When most people think of Computer Assisted Design (CAD), or drafting education, one of the first things that come to mind for them is housing or commercial structure development. While design professionals most commonly use CAD software for structural engineering and building design but did you ever consider boat design? Designing a boat can be much more challenging than designing a house for many reasons, and boat design offers many rewarding career paths as well.

Boat Design with CAD Software

IMG_1015So, what is it that makes boats so much more complicated than houses? First, boats are a much more confined space to work with than a house, which puts some serious emphasis on getting it right the first time. When designing a boat you will need to make sure that you have adequate space for the engine, bilge pumps, and other critical systems. Improper design or measurement errors can have enormous consequences, and they are most definitely not something that you want to find yourself dealing with. You may not have to deal with the problem directly, but a mistake on your part could cost the builders and manufacturers thousands or even millions of dollars.

Not only do you need to consider sizing constraints when designing a boat, you also need to ensure your design is structurally sound and will float. Furthermore, the hull design must be optimized for fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. The design also needs to be aesthetically pleasing while accomplishing all of these technical feats.

The greatest benefit of using CAD software for your boat design is the simple fact that you can go back and edit the file at will, whereas you could never have done so with a paper blueprint. This allows you to correct any potential mistakes and it allows you to make improvements later on as the client requests. Whether these changes are making the hull a little bit bigger or adding room for more amenities, easy changes are something that you can accomplish with the right CAD software and the right experience.

Mastery of the Software is Critical

CAD is complex no matter how you want to slice it. Watching from a distance it might seem like simple software, and those who are experts at it definitely make it look like an absolute breeze to use. The truth, however, is that it does require significant training whether you are hoping to create a house, a skyscraper, or even a boat as we mentioned before. Thus, you will need to attend architectural drafting school to get started.

Attend Architectural Drafting School

ITI Technical College offers programs to teach individuals the proper and most effective CAD design techniques, whether you are designing a skyscraper or the next high-tech yacht. If you are ready to take your education to the next level and start designing the future of marine watercraft, then now is the perfect time to contact ITI Technical College and explore our course offerings. You may be shocked to find that we not only have the latest software and equipment for you but also offer financial aid to those who qualify. Invest in your education and enjoy a prosperous career in the marine CAD industry!



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