We are hiring” signs are posted on the front windows of many businesses. Although many of these establishments need restaurant workers, other types of positions are in demand that are posted online. Office administration jobs are an example that may be advertised through employment agencies.

As new businesses start and established ones expand, the need for qualified office personnel grows. This includes receptionists, bookkeepers, office assistants, and office administrators to name a few. The complex business world of today demands new hires to be better prepared to meet the varied demands of each day. Those with an associate degree and experience have the advantage of getting hired over those with only experience.

The Role of Office Administration

Office Administration SkillsIn short, office leaders organize, maintain, and improve office practices and exhibit leadership skills with employees. Depending on the level of responsibility and authority, administrators’ work ranges from a set of basic routines to more complex higher-level duties.

An office administrator’s work is not boring, and each day brings new excitement in:

  • Coordinating activities with employees, management, and customers
  • Working to ensure efficiency and compliance to company policies
  • Supervising office staff and delegating responsibilities
  • Representing goals of management and owners to all stakeholders

An office administrator can act as an extension of the department or lower-level management. Goals are reached more effectively when the leaders and employees have the same goals as the company itself. Leaders work diligently to make this happen on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Indeed provides more details on what office administrators do.

The Benefits of an Associate Degree

Some benefits of earning an associate degree are obvious and others are not. They come into play once graduates display their knowledge and skills. Significant advantages include:

Obvious                                                   Not So Obvious

Computer Literacy                                     Ability to Adapt to Changes

Management Skills                                    Desire to Excel in Teamwork

Organization Skills                                     Knowledge of Business Ethics

Office Etiquette                                          Knowledge of Business Law

Communication and Writing Skills            Career Plans Are Expanded

Attitude of Supporting Company

One central benefit of graduating from college is the ability to understand and absorb larger quantities of new information. This means you’ve learned how to learn and plan more effectively. This ability goes a long way in working with a changing business world and all its complexities.

Management Expectations of New Employees

Graduating from college prepares new employees to better meet employer expectations. Many expectations are universal while others vary depending on the job, company, and industry. The typical office administrator must know how to perform these tasks:

Office Administration School

  • Carrying out clerical and administrative tasks
  • Coordinating appointments and meetings
  • Welcoming and directing visitors
  • Writing letters, memos, and emails
  • Answering phones and taking messages
  • Handling human resources as needed

Other work can include office finance, bookkeeping, and acting as a liaison to lower or middle management. Office personnel may also be asked to orient and train new employees to get them off to a good start. Other duties will be required to meet a company’s specific needs.

“As new businesses start and established ones expand, the need for qualified office personnel grows. This includes receptionists, bookkeepers, office assistants, and office administrators to name a few.”

How to Improve Once on the Job

There are meaningful ways to improve your skills and extend a college education. Engage in some activities at work, others off the job site, or on your own time. Try these ideas:

Office Administration College

  • Participate in more training and development seminars or classes
  • Take on new projects and challenges to sharpen your skills
  • Gain industry certifications and join work-related associations
  • Choose and work with an established mentor regularly
  • Volunteer to work with a charitable organization to gain new perspectives

Ask other employees and managers what they do to become a more valuable employee

Your Degree Is a Major Step in Personal Development

Earning a college degree is the ideal way to obtain a satisfying entry-level job. Obtain the benefits of college training by enrolling in our Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Office Administration Program.

You may pursue the Business Administration specialty or the Healthcare Administration specialty. Elective courses are available to gear your education to the type of job and career you desire. Now is a great time to pursue a college education to obtain a better life.

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