ITI Technical College can prepare you for a rewarding and profitable career in construction management. In fact, our construction management training school in Baton Rouge has churned out numerous graduates – that have gone on to promising and established careers in construction. With industry-leading teachers, guides, and hands-on training; students are effectively prepared to tackle all constructional management challenges and obstacles. If you are already in the construction industry – but are stagnating due to a lack of projects – now may be the right time to enter a truly competitive and vibrant industry with a wealth of new opportunities.

The Benefits of Construction Management Training

Construction Management TrainingThere are several benefits associated with construction management training programs. For one, we prepare students for enriching careers in fast-paced and challenging environments. We also help them understand and master all aspects of construction management for short and long-term projects. This includes pre-construction and materials planning, along with task delegations and obtaining the right licenses. Students also get to learn about city planning ordinances, architectural design, construction graphics, and nearly every aspect of management and talent procurement. This allows them to tap into a wealth of new opportunities that can easily span several niches, industries, and sectors.

As a fully licensed and professional construction manager, you will learn how to oversee all project aspects and details from start to finish. This includes managing employees, and teams, and working with sub-contractors. Your job also includes complete project overseeing, compliance, and selecting the right tools and machinery that are specific to each job. You will also be tasked with maintaining all project guidelines – and seeing that every detail correlates with overall company directives and goals. While this is a lot to deal with, it’s exactly what is expected of construction managers in this ever-changing industry and extremely challenging market.

Construction Manager Duties in Baton Rouge

Our construction management school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is committed to excellence in all courses and tuition. In fact, our instructors always stay abreast of the latest industry trends and developments. This includes energy-efficient construction mandates, along with environmentally friendly and “green” materials use for residential or commercial building purposes. Students also receive timely guidance, examinations, quizzes, tests, and everything it takes to prepare them for a rewarding career in construction management. With the construction industry continuing to soar at alarming rates – the demand for managers and overseers is truly at an all-time high. Why not take advantage of our classes that not only teach you what you need to know –but also prepare you to manage your own projects or firm one day? As part of your training courses, you will learn how to further your career by mastering the following duties:

  • * Project Management – As a construction manager, your main job will be to manage all project details and particulars. This includes filing essential paperwork while ensuring teams are performing their tasks up to industry standards. Management also includes delegation of duties, employee monitoring, and ordering the right materials and components that are project-specific and meet all environmental and city ordinance guidelines and mandates.


  • ITI Technical College* Project Compliance – Project compliance is designed to ensure all jobs meet local, state, and federal guidelines. This includes public and worker safety protocols, environmental guidelines, building codes, safety precautions, and anything and everything related to securing a safe and compliant structure. However, there are different mandates in place for residential, commercial or industrial building projects. It is up to the project manager to implement, incorporate, and oversee all particulars related to meeting full guidelines across the board.


Start Your New Career in Construction Today

At ITI Technical College, we have the tools and expertise to help you start your new career in construction today. We also specialize in helping construction workers advance their skills while learning the latest techniques in construction project management. Simply visit our website today to learn more about our well-rounded construction management program in Baton Rouge today.


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