Want to start off in a career with plenty of opportunity in the work force and is personally rewarding as your experience grows? If you said “yes”, then you’re definitely going to be interested in office administration training in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The right education will allow you to work in a busy office in virtually any industry, and if you’ve been wondering exactly what you will learn during a certificate course, then the following is the information that you’ve been looking for.

What You Will Learn in an Office Admin Training Program in Baton Rouge

One year of full time study will allow you to graduate with a nationally recognized certificate that will allow you to compete with other applicants in the job market. The course will be intensive and full of information, but will reward those with dedication and a strong focus. From IT skills to basic administrative aptitude, the certificate course at ITI Technical College will allow you to be competent and confident in the following key areas of study.

Have you ever wanted to be able to influence others, know how to talk to people in the business hierarchy, and resolve disputes and conflicts within an office? Different aspects of the course will provide you with excellent interpersonal and business communication skills, allowing you to function in any office environment.

In addition to oral communication, the office admin training at ITI Technical College you will also prepare you for business writing and technical writing. Part of your future job could involve creating company memos, external communications, or writing official communications on behalf of senior managers and executives. You’ll learn the best and most efficient ways to convey messages and influence thought.

Office Admin Training

Your work as an office admin will mean that you’ll need to keep an impeccably accurate schedule, and at times you will need to create schedules for other team members, or even arrange travel details for staff when they are attending conferences, visiting clients, or traveling for any business related reason. During your study you’ll learn the most effective ways to manage your time as well as the time of others, allowing you to become a real asset to the company that employs you.

Everyday office life will involve plenty of time at a computer workstation, so you’ll need to develop your skills in computer literacy. You’ll get experience working with Microsoft Office, the world’s leading office productivity suite, as well as other key applications that are used by office administrators. Not only will the business office admin school provide you with skills in specific applications, but you’ll also learn to become adaptable, and quickly learn the functions of new software systems that might be unique to an organization. As your confidence with computers and software grows, you will find that you are able to easily and intuitively adapt to unfamiliar programs.

In addition to core subjects, you can also choose from two electives in during your certificate course. Do you want to develop skills in human resources, ethics, or even business law? These are just some of the examples of elective subjects that you can choose at ITI Technical College.

Act Now to Kick Start Your Career

If you want to get up to speed quickly with a program that will prepare you to be career ready and give many options to grow in the future, then business office admin training is one of the best courses for you and an added plus is the job market for office admins is stable with regular growth.

You can call us today or fill out the form. We’ll arrange to connect you with a knowledgeable admissions representative that will take you on a tour of the campus, provide additional information about the Office Administration as well as other program offerings. It ITI we have programs you’ll love that will provide you a lifetime of opportunity. Whether you’re a new high school graduate or you’re in a job that is no longer satisfying, and you’re ready go, let us know!


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