As our economy becomes stronger, more residential and commercial construction jobs are opening up nationwide. Now is a great time to enter a career in Construction Management for several reasons. Demand and salaries are up, technology is improving construction efficiency, and potential rewards have never been higher.

For those of you interested in this career, we will explore more in detail about:

  • Why residential and commercial construction is booming
  • Where to find the greatest job opportunities
  • What a typical manager’s day looks like
  • How much you can expect to earn annually
  • Why you should earn an associate degree

2021 Construction Management Job Opportunities

Why Residential and Commercial Construction Is Booming

The main reason residential construction is booming is that demand for homes is outpacing the current supply. There are more factors contributing to this growth, including:

  • Each rising generation needs housing: single-family homes, townhouses, apartments
  • Interest rates are low enough to attract buyers in virtually all states
  • The virus pandemic is beginning to show signs of slowing down
  • Many homeowners are reluctant to sell their homes or move

At the beginning of 2020, construction companies predicted a 3% nationwide growth in single-family houses. They were all surprised when the gain was actually 10% by the end of the year.

Even though many businesses closed during the past year, commercial construction projects are also booming. When cities and neighborhoods grow, more residents demand for products and services grows along with them.

Where to Find the Greatest Opportunities for Managers

There are several ways to determine the best opportunities for Construction Managers. Highest salaries, number of available projects, top companies, and projected growth rate are among them. These lists show the top 10 states and cities for construction work in random order.

States (by highest salaries) Cities (by number of projects)
Minnesota Chicago
California St. Louis
Hawaii Kansas City
Massachusetts Milwaukee
Washington San Jose
Alaska San Francisco
Connecticut New York
New York Los Angeles
Rhode Island Minneapolis
Oregon Cleveland


Contact your college job placement office or employment office if you want to find work in your local area or state not included in the lists above.

Job Opportunities After Construction Management Degree In Baton Rouge

As the U.S. economy grows stronger, more management jobs will open.

“Now is a great time to enter a career in Construction Management for several reasons. Demand and salaries are up, technology is improving construction efficiency, and potential rewards have never been higher.””

What a Typical Day Looks Like for Assistant Construction Leaders

The one constant in a day’s work for an Assistant Construction Manager is the days start early. No two days in a row are alike because projects differ and there are many variables to handle. The morning may start in the office, on the job site, or by meeting with a client or supplier.

Here are the typical tasks to be performed on any given day for residential or commercial work:

¨      Study the plans, and check to see if the project is on schedule, and within budget.

¨      Hire subcontractors as needed and tell them what you expect.

¨      Meet with clients, inspectors, and work crews to coordinate the work.

¨      Determine how to maximize available resources and human talent.

¨      Negotiate contracts, make workers safe and comply with state and federal laws.

Besides your college training, your supervisor will provide more on-the-job training.

How Much You Can Expect to Earn in a CM Job

The Best Colleges For Construction Management Degree

If you’re like most people, you want to know how much Construction Managers earn yearly.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), managers with a degree and experience earned a median salary of $97,180. New, entry-level Assistant Construction Managers will start at a reduced salary.

Why You Should Earn an Associate Degree in Construction Management

 This is a great time to earn an Associate Degree in Construction Management. Residential building demand is high because there is a shortage of homes to buy. The projected growth rate for managers is also higher than the average of other careers. Get your degree, go to work, and enjoy a better life!

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