How Drafting and Design Are Used In Product Development

Any new product begins with an idea that eventually blossoms into a complete product. Whether it is successful or not, the product goes through successive stages of development. After the drafting and design in the Product Development stage are completed, it is made into a prototype model. It becomes a working model ready for market after trial and error sessions.

Today’s drafting and design experts rely on advanced software products like computer-aided drafting (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Some manual drafting and drawing techniques may be used, but advanced computer work has taken dominance. We will look at these two software products including their benefits, successful company applications, and a glimpse of their future.

What Are CAD And CAM Software?

Advanced Software Products Used In Commercial Computer Applications
Advanced Software Products Used In Commercial Computer Applications

CAD and CAM are advanced software products used in commercial computer applications to design and manufacture parts, components, and completed or final products.

CAD software uses lines, points, and circles to create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) shapes and drawings. Users can generate surfaces and contours to define shapes and objects.

CAD software also makes a major contribution to manufacturing processes by transferring newly created designs to CAM for producing parts and products.

CAM software takes a completed CAD design to create a usable machine language to process the designed part. After the CAM software is programmed for parameters, the part may be made on a lathe, milling machine, router, or some other equipment. The software controls:

  • CNC water jets
  • Plasma machines
  • Laser equipment
  • CNC turning machines

Computer-aided manufacturing determines where these tools cut and remove material and at what cutting feeds and speeds to use.

Benefits Of CAD And CAM In Product Development

Drafting and design software provides many benefits over manual drafting and manufacturing:

  • They remove many human errors and design flaws in all stages of development.
  • Time cycles between initial concepts and product completion are substantially reduced.
  • Cost cycles during these same phases are also substantially reduced.
  • Productivity and time to market are both sped up.
  • During the last 40 years, CAD and CAM have produced exponential gains in the quantity and quality of products.
  • View designs from a variety of directions and representations with the click of a mouse.

CAD and CAM users like the versatility of these computer applications because they can make virtually limitless changes and modifications. There are no erasing lines or starting all over from scratch because the software does it fast and easily for users.

One of their most significant contributions is the ability to design a complex machine without the need to prototype it. The manufacturing industry also experiences faster production with fewer mistakes and material waste. In short, the benefits of CAD and CAM software are amazing because they increase efficiency, safety for employees, and productivity.

“Today’s drafting and design experts rely on advanced software products like computer-aided drafting (CAD) and computer-aided                                          manufacturing (CAM) software.”


Using Drafting And Design In Product Development

Using Drafting And Design In Product Development
Using Drafting And Design In Product Development

Professional drafters and designers use CAD software as well as other professionals, including:

  • Engineering Companies – Engineers use CAD to design parts, machines, and manufacturing methods for managers and clients. They create preliminary drawings and visualize concepts with software.
  • Architectural Firms – Architects design shopping centers, government offices, homes, bridges, and infrastructure. These professionals typically use CAD to create finished virtual models and presentations.
  • Manufacturing Companies – Employees of manufacturing companies such as Ford Motor Company and General Electric depend on the latest versions of CAD. Their products face stiff competition from other companies and must perform flawlessly.
  • Naval Architects and Marine Engineers use CAD to design military and freighter ships, offshore rigs, cruise liners, and vehicles and equipment used on oceans and rivers.

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