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Mastering Office Administration: The Backbone Of Business Operations

Office Tasks

Every successful business has an effective office administrator working behind the scenes. Administrative employees perform tasks needed for companies to function well. Most of these are too time-consuming for managers and owners to perform. Enroll today for the Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Office Administration at ITI Technical College. Administrative employees are just […]

The Best Career Options If You Have An Office Administration Certificate

Office Admin Certificate

Behind every great organization is a well-trained office administration department. Many vital decisions are made here for essential business functions and coordination with management. If you want to work in this dynamic atmosphere, you should enroll in a quality office administration certificate program. There are two options for professional training and education in office administration. […]

What Does An Office Administrator Do?

The Life Of An Office Administrator

Anyone aspiring to have an office administrator career should earn an associate degree and perform superbly in their first entry-level job. With more on-the-job training and experience, office assistants can move up the ladder to other administrative positions. An Office Administrator Career is an essential part of the management team of any organization. They assume […]

6 Reasons to Earn An Information Technology Degree

Information Technology Course

The U.S. is a nation of service occupations and providers and Information Technology is one of the major players in business and industry. While some careers are experiencing fewer work opportunities, positions for information technicians are going the other way. Earn an information technology degree to be more employable and find better jobs in many […]

Why Administrative Office Training Is So Valuable!

Office Administrator Skills

A wide variety of organizations depend on strong administrative staff to help them reach goals and ultimately be successful. Administrators and support staff do not gain all the knowledge and skills they need on their own time. They need quality training and experience from an accredited college and its program to excel on the job. […]

Why Administrative Office Training Is So Valuable

Pursue A Career Office Administration

Administrative office training will help you to be more efficient in your work and duties. Office Administrative employees from entry-level assistants to executive office administrators play valuable roles in virtually all organizations. From service businesses to manufacturing companies, the administrative staff serves as the backbone of office work. Much of their work is never seen […]

Why Office Administration Training Is a Critical Skill for Success

Office Technology Degree

Gone are the days when a new employee would be trained on the job without prior formal training and education. We live in a complex world today that requires new hires to be better educated than their parents’ generation. Office administration skills lie at the heart of any office manager’s or office assistant’s abilities and […]

5 Office Administration Careers Currently in Demand

Office Administration Degree

Each year, thousands of workers enter Office Administration Careers and Positions in many industries. The need for them is ongoing from the smallest business enterprise to the largest U.S. corporations. Their services are invaluable for company success from carrying out simple tasks to transacting large financial matters. According to Robert Half Talent Solutions, the office […]

What Do Office Administrators Do?

Office Administrador Associate

The Role Of Office Administrators is communication by responding to emails, texts, and phone calls to keep business activities running smoothly. Additional daily, weekly, and monthly duties include: Supervising office staff and coordinating company activities Supporting financial procedures and carrying out assignments for managers Submitting reports, proposals, presentations, and maintaining office supplies A well-organized and […]

Why Every Business Department Needs Well-Trained Office Administration Leaders

Trained Office Administrators

We often think of business success as high sales, low operating costs, expansions, or rising stock prices. These are all significant factors related to businesses remaining competitive. However, we cannot overlook the role that well-trained office administrators and staff play in the overall scheme of things in small businesses to large corporations. The office staff […]

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