Have you considered a career in the construction industry, but been disheartened by what some people see as a dead-end career? If you’ve ever heard that there’s no future in construction, then you would have been hearing one of the many myths about the industry.

When you learn how to manage construction projects, you’ll find that the world of construction is a world of opportunity where hundreds of thousands of professionals enjoy satisfying and rewarding careers. If you’ve been thinking about going to a construction management school in Baton Rouge LA, then debunking these four myths will help you to know that you’re making the right decision.

Myth #1: There is No Option for Career Progression in Construction

You may have heard that there is no option to progress in the construction industry. This is an absolute myth, and the reality is that there are plenty of advancement opportunities in the industry. If you want to be in the best position to get opportunities in the future to move into senior management or even consulting roles, then you can get a head start by studying at a construction management school in Baton Rouge LA.

Myth #2: Construction Workers Are Unskilled Laborers

Construction ManagementPeople often say that construction work is easy and mindless and that the people who work in construction are uneducated or unskilled. No myth could be further from the truth than this one. Even an apprentice construction worker needs a strong skill set to be able to make it in the construction industry. Construction workers need a broad understanding of construction processes, tool and machinery usage, and maintenance, and they need to be skilled in safety practices. Of course, they also need to know the specific functions of their roles so that a construction project is completed on schedule and within budget, and without any major setbacks or incidents on-site.

When you learn how to manage construction projects, you’ll learn how to extract the best performance from every construction worker on a project. You’ll also gain an appreciation for how much their job involves, and for the unique skills that every worker has.

Myth #3: Construction Work is Highly Dangerous

Construction work can be dangerous at times, but there are ways of mitigating danger and making worksites safer for all who are involved. There are very few accidents in the construction industry today, thanks to huge advancements that have been made in worker safety and industry standard practices. When you complete your degree at construction management school in Baton Rouge LA, you’ll learn exactly how to look at a project, determine risks, and implement the safest working plan.

Myth #4: Construction Jobs Don’t Pay Well

When you learn how to manage construction projects, you’ll be preparing yourself for a mid-level position that could turn into senior roles in the future. If you’ve heard the myth that there’s no money in construction, then you’ve probably been talking to the wrong people. With Construction Management training in Baton Rouge LA, you’ll gain a qualification that will make you competitive in an industry where the median pay for a project manager is more than $89,000 per year. There are very few industries where you can earn salaries that are as competitive as those in construction, and the job outlook for project managers is only growing every year.

Get Construction Management Training in Baton Rouge LA

With the myths of the construction industry debunked, it should now be clear that a future in construction management is one that’s worth pursuing. If you want to get the best training and a qualification that will get you recognized in the industry, it’s time to talk to the enrollment team at ITI Technical College. Call us today to discuss entry requirements and schedules.


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