Medical Billing and Coding Education

Training in medical coding can open doors for you in the healthcare industry, and with a healthy amount of jobs available throughout the country, it’s also a safe bet when you’re looking for a rapid path towards employment. Training for a medical coding job can be completed in a short time, and courses are open to college applicants as well as professionals who are wanting to make a change from the industry or role that they’re currently in.

ITI Technical College is an ideal place to start training for your medical career, and enrolment for our medical coding training school should be the first step on your new career path. The following information will help you to decide if medical billing and coding is right for you, while giving you an idea of what it will take to make it in the industry.

Education is Critical to Finding Employment

Medical Billing and Coding

Employers looking for coders will always prefer those who have at least a high school degree, and a recognized certificate in medical coding or billing. ITI Technical College can provide the right course that will ensure that you meet this requirement.

Certification follows an intensive period of academic tutoring and hands-on education. By combining structured lessons with practical application, you will get a strong feel for the demands of the job in the real world.

During your coding course you will learn diagnostic and coding, medical billing, the terminology that is used in coding, as well as specific areas of medical coding that relate to insurance providers and HMO organizations. Remember that a core part of your role as a medical coder is to ensure that records are accurate, and that patients get the best care and service; so attention to detail is key to everything that you do in the industry. You will also need to have a strong understanding of biology and physiology, as this will help you to better understand medical terminology and documents that need to be translated into standardized billing and medical code.

At ITI, you will find that you will always have support from the faculty when it comes to your learning, and of course you will also have a support network of student peers throughout your medical billing and coding education. Learning to work together with other students will be invaluable when you enter the workforce, as teams of medical coders also work closely together to ensure accuracy on the job.

Are There Requirements for Studying at ITI Technical College?

Our medical coding school in Baton Rouge follows a 12-month undergraduate certificate course. High school graduates can apply for the course, and special consideration may be given to other applicants. For those moving from another profession, experience and previous education will be taken into account.

medical coding school in Baton RougeCourse fees are highly competitive with other educational providers, and federal and private education loans are available for the course. Talk to us if you require financial assistance and we will help you to determine your options and the level of assistance that you qualify for. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to study with us so that you can begin a successful career.

Overall, it’s not difficult to begin your training as a medical coder, but the course will take hard work and dedication. However, with the right curriculum and the level of support that ITI Technical College can provide you, you can be sure that your focus will pay off with a well-earned certificate, and job prospects that are far better than many other professions. Throughout America, the job market for coders will increase by up to 15% over the next eight years, which is significantly higher than the 5% growth seen in other industries.

Call us today to discuss enrollment, so that you can be prepared for the upcoming term. A rewarding career is just a simple phone call away, and if you’re ready for real success in the healthcare industry then a medical billing and coding education is the quickest way to get in the door.


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