Office Administration

Working in an office requires patience, attention to detail, and possessing the necessary skills to further a career. People who have worked in an office know the responsibility surrounding the Office Administration area of work each day. There is a good chance people who have spent time working in an office wish they could just step into the shoes of management and receive recognition for their hard work.

Meeting Your Goals

Office Administration is about the time that goes into aiming for that next promotion and meeting your goals. Being the one in charge will give you the responsibility to have a bigger say in matters around the office and a higher chance of becoming noticed. Our classes will help you prepare to aim for these goals and help to prepare for your career.

What Responsibilities Can You Expect in the Office Administration Career Field?

Office Administration

When you start studying at our office admin school, you’ll learn about the duties you’ll be responsible for in this career field. These duties do depend on where you’re working and the needs of the company you work for, but they often include the following:


  • Budgeting – Keeping track of department expenses is vital in this industry and it requires having stellar math skills. Budgeting and meeting quarterly goals mean being able to invest in better systems or replace failing systems in a few years for the company. When you’re leading a team, it means being able to keep track of one of the most important resources in the company. Making even a small mistake in this area could mean serious problems for yourself and the company.


  • Scheduling – Time is money as they say and in office admin school you’ll learn it’s a precious commodity not everyone has in spades. In a perfect world, people would work when they’re available, but that’s not the truth, is it? There is a time when employees will have emergencies crop up or they may have doctor’s appointments they have scheduled. You’ll be responsible for managing the employee schedules and making sure work in the office is getting done in a timely fashion.


  • Inventory Management – Office supplies can range from pens to needing to order paper for the printer. You’ll need to be able to keep track of office supplies and order more when your department starts to run low.


  • Resource Management – Besides directing employees and making decisions, you’ll also be tasked with managing the resources for your department. When working on a project you need to ensure your office has the resources needed to complete it. Figuring out the kind of resources the office needs is not always a straightforward process either. You may find yourself in a position making negotiations with other office managers or higher-ups when it comes to utilizing key resources.


Moving Forward in the Career Field

Our office admin training prepares people to handle these tasks effectively and demonstrates how they’re applied to the office environment. Working in this career field is rewarding and once you’ve completed your courses you’ll be prepared to manage an office environment.

One of the caveats of studying in this career field is you will have to be dedicated to studying to gain the skills necessary to be applied to the real world. Office management means you’ll have the skill set to apply to companies which will be a stepping stone to reaching your goals.

We encourage potential students to look at our office administration school in Baton Rouge, LA to see an overview of our programs and the classes we must offer. We even have financial aid options available for those who qualify and we’re more than happy to look at them with you to help you get started on your new career.


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