Construction management is a very diverse field that has managed to pull in people from all different walks of life whether they’re from the engineering field, project management, or any other field. While the field is very lucrative at the moment, we’re still left with one very important question: what does it mean to be involved in construction management? What can you expect from the field? Today we’re going to look at a potential construction manager’s daily life that you might experience on the job after obtaining your construction manager certification.

Construction Management – It’s All About Planning

The first thing we want to say is that there is not necessarily a typical ‘day’ for a construction manager. One day you could be meeting with the stakeholders or owners of the property, and the next you could spend the entire day at the job site evaluating existing problems. That isn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but with that in mind we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of jobs that construction managers are expected to do on a daily basis:

Skills For A Construction Manager's Daily Life
Construction Management Skills

* Plan, Organize, Direct, Schedule, and Finish the Projects

* Hire Staff

* Hire Subcontractors

* Prepare/Submit Budges

* Maximize Resources

* Ensure Safety

* Negotiate Contracts

As far as the schedule is concerned, most contractors work on a normal construction timeline. In other words, they typically need to be awake by 6:00 AM, and their days are usually split between the job site and administrative work.

Necessary Skills For A Construction Manager’s Daily Life

There are some obviously required skills, such as practical knowledge and job experience, but there are some innate skills that a construction manager should be expected to have in order to do their job effectively. For example, they need to be outstanding at communication, they need to be accessible, and most importantly, they need to be competent. These are skills that simply cannot be taught, they need to come pre-engrained, and they are extremely valuable on any job site.

A Different Construction Manager’s Daily Life Every Day

A Construction Manager's Daily Life
A Construction Manager’s Daily Life

The most important thing that you should take away from this, is that it’s not a boring job. It’s going to challenge you in ways you hadn’t even considered. This isn’t your typical office job and it’s definitely not retail. You aren’t going to be sitting at a desk every single day hoping that the clock runs out. Instead, you’re going to be out there, in the field, and essentially making your own schedule. In the end, the goal is going to be to make sure that the job gets done right the very first time. It’s not easy, and it’s not a job that every person can do. Don’t worry, that’s what they have you for.

Get the Right Education

If you want to jump into the field of construction management you’re going to need a strong educational foundation, and ITI Technical College can provide exactly that. Contact us today for more information and to really, truly get started.



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