As you look to change your life and advance your career, you should consider looking at industrial maintenance technician jobs and pursuing a career in this field. While the economy is booming and jobs are plentiful, it is important to ‘shop around’ so to speak, and ensure you are receiving competitive pay in a growing industry. If not, pursuing a career in industrial maintenance could bring you the things your current career is lacking. First, though, you should understand what an industrial maintenance technician’s job entails. Today we are going to spend some time looking at the tasks that an industrial maintenance technician might be expected to fulfill daily.

The Company Repair Expert

When you are in your home and the air conditioner breaks, you immediately call for an HVAC specialist. Fortunately, this is something that does not happen terribly often, but imagine if it did. Imagine if your air conditioner broke down at least once per week and you needed to call for help. This is a reality for most businesses but on a much larger scale! Assembly lines, conveyor belts, HVAC systems, and more could easily break down, and when these mechanical breakdowns occur, production operations might have to cease. This causes delays, financial losses, and plenty of headaches for everyone involved. As a result, companies need to make sure that they have an experienced maintenance technician on site who is highly qualified to work on all the machinery within the facility. This is where an industrial maintenance technician comes in.

Industrial Maintenance Technician

The Responsibilities of the Maintenance Technician

We do not have time to get into every single potential industry that a maintenance technician might work in, and many of the responsibilities will be the same across the various industries. Some of the tasks you will perform include:

* Product Changeovers for Custom Production Equipment

* Troubleshooting Electronic/Mechanical Issues

* Repairing Electronic Issues

* Repairing Mechanical Issues

* Work on Creating Documentation pertaining to the Equipment

* Create Preventative Maintenance Work Orders

This is just a short list of the expectations that would be placed upon you when you are working an industrial maintenance job, and as you can see, there are many tasks and responsibilities. Perhaps the most important thing for you to remember here is that this will not be a cushy office job. When you take on this position, you will need to be skilled with hand tools, mathematics, and complex systems. Most importantly, you must also not be afraid to get your hands dirty. Even at the higher levels, you will be down in the trenches working alongside your employees. To put it simply, this is not a ‘white-collar’ type of career path.

Getting into the Field

There is no shortage of need when it comes to graduates in industrial maintenance programs. By gaining an industrial maintenance education, you will be opening yourself up to a bright future in a field with plenty of room for advancement. The best part is that you will not be limited to one single industry. You will have lots of options, and before you know it, you will find yourself in an amazing career. Before you can do that, however, you will need to make sure that you have the right education.

ITI Technical College offers students a high-quality education taught by passionate instructors who have extensive, real-world experience in many different industries. In addition to that, we allow you to train in environments like those that you will encounter in the field, making this a perfect opportunity for you to break into the world of process technology. Now would be a great time for you to contact us and see what we have to offer for your education and your future career. Also, keep in mind that financial aid is available to those who qualify, so do not let your finances dissuade you. You want to brighten your future, and we have the tools to help you do it!




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