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Unveiling The World Of Process Technology: Enhancing Industrial Operations

Process Technician

Today’s process technology enhances industrial operations like never before. Although similar to the production technology used to create products made of metal, wood, or electronics, it differs in several respects. Process technicians work primarily with these components: Industrial pumps, compressors, and turbines Pressure, level, temperature, flow, mechanical and fluid dynamics Troubleshooting and maintenance of industrial […]

Pursuing A Degree In Process Technology

Automation Technology

Anyone pursuing a degree in process technology can gain the knowledge and develop the skills for this career. It is helpful if students already possess to some degree the basic skills they will further develop in college. For example, they need to enhance their oral and written communication abilities. If they will work on these […]

What Is Process Technology & What Types Of Careers Will A Degree In Process Technology Offer?

Process Technology

Process Technology Career Paths involve the use of equipment, techniques, systems, and materials to aid in the production of products or services. A career in process technology grows as our industrial base grows. Process technicians monitor and improve manufacturing and processing in factories and various plants. Many different industries hire process technicians from chemical to power […]

Process Design – Introduction to Operations Management

Process Design Engineer Course

Process design and process technology are parts of a specialized branch of process engineering where technicians work under the direction of engineers. They form a team to work with robotics, electrical systems, mechanical systems, and control systems. The team also conducts safety training related to processing systems. Commercial and industrial operations management includes designing equipment […]

Process Technology Course: Everything You Need To Know

Courses In Process Technology

Does a career in process technology interest you? If it does, the right career path starts with taking a process technology course. This course training results in an associate of occupational studies (AOS) degree that prepares you for a solid entry-level job. As you probably already know, this field of study entails a specialized brand […]

6 Industries That Need Process Technology Professionals

Process Technology School

The demand for Process Technology Professionals holds steady, even in our turbulent economy. Many industries depend on them to keep their manufacturing and processing facilities operating at peak performance. As our population and business bases increase and older employees retire, many college grads are sought to fill the open positions. The industries that hire Process […]

How to Become a Process Technician

Process Technician School

Becoming a Process Technician means manufacturing and processing plants to reach their production, quality, and safety standards. They work in a myriad of companies and industries and their essential job tasks include: Monitor and diagnose manufacturing processes Adjust machine parameters Repair or replace monitoring instruments Test product batch quality Maintain a clean and safe production […]

5 Types of Process Technologies College Graduates Will Encounter

Process Technology Degree

Process technologies lie at the core of product creation in factories and processing plants. The five types have their own characteristics and challenges for production managers and process technicians. Each technology must be analyzed for the most efficient and safe way to produce company products. Process technicians assist engineers and plant operators with designing, implementing, […]

Why The Manufacturing Industry Can’t Compete Without Advanced Process Technology

Process Technology

The English essayist Joseph Addison once said, “He who hesitates is lost.” This thought applies to the manufacturing industry because companies that don’t keep up with the competition typically fail. Although there is more than one component that must be innovative, advancing process technology in manufacturing is essential. Contact us today to learn more about […]

Instrumentation’s Role in Manufacturing and Processing Control Systems Technology

Instrument Technicians

As manufacturing and processing facilities become more automated, instrumentation and control systems become more critical to their proper functioning. Technicians work diligently to ensure the instruments and controls are calibrated correctly to provide accurate and timely readings. When issues arise, they are responsible to diagnose and correct them. Instrument technicians learn the basics of this […]

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