Most professionals in the healthcare industry will agree that it is a complex, and challenging industry. As a healthcare professional, you may be charged with diagnosing problems within the human body – this can be very challenging for a litany of different reasons. The question remains: is the medical billing and coding industry a difficult profession to pursue? We are going to start by discussing exactly what medical coding and billing are, so you can understand a bit of what the industry entails and what companies will expect of you upon entering the workforce.

What is Medical Coding?

Office Administration-Medical and or Medical CodingMedical coding is simply a step that exists within the medical billing process. Essentially, it assigns codes to insurance claims, but it can be broken down into an even simpler idea. When a patient goes to a medical facility, the visit is assigned a medical code to ensure that the reason for the visit is properly tracked. Basically, it guarantees that healthcare visits are categorized properly and ensures that the appropriate charge or charges can be billed to the insurance company.

Is it Difficult?

The medical billing and coding industry is complex and challenging, but it is also easy to get started. There are three major systems within the medical coding industry, so you will need to learn three different languages. While this may sound daunting, thousands before you have accomplished this feat and led rewarding careers. The greatest benefit here is the black-and-white nature of the job – medical coding and billing are not subjective or open to interpretation.

If you want to uncover the most difficult aspect of medical coding, then look no further than the industry’s dynamic nature. Medical billing and coding are constantly changing year after year. New versions of the code are constantly being released to coincide with new medical discoveries, treatments, and much more. If you are planning to take medical billing and coding training and enter this exciting career, then you must be ready and willing to adapt to the changing industry.

Following the Trail

As a medical coder, you will be responsible for following a sometimes-lengthy paper trail. Essentially, you will be responsible for reviewing various diagnoses and deciding what code fits each one best. You may find that there is a diagnosis that fits several different categories, so it may be difficult to decide. If you work in a larger setting you can discuss it with doctors, nurses, and even other medical coders to come to a decision. Just remember that your decision will ultimately affect the patient, and with that being the case, you want to make sure you are doing the best possible job and checking all of your work. Just remember that it all starts with getting a good education.

Getting a Good Education

favIf you want to enter the challenging field of medical coding and billing, you must ensure you have a great education to build your knowledge base. ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge has been training medical coders for years, and we offer high-quality facilities that will prepare you for your new career as a medical biller or coder. Additionally, you will learn from passionate, experienced instructors who have worked in the field and experienced what you will be dealing with at the onset of your career. ITI Technical College truly wants to see its students succeed, and we offer various resources to students and recent graduates.

For more information, give us a call today and learn more about our programs and flexible scheduling options. Financial aid is also available for those who qualify. Your future in the medical billing and coding industry awaits!



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