4 Reasons to Earn a Degree in Process Technology

Students who want to work in the process technology field have many options, here we present some reasons to earn a degree in Process Technology. An Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Process Technology will put you in a better position to obtain an entry-level job in a wide range of industries. Most jobs are available in four essential industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment
  • Power Plants
  • Oil and Gas

Graduates can expect to begin their careers as process technicians, and with experience move up to assistant plant managers. Others, who become skilled enough over time, can move into a plant operator’s position. The following pros of earning an Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Process Technology program should provide enough information to help you with your career decision.

Employees in Process Technology Have Stable Careers

The four industries mentioned above are essential in our business world and economy. They have been around for decades and provide us with necessary products and services, and they should remain stable enterprises.

We depend on manufactured goods such as computers, phones, cars, food, beverages, and furniture in our daily lives.

Electricity powers America’s homes, businesses, and electronic devices. Oil and gas exploration, refining, and delivery are ‘must-have’ products to keep our cars, homes, and businesses running.

In the current world economy, job security is cherished by millions of U.S. citizens. To work in a stable industry is everyone’s dream and working as a process technician is one of those coveted positions.

Industries to Find Employment as a Process Technician

Earn A Degree In Process Technology
Earn A Degree In Process Technology

So far, we’ve mentioned four essential industries that drive our economy, but many others need skilled process technicians, including:

  • Chemical – Chemicals, including plastics, are part of our everyday lives. We need them for phones, computers, TV housings, doorbells, paints, and much more.
  • Pharmaceuticals – We all need over-the-counter and prescription medications.
  • Pulp and Paper – Wood pulp is used for mulch, textiles, printer paper, notebooks, labels, cardboard, envelopes, and boxes.
  • Electronics – What would we do without electronics? We depend on laptops, phones, doorbells, auto electrical systems, televisions, and communication equipment.
  • Solar Power – This growing industry provides renewable and sustainable energy which is one of the solutions to our energy crisis.

All of these industries and plants need process technicians and operators to operate their systems effectively, efficiently, and safely.

“Students who want to work in a process technology career have many options. An Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Process Technology will put you in a better position to obtain an entry-level job in a wide range of industries.”


Business and Industry Relies on Process Technology

As an essential part of their operations, organizations rely on process technology to process and produce parts, products, and services. Technicians operate, test, monitor, and report on many different types of process devices and equipment. Process Technology is necessary to manufacture the cars we drive and the phones we use in our everyday lives.

As our economy recovers from the pandemic, we will see a resurgence of manufactured goods for domestic and international consumption. Companies spend billions each year on research and development and purchasing new equipment to improve production output.

Technicians learn to operate new equipment effectively so operations are efficient and safe for employees and consumers. Business and industry simply cannot exist without the latest production and process methods operated by process technicians. 

There Are Excellent College Programs Available

Reasons To Become A Process Technician
Reasons To Become A Process Technician

You do not need to look far to find a quality Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Process Technology program.  At ITI Technical College, we offer an award-winning program endorsed by the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA). Our program will help prepare you for an entry-level job in Process Technology.

Faculty, staff, and administrators alike are dedicated to student success in all of their college programs. Contact us today for more information.

After graduation, you will be prepared to operate industrial process devices and equipment in an entry-level job. Graduates can apply their abilities in aeronautics, ceramics, chemicals, foods, metals, petroleum, power, pulp and paper, and textiles. Enroll soon and start reaping the benefits of an education in Process Technology.

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