Are you in a job that you don’t enjoy, or one that is not providing you with career progression options? If you want to put some excitement back into your professional life, with excellent future prospects, then you should consider medical coding school at the ITI Technical College. Providing you with the skills that you need to enter an exciting and ever growing industry, a certificate in medical coding could be your ticket into the healthcare industry.

What is Medical Coding?

You can think of medical billing and coding as a way to translate patient records into a standardized format that literally every medical institution will recognize. Coding can include keeping records of a patient’s previous illnesses and symptoms, along with their diagnosis information, procedures carried out, and even the medications that they have been prescribed. These codes are not only essential so that the patient can receive appropriate treatment, but they are also used by insurance companies and HMO’s to ensure that the patient receives the coverage that they are entitled to.

Why is Coding So Important?

You can probably imagine the chaos that existed before standardized medical billing and coding was in place. If a patient’s records were transferred to a new doctor, or even a different clinic, it could be extremely difficult for the new physician or facility to interpret the affliction and treatment that was previously provided. This could lead to misdiagnosis, or even inappropriate care options. There are now more than one billion individual patient consultations provided every year in the United States, and standardized code is one of the reasons why hospitals and other facilities are so efficient. It doesn’t matter where a patient goes, even if they move out of state, because their records will be accurate, easy to interpret, and they will conform to a standard system.

Doctors and other healthcare providers will be able to see where a treatment hasn’t worked, or where a particular medication might not have been effective. Accurate coding can mean that patients end up getting better treatment, or the right treatment that wasn’t provided following their previous consultations.

It’s not just the medical industry that uses coding, but also government health agencies. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) can use medical records to track epidemic and pandemic health crises. By having access to accurate records, state and federal agencies can take quick steps to limit infectious diseases or other large-scale health problems that are affecting the population. Accurate coding can even be thought of in a wider context, because as these records are continually collected and reported, health agencies can develop new initiatives or treatment options that cater directly to patient trends.

In short, this type of coding is hugely beneficial, and is even considered a basic necessity of a functioning healthcare system.

Attending a Medical Coding School in Baton Rouge Louisiana

You can help to make the healthcare industry more efficient by up skilling yourself to be proficient in medical coding and billing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recent high school graduate, or someone coming from another industry, a certificate in medical coding is achievable when you put in the study and effort. To obtain a recognized qualification, you’ll need to attend a reputable school, and that’s where ITI Technical College can help you.

We offer medical coding certification in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Course duration is 12 months, which means that you can be skilled and ready for employment in a relatively short time. Employers seek out certificate graduates for their entry-level positions, and the median yearly salary, according to is $37,110 is relatively high for an undergraduate qualification. A role in coding can help you to get your foot in the door of the medical industry, and would be beneficial if you wish to move into senior coding or managerial roles, or even if you want to study nursing or medicine at a later time.

It can be rare to find a career that is dynamic and that provides significant value to your local community. If you want to make a difference while making good money, then a medical coding program in Baton Rouge LA could be exactly what you’re looking for.


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