P-Tech success is not just about mastering the current processes but also about preparing for the future. P-Tech work is not going away; it is becoming more automated, efficient, and eco-friendly. Those studying or working in P-Tech need to learn study strategies and tips to help them be successful. They can research industry resources and talk to people already working in the industry. A solid preview of a P-Tech career is worth your time and effort.

P-Tech Success For College Students

P-Tech CollegeEarning a college degree in P-Tech is exciting but it can also be overwhelming at times. It can be manageable whether you are 18 or 38. These tips can work to your advantage while in school:

  • Organize yourself with a calendar by scheduling your classes, labs, study, work, and family times. Allow a little extra time for travel and occasionally get a late start.
  • Manage yourself by establishing a regular time and place for studying and research. Your mind will respond to this routine and you will begin accomplishing more. Avoid using your phone and checking social media during this time.
  • Do not skip classes, labs, guest speakers, or field trips. Engage your mind when in class and focus on the here and now by clearing your mind. Remind yourself of the value of each class and lab to your career.
  • Take care of yourself by remaining active in life and alert in classes. Do this by getting enough sleep, exercising, eating healthy, and staying positive. If negative issues come up, try to resolve them right away instead of dwelling on them.
  • Meet each instructor and make new P-Tech friends in class. They may have study tips and experiences that will enhance your learning horizon. Take some time to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

P-Tech Success For Professionals

Employees in P-Tech jobs can increase their career success in many ways. Whether you are a new hire or a veteran, you can improve your work experience.

  • Develop a mindset of being more adaptable because your work days will vary. Your duties can change according to the season of the year and the projects you have been assigned. Be flexible in learning to work with new software, equipment, devices, and processes. Your supervisor will notice that you accept and respond well to change.
  • Develop personal (soft) skills with co-workers and management to be more effective on the job and enjoy the days more. Learn to network with people inside and outside your company to sharpen your knowledge and skills. Become a better communicator and you will go far in your career.
  • Improve your customer service skills to understand their needs and explain the work you will do for them. Ensuring that customers accept and trust you will go a long way in doing satisfactory work and enhancing your company’s image.
“P-Tech work is not going away; it is becoming more automated, efficient, and eco-friendly.”

Resources For P-Tech Workers

P-Tech ProfessionalResources for developing yourself as a successful P-Tech professional can take many forms. They can be company-sponsored, outside training, and self-education activities. These resources are helpful in enhancing a worker’s current and future skills and knowledge.

  • Enroll in training workshops and seminars at work
  • Enroll in technical or community college classes
  • Work closely with a mentor for an extended period
  • Research and watch online P-Tech videos
  • Become a member of your labor union
  • Gain professional certification in P-Tech

Another useful idea is asking fellow workers what they have done to improve their performance.

Applying P-Tech Principles On The Job

Once hired into your first entry-level position, you should follow some time-tested principles that foster success in the P-Tech industry. The more you learn, the more you will grow. Here are some valuable tips from BetterUp Professional Development:

Concept Explanation
Pursue Excellence Maintain high professional standards in work and conduct
Future-Minded Always keep the ‘big picture’ of your job in mind
Value Perspectives Look for positives in other peoples’ ideas and approaches
Know Your Job Follow your job description and give more than expected
Champion Innovation Look for new ways of doing things/be creative
Help Others Help co-workers when they need it
Improve Decisions

Make data-driven decisions with facts and proven data

Be Honest Set standards of honesty, trust, and respect for others

Another principle to apply is adopting your company’s short-term and long-term goals as your own to keep your job in perspective.                                                                                                                            

Earning A P-Tech Degree For Success

Earning a technical college degree is the best way to jump-start your P-Tech career. Schools like ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge have earned a reputation for teaching excellence and job placement. Earn your Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in the Process Technology Program. You will be glad you did.

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