HVAC Service TrainingIt makes sense that a large commercial building like a hospital wouldn’t run on the same HVAC unit and require the same HVAC service as the unit that runs your two thousand square foot home, right? So why would anyone expect to receive a one size fits all training for residential and commercial HVAC systems? Here at ITI Technical College, we’ll make sure that you get the thorough and proper training required for those special types of commercial buildings that inevitably will require relatively consistent HVAC Service.

Consider the ramifications of a large office building or a hospital without properly functioning HVAC systems: discomfort, health risk, inefficiencies, financial drain, and decreased productivity are all consequences of a commercial environment functioning with a broken HVAC system.

To us, this says two things: it’s important work, and it will continue to be a growing industry right along side growing technology as these buildings continue to be used. In other words, in case you were concerned: HVAC Service training for commercial buildings will never be an irrelevant career – you will always have work.

Our HVAC Service Training Program

If you want to dive into the world of commercial HVAC, get your HVAC certification, and secure a life long career that you will love, can depend on, and continue to learn in – look no further than ITI Technical College‘s HVAC Service Training. Our HVAC programs at ITI are designed to give adult students of all ages the opportunity to learn the concepts and practices of commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment, as well as the electrical technology required to work in this vital and ever-growing industry.

Our teachers are industry experienced experts, and do everything within their power to work closely with student on their level to give them the personalized tools and attention needed to guide them towards success. All students will be exposed to the fundamentals of HVAC, including heat transfer, refrigerants, safe work practices, electricity and all regulations surrounding the use of these systems. Lastly, HVAC certification exams are given during the program to allow the student to obtain industry competencies as they go.

Supporting Courses and Other Opportunities to Learn

ITI Technical CollegeAnyone in the HVAC Service industry is well aware of the fact that servicing the unit is important, but a small part of the job. In addition to learning the HVAC systems and service, our students will be equipped to learn much more in order to support their efforts and guide them toward success in the field post-graduation. Relevant courses in electrical safety, motor controls, basic and advanced programmable logic controllers, national electric code, wiring methods and lighting, introduction to PC office applications, introduction to computer networking, classes in technical writing and workplace communications, and other optional elective courses are available to enhance the learning experience.

Each of these facets will leave students well equipped to tackle any problem before, during or after service – whether it be a problem with the unit itself, a communication issue within the company, or the ability to indicate another issue. In these cases, each of our certified technicians should be confident in guiding their customer in the right direction, recommending the proper service technician to handle the job (like an electrician, or an IT specialist).

Does a stable, vitally important position in commercial HVAC system servicing sound like a good fit for you? Are you looking for a program that will provide much more than the bare essentials to equip you for the field, and a school that will do everything it can to support you in every aspect of the learning experience? Would you like more information?

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