For over forty years we have taught, trained, and equipped technicians who have since gone nationwide with their experience. From medical coding and billing to business office admin training, construction management, and electrical technology, we offer a whole gamut of technology-based career options. We even offer scholarships and financial aid to those struggling to make ends meet because we want your dreams for higher education to come true. By making the big decision to attend the office admin training, you are saying “yes” to success.

Do you want to enter a field that practically promises a career after graduation? Unfortunately, many students overlook this important fact when they go to school for their degrees. Studies showed that in 2015, only around 14% of college graduates actually obtained jobs that corresponded to their course of study. The great news is that business and medical administrators are virtually always needed. There are always offices, schools, and projects that must be managed and overseen.


ITI’soffice admin training goals

Office Administration School in Baton Rouge

Our mission is to cultivate your passion and show you how to excel in your skills and vocation, whether it is for a better payday or a blooming career after college. We want you to be able to fulfill your dreams in a shorter amount of time. There is no need to spend 7-8 years studying and taking exams. We make professionals in a short amount of time by teaching you all you need to know about your field of study and giving you the hands-on experience you will need after you graduate. Once you begin your career, you will possess a wealth of knowledge on which you can reflect, and continue to learn.

Choose your administrative path

We offer several different administrative avenues at ITI Technical College and when you arrive on campus to enroll you will need to decide which one you wish to pursue. Would you prefer to focus your administrative skills in business administration or healthcare administration? While they are much the same, there are differences. It is unlikely that you will hear a medical diagnosis while supervising a school, but you will surely hear it if you are overseeing a hospice center or a physician’s practice. Once you have made up your mind about where you would like to end up, then your classes can focus specifically on that avenue.

What does the Office Administration program in Baton Rouge, LA prepare you for?

When you become an administrator of a business, health center, or school, you will be responsible for:

Office Admin TrainingEmployee management: You will be in charge of the people that fall within your department. You must be sure they can meet deadlines and are focused on their work. Their behavior reflects your leadership. You are held responsible for both their successes and their shortcomings.

Scheduling: You must be disciplined, organized, and able to not only live by a schedule but create one as well. It is your job to keep everything at the office running smoothly and on schedule, as well as create the employees’ schedules and be sure they can adhere to it.

Resource management: You are also responsible for overseeing the material things in the office and being sure that they are being utilized responsibly and ethically. If not, you are to blame.

Inventory management: The company is counting on you to keep tabs on the inventory of stock in the supply room. When anything is running low, you must be sure to mark it so it can be replenished.

Budgeting: You are in charge of the finances as well. This requires that you have decent math abilities as there is little room for error. Over-spending is a problem.

A reputable Office Administration School in Baton Rouge will prepare and equip you on how to best manage the job.


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