A trained workforce is crucial to sustaining a healthy manufacturing industry. For this reason, those who wish to become industrial maintenance technicians must undergo extensive technical training. ITI Technical College offers an Industrial Instrumentation Certificate that equips trainees with the ability to maintain, install, and troubleshoot mechanical drives as well as fix industrial equipment.

Once you graduate from ITI’s program, you will have gained hands-on experience and accompanying learning theory. We recognize that this is one of the most sought-after jobs in the industry, so we ensure that our students acquire extensive technical skills in preparation for a fulfilling career.

If you are keen on working in an industry where you can constantly hone and develop your skills, the Industrial Instrumentation and Industrial Maintenance industries are ideal. Furthermore, ITI Technical College’s certificate programs will help guide you in the right direction. Here is why industrial maintenance technicians play a crucial role in a plant.

Performing Repairs

If you intend to work as an industrial technician, you will constantly be on standby to fix machines that develop mechanical issues. For minor issues, such as replacing broken parts in a machine, you will perform the repair onsite and enable production to continue.

However, when it comes to major breakdowns of equipment, you may have to perform refinery-wide investigations. For instance, when an oil refinery stops functioning, you will likely have to utilize industrial drawings to identify the source of the issue and fix faulty equipment.

You will also use manufacturers’ manuals to dismantle, repair, and reassemble the faulty equipment. For this role, you will need to be a multi-talented person with a particular skill set that can keep machinery and equipment functioning at peak performance.

Industrial Maintenance

Offering Advice

As a maintenance technician, you will play an important role in a plant through your advice. You will find that most companies seek consultation from their maintenance technician before buying new equipment and machinery.

For instance, a hydroelectric plant may ask you to propose the most dependable and cost-efficient hydro-machines to purchase. In this role, you will rely on your industry knowledge and experience with different machines and equipment to advise your company accordingly.

In some instances, you will perform market research by visiting different manufacturers and evaluating different brands to identify the one that meets company specifications.

Conduct Maintenance

Graduates who land a career in this profession must maintain all equipment to improve effectiveness and prevent malfunctions that could result in costly repairs. For instance, a technician can collaborate with personnel to inspect engines and ensure they are functioning optimally.

Where necessary, technicians must also remember to clean the equipment and grease any moving parts. Bear in mind that you will need to maintain records of the maintenance activities.

Training Personnel

When a production or manufacturing company employs new millwrights, a trained technician will be in a position to conduct onsite training with the aim of helping them become familiar with vital job functions.

Students who successfully earn ITI Technical College’s Industrial Instrumentation Certificate will be in a position to train millwrights on routine repairs for light-duty machines, and with additional on-the-job training will be able to provide training for more complex repairs that entail reassembling and dismantling machines.

You will also be responsible for educating the new hires on workplace health and safety practices while demonstrating how to wear or use the protective gear including safety glasses and hard hats.


Another major responsibility of this position is troubleshooting systems that have broken down. Your employer will expect you to know everything concerning the technical systems. Fortunately, ITI Technical College’s Industrial Instrumentation Certificate program will equip students with the knowledge to identify a problem and deduce its causes in a short time.

Read Manuals

Knowing how to read technical manuals in this profession is crucial because it will help you understand the equipment you will be handling on a daily basis. These manuals help identify the location of elements as well as common issues and solutions. Furthermore, they offer instructions on locating and testing specific problems.

Are you considering a career in industrial maintenance? ITI Technical College’s curriculum will give you the platform you need to thrive in your chosen career.



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