So you’ve been working in offices for a while now, and you think it’s time to take the next step up. You’ve seen the office administrator at your office, and you know you could do their job once you’ve been trained. However, you’re worried about how long it will take. You don’t want to take time out from your career to retrain, and you can’t give up work full time. However, it’s still possible to train in a reasonable length of time. Here’s how.

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The Factors That Affect Your Office Administrator Training

The time it takes to train in office administration will depend on several factors. Every learner is different, so you’ll have your own projected timeframe for training. These factors include:


  • * Your current qualifications: You may already have some qualifications under your belt, which will help you get ahead when it comes to your training. You may have to take fewer classes to be properly qualified.


  • * The time you can commit: If you can work full-time towards a qualification, then the time needed will be shorter. You can easily learn in a part-time course, but it will take longer overall.


  • * Your specialization: You may want to specialize in one kind of office admin, such as real estate or hospitality. The skill sets are slightly different, so they may affect the time spent in training.


The Length of A Course

Again, the length of your training will again depend on the kind of course you take. As a basic guide though, here’s how long each qualification will take:

  • * Certificate: 15 months


If you’re not sure which one is right for you, there’s no need to worry. You can get in touch with us and discuss your options. You’ll be surprised at how accessible office admin training can be.

What You’ll Learn to Become an Office Administrator

Ok, so you’re already working in an office environment, so what could you possibly learn on a course? There’s actually a lot that you’ll need to learn before you can be managing your own department. Here are a few skills you’ll develop while in education.


  • Office AdministratorPeople management: Working with employees is a whole different beast from working with co-workers. You’re the person who needs to motivate them, ensure they’re on task, and settle disputes when they arise. You may not always be their friend, and you’ll learn how to manage without losing people’s respect.


  • * Time management: Your job load increases dramatically when you become an office admin. You’ll be juggling several jobs at once, all while keeping your department happy. You’ll learn how and what to delegate, and how to manage the large workload you still have.


  • * Budgeting skills: You’ll be in charge of a whole department’s budget as an admin. You’ll need to make sure your office has all the resources it needs, all while ensuring you have enough left over at the end of the quarter. It’s a harder job than it looks, and you’ll need to be excellent at it.


  • * Scheduling: Can you manage a busy schedule? How about one where you’re managing other people’s time? You’ll learn how to keep your entire department staff, all while ensuring everyone gets their allotted hours. It’s harder than it looks.


Time To Study

Convinced that a course is for you? Then you’ll be welcome at ITI Technical College. We’re the experts at getting people into the careers they want, and getting them up the ladder. Check out what we have to offer. We can help you gain the skills in office admin school to really get ahead. The job you really want is within your reach!


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