Perhaps you’ve always been interested in a career in medicine, but you’ve never wanted to dedicate several years to intensive schooling. Not everyone possesses an interest in working closely alongside doctors offices, ensuring that patients are well taken care of, so you certainly don’t want to waste that trait. However, not only is medical school time consuming, it’s really a one-focus priority that doesn’t allow time for anything else.

For those who want to or need to get to work quickly, are there any options for a career in medicine? In fact, there is one really great option: medical coding. The best part about medical coding training? It’s a stable career that, for the right individual, can operate either as a full career path, or simply as a stepping stone for greater things.

Medical Coding as a Career Choice

medical coding trainingMedical coding is a vocational career that is growing in necessity, making it a stable career choice with tons of job security. What is it? Generally speaking, medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes; all codes are taken directly from medical record documentation, like doctor’s notes, lab results, and other similar terms. You might be wondering… what’s the point? In a system overloaded with medical information – most of it collected at doctor’s offices and distributed amongst other health agencies – things like symptoms, procedures, results, and diagnoses, it helps to have a way which allows for the efficient transfer of mass amounts of information, specifically for documentation and billing purposes.

Coding eliminates confusion that might come with territorial or cultural differences, as it requires that every illness have a code that consists of uniform data that’s trackable by government, health agencies, and the CDC. This is, by far, the most efficient way to document and track illnesses and treatments, and to assist with research and analysis, and is a fantastic career choice for individuals who are detail oriented, interested in medicine, and enjoy working alone as well as on a team of individuals.

Medical Coding as a Stepping Stone

Not only is medical coding a job as necessary as actual medical practice, it’s also a job that can be a stable stepping stone to a bigger career in medicine. Unlike many medical careers, it doesn’t take several years to acquire the education needed to pursue it, and when it’s all said and done, the job itself can be, literally, whatever you want it to be. This means if you’re ready to work, and maybe can’t afford to enter medical school without a lucrative and relevant career, medical coding may be your best bet; simply buckle down in your studies, establish yourself as a medical coder in a stable career, work hours that you prefer, in a location that you prefer, and, perhaps this will allow you the opportunity to work right alongside your pursuit of a different career in medicine.

Medical Coding Training at ITI Technical College

So, where can you study Medical Coding? ITI Technical College has a medical coding school in Baton Rouge that is second to none. We offer in classroom training conducted by experts in the industry, as well as practical hands on training that will assist students into confidently pursuing a career in medical coding, whether it be a long-term decision, or merely a stepping stone. Education aside, our students are thrilled to learn that we offer a wide range of financial aid and services to those who qualify, career services, student services and other resources that are vital parts of ensuring success for each student.

Why ITI?

At ITI Technical CollegeAt ITI Technical College, we want to equip our students not only with the tools to form a career, but with the tools to form the right career for them. Simply stated, we pride ourselves on offering occupational studies for vocational work that will be relevant regardless of what changes in the economy over the years.

In other words, the certificates and degrees pursuable at ITI are more than just words on paper; they’re certifications and degrees that will amount to a successful career doing important work.  Since our founding in 1973, we have provided the best of the best in training programs that exist based on the needs of the time and of the business and industrial community – medical coding being one of these programs.

If you’re interested in medical coding training, there’s no doubt about the fact that ITI Technical College is the place for you.



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