but relieve the frustration of figuring it out themselves.

Web Developer

Information Technology SchoolWeb developers spend their time creating and maintaining websites and the site’s technical components. They work for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations in many industries.

  • Developers ensure websites are visually appealing
  • These specialists make sure sites are easy to navigate
  • They work with the site’s performance and capacity
  • Developers control the site’s speed and traffic activities
  • They may also create content and pages for sites

Web developers work to ensure websites work efficiently and reliably to get the most bang for the buck for their employers. More of their duties include designing user interfaces and navigation menus, writing and reviewing code, and testing web applications. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth for web developers is projected at 13% from 2020 to 2030.

”Positions are available in a broad enough range of industries and companies for you to find a job that holds your career interests. Graduating from a quality associate degree program provides the knowledge and skills training for an entry-level job.”

Database Developer

Database developers create, administer, and troubleshoot computer databases. The databases typically process large amounts of information and data, store it, and secure it from intruders.

Information Technology AOS DegreeThese specialists generally work in the IT department and design data systems with code and web architecture. They are also responsible for analyzing and maintaining databases while implementing new user features. They further work to:

  • Assess a company’s data processing needs
  • Produce an appropriate digital infrastructure
  • Integrate old data systems into new databases
  • Provide ongoing technical support

Database developers help ensure easy access to databases for all company users.

IT Security Specialist

The role of an IT security specialist is to ensure secure IT networks and systems for their employer’s computer networks. They perform the following essential duties:

  • Limit or eliminate threats, cyber-attacks, and countermeasures
  • Install and configure security software to prevent problems
  • Respond to the cyber attacks and breaches, if any
  • Educate employees about data security and breaches
  • Protect all data assets

The responsibilities of security specialists are expanding and becoming more complex. They attempt to stay at least one step ahead of any cybercriminals by using the latest security measures.

IT Coordinator

Information Technology College in Baton RougeInformation technology coordinators help organizations maintain their computers, software, and network systems. They ensure the efficient and effective operation of all networks and:

  • Maintain systems so employees can work without issues
  • Troubleshoot problems that arise and find solutions for them
  • Manage website domains
  • Restore lost data
  • Purchase new equipment
  • Assist with building and maintaining databases

IT coordinators may also provide customer support, manage servers, create networks, and perform other services as necessary. If any of these five Information Technology Jobs fit into your career plans, contact ITI Technical College for details.

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