Medical billing is simply the top payment practice used within the United States health system. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will use it to follow up on claims, sending the proper information to insurance companies so that they can receive the payment due to them for the services that they render to the patient.

Up until recently, medical billing was done completely on paper, but thanks to new software, the process has gotten much more efficient, with the ability to manage and submit claims for thousands of people without a single problem. We’re going to quickly go over four things that you need to know when you’re going into the medical billing and coding industry.

It’s a Bridge Between the Provider and the Insurance Company

Medical billing and coding is quite literally the bridge between your place of employment and the insurance company. This is the process by which you would send an invoice to the insurance company and request a payment. The invoice is known as a claim, and the result of the claim will depend heavily on the situation. For example, in some cases, the insurance company will pay for the entire thing and in others, the patient will need to pay a part of the fee – a process known as co-paying.

As a Medical Biller, You Protect the Bottom Line

codingWhen you work on the billing side of the business your job is to send the codes to the insurance company, but you need to do so much more than that. Your job is quite literally to help save the practice money, so if you find a code that you are unsure about, ask the physician what procedures were performed. You will make sure that everything is being billed accurately and that none of the practice’s resources are being wasted.

You’ll Use Specialized Software

In medical billing, you will be utilizing specialized software. With this software, you will process patient data, which means treatment records, diagnosis, and other related information. Something to keep in mind is that while this might sound simple, it can become very complex if you are dealing with thousands of patients. The right software will not only help you to keep it under control but will help you to keep it all organized. It sounds like a dream, but it’s not. You can easily streamline billing activities all the way from claim submission to insurance management and billing.

Medical Billing Can be Outsourced

ITI Technical College LogoA little-known fact is that sometimes, medical billing may be outsourced to another company. Right now, there are far fewer hospitals than there were in the last decade, and many hospitals are finding themselves to be a bit lacking in the cash flow area. That being the case, many of them will outsource medical billing and coding to outside companies so that they get a lower price and are not forced to pay for employee benefits.

If you complete training for medical procedure codes and decide to jump into the billing side of the industry, then you might do well to look for a company that provides services to a hospital rather than working directly for the hospital. It will allow you to work for many different facilities at once and ensure ongoing employment.

As you can see, medical billing is a rather complex affair and it is one that needs to be handled by the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals. If you‘re ready to take it on, contact ITI Technical College today and get started with your new education!



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